Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 65" Stainless Steel Rainfall Waterfall

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 65" Stainless Steel Rainfall Waterfall Specification:

customer_reviews 3.9 out of 5 stars
best_sellers_rank #583,702 in Tools & Home Improvement ( See Top 100 in Tools & Home Improvement ) #167 in Shower Panels
date_first_available June 20, 2016
manufacturer ‎Perfetto Kitchen and Bath
part_number ‎SP0056
item_weight ‎22 pounds
product_dimensions ‎2.9 x 8.66 x 65 inches
item_model_number ‎SP0056
is_discontinued_by_manufacturer ‎No
color ‎Stainless Steel
finish ‎Brushed Stainless Steel
material ‎Stainless Steel
installation_method ‎Wall Mounted
item_package_quantity ‎1
flow_rate ‎1.8 Gallons Per Minute
hose_length ‎60 Inches
special_features ‎Handheld Wand
batteries_included? ‎No
batteries_required? ‎No

Some shower panels in your shower stall have a depth of up to 7 inches from the wall. This isn’t it! At just 2.9 cm deep, 65 cm long and 8.66 cm tall, it is compact. For smaller shower stalls with limited space, this might be a good option.

It is completed in polished stainless steel and is fitted with back reinforced pipes that attach to regular fittings.

Including guidance on all the accessories necessary to suit the panel.


Shower Overhead

You can choose a waterfall shower effect, or a rainfall feel with a fixed shower head in this machine. This could be right for people who seek a tropical jungle atmosphere in a compact area.

Functions at the same time

There is a handheld shower head and eight horizontal jets alongside the waterfall and runoff streams. They can be used separately or simultaneously.

Flow rate for water-saving

This shower panel has a flow rate of just 1.8 GPM, making it an excellent option to save water and reduce bills.

Maintain low pressures

Like many other shower panels, you will likely lose water pressure if you activate all functions at the same time, and they will not be successful. The horizontal jets seem to be primarily affected by this model.

Amazon Reviews (189)

Unless you are a very adapt handy person, don't buy unless you have professionally installed.

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 14, 2017

rating rating rating rating rating

I love the shower and almost gave it a 5 star review, but I find 2 major concerns. 1st, it has no top, so any spray that goes over where it is flush with the wall will just go down the wall and probably any holes in the wall. I plan of making a model of a top with construction paper and then having an clouded acrylic top made. Next, unless you have my gift of being able to figure out how things work and how to take apart and/or assemble things, you probably don't want to buy this unless you have a professional install. The so-called instructions are a joke. they show you to hook up the water lines (not how) and that there are brackets to install and crossmembers that fit in the brackets. Nowhere do they show you how to install, what measurements to take, what size drill bit for the inserts, etc. You will need a carbide or diamond masonry drill bit. I drilled into wood until I found the size for the insert, went to Ace and they told me I needed a much smaller size bit based on the color of the insert and I stupidly listened to them rather that go with my measurement. there are yellow inserts that fit 3/16, but these needed 5/16. I had some 3/16 inserts and used the drill, but if you decide to install, get a 5/16th carbide masonry bit so you can use the furnished inserts. I wanted to also install inline cutoffs, so I would not have to cut water off to entire house if I needed to work on it later. Lowes, Home Depot and Ace all said no such animal so I made my own with a 1/2" female/female gas cutoff and 2 1/2" male/male couplers. Cut water off, installed cutoffs, then could install unit at my leisure. 1st pic. - instructions, 2nd homemade cutoffs, 3rd. side of shower showing curved portion that, were you to use a mirror, you could see the piping and the wall behind the unit. In the plus side, best shower I've ever had!!

Pretty good - more pressure than expected

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 1, 2019

rating rating rating rating rating

Shower is great. I got a lot more pressure than expected (thought my house had low pressure)! Overall, the whole family is very satisfied and we're now considering buying another one for the other bathroom we have. I did the installation myself and wanted to share my experience, as I got quotes upwards of $2000 from plumbers. Maybe I can help others here. My old shower had a single handle valve and, obviously, it won't work with this shower as you need two connectors (hot and cold, 1/2" MPT) ready for the two shower hoses. In order to remove the valve, you have to cut the pipes and I didn't want to cut the tiles in my bathroom. Coincidentally, on the other side of the wall I had the other bathroom's mirror - so I took it out and made a big opening on the drywall. Then I was able to access all the pipes and cut them (with a small pipe cutter). After that, I used SharkBite fittings and made all the connections I needed. I patched the dry wall and connected the shower. By the way, in order to hang the shower panel to the wall, you'll need Glass Drill Bits (the ones with a diamond tip), otherwise you won't be able to drill in the tiles. Then after installation was done, we tested it and got disappointed. Pressure was mediocre. :( I took it out again and followed other people's recommendation of removing the flow restrictor from the main line to the braided hose. Turned it on again and "Boom!" - one of the best purchases of the current year! :) Everyone is impressively very excited to take showers now! I can even turn two accessories without a problem.

UPDATED: replacement right away - Corrosion after a month of use

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 4, 2019

rating rating rating rating rating

UPDATED: they customer service person from Perfetto could not have been more helpful, more prompt and more service oriented. I offered to return the piece - they sent another right away. Keeping it at 3 stars because - we do not have good luck with contractors - next contractor who noticed the corrosion, became ill, couldn't install, then i had surgery and couldn't have him install and by the time it installed, again, well past the 30 day return . .. . the water shoots out to the far right. Which then caused leaking in the no threshold shower - and the only way to stop it leaking into the bathroom was to put . . in a threshold (very very small profile, but still not what we wanted). Did not call them again because they'd already replaced once after the 30 days, it happened again and clearly we were beyond the 30. The water doesn't leak anymore after getting the shower door installers to put in a threshold but it still shoots far right with water accumulating. pressure is still good, my husband likes it .. . . After spending hours here reading every review and all the questions, we knew what to expect in terms of performance - and the product works as expected. We bought in January - and understood the 30 day return policy. The first contractor never completed the job, so it wasn't until March we were able to begin using the shower. The second contractor - much taller than my husband and I - noticed it right away. Reaching out today and will update on what the company can do to make this right.

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