Shower Head Filter for Hard Water

Shower Head Filter for Hard Water Specification:

customer_reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars
best_sellers_rank #6,944 in Tools & Home Improvement ( See Top 100 in Tools & Home Improvement ) #18 in Showerhead Filters
date_first_available March 14, 2021
manufacturer ‎AquaHomeGroup
part_number ‎AHG15
item_weight ‎3.69 pounds
package_dimensions ‎9.84 x 6.57 x 4.21 inches
item_model_number ‎A-20
is_discontinued_by_manufacturer ‎No
size ‎20 stage
color ‎Chrome
material ‎ABS Plastic
temperature_range ‎- 40-175 Degrees Fahrenheit
special_features ‎During first use, the shower filter might generate black water caused by activated carbon dust inside the filter cartridge. Run water through the filter for 20-30 seconds, to remove all excess carbon dust.
included_components ‎Premium Gift Box, Additional O-Rings (Filter Housing), Additional Teflon tape, 5 shower caps, Complete installation instructions
batteries_included? ‎No
batteries_required? ‎No

Premium Care: 

Water that is fresh, chemical-free, and odourless is essential for healthy bodily operation. Softer skin, stronger nails, and glossier hair are all benefits of the 20-stage MAXIMUM filtering shower head filter.

Full Compatibility: 

Any conventional shower head, including handheld, wall-mounted, rain, and combination variants, can be used with our universal shower filters. They are successful in getting rid of iron and rust.

Consistent Water Pressure and Less Scale Build-up: 

This premium hard water shower head filter has the added benefit of serving as a water softener, which lessens the amount of soap scum that accumulates in the tub.

Lifetime Investment in Pure Water:

Drinking clean water increases your blood's oxygen content and stimulates your cells.


It's easy to install this hard water-filtering shower head on your own. It functions with all types of showerheads, including handheld and rain models and fixed ones. The plumber's tape that comes with the connection can be used to stop any leaks and can be manually tightened. There are no indications of leaks or breaks, and everything appears to be in good working order. We've included four extra cartridges, so you will never have to worry about running out if you ever find yourself without clean water in the shower.

You will also get five shower caps, a roll of Teflon tape, and a chlorine filter for your shower head to help protect your hair while you shower. We value your interest in AquaHomeGroup products and take pride in the high quality of our shower water filter. If you have a problem, let us know in writing, and we'll fix it immediately.


Amazon Reviews (1218)

It Does Work

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on November 5, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

Update: Starting in the last week of October I noticed the dandruff has returned. The package says 12-16 months usage of the filter, but it's more like 5-6 months. That's why I knocked the review down to 3 stars. It only lasts half the time the company says it will. That being said, the company reached out to me regarding my dissatisfaction even after a few months have passed. Together we reached an option that was indeed satisfactory to me. The willingness of their customer service to assure their customers are happy is what brought the rating back up to 4 stars. I still do recommend the product. It does actually work, even if only for 6 months or so. ----------------------------------------- This the review for the original filter set up. April 2022: I had never in my life had dandruff before...until recently. 😳 I tried so many shampoos and conditioners, and always used the organic and clean products. I was taking all of the right vitamins and supplements, too, but nothing helped. My hair was beginning to shed more because of the condition of my scalp. 😪 Then I read an article that hard water can cause dandruff and loss of hair. So I decided to try this filter to see if hard water was the issue before I went with a whole house filter/water softener solution. After ONE shower, there was a HUGE difference. The dandruff was all but gone, my skin felt softer, the dry places on my face started to fade. After TWO showers, no dry skin patches anywhere, skin was softer, no dandruff at all, and the amount of hair shed is back to normal. Honestly.✋ I cannot believe how drastically my skin turned around for the better.😮 Not only that, but the water seems so much cleaner & healthier. 😁 I highly recommend this filter! Easy to install. It might be a bit bothersome when it comes time to change out the filter, but it's worth it. 😊

I had no idea!!

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on November 2, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

My city's water tests >425ppm (off the chart hard). With this device I test at ~<35ppm (between soft and low hard). I have been trying for years to find a solution to being a renter and craving for water softeners. I will be buying another for my kitchen. I have already measured for clearance to go from each side. Please don't forget you will need teflon tape. Softer hair and skin.

It really works!

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on November 1, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

I live in a very dry climate with very hard water. My scalp and skin were so flaky and dry. It's been two months since I received the shower filter and my scalp is no longer flaky. My skin is doing much better too, particularly my face.

Source: Amazon

Question: How much chlorine does it remove?

Answer: The filter uses charcoal made from coconuts to remove chlorine.

Question: Can I use this filter on my existing showerhead?

Answer: Hi! Since most showerheads in the US are standardized, it will presume these comply with standard procedures. While water pipes may range in size from those found in other countries, plumbers typically follow a single standard in the United States. You can return any item from Amazon for any reason, so if it doesn't fit your shower spout, you can do so.

Question: Will this help the soap to lather up on washcloths better?

Answer: The quality of your water and the soap you use will probably have an impact on whether it works or not. But the city's hard water has been helpful. Hesitant to use other detergents or well water.

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