Clear Rear Bidet Attachment for Toilet

Clear Rear Bidet Attachment for Toilet Specification:

customer_reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars
best_sellers_rank #3,652 in Tools & Home Improvement ( See Top 100 in Tools & Home Improvement ) #13 in Bidet Attachments
date_first_available October 24, 2019
manufacturer ‎Upper Echelon Products LLC
part_number ‎CR-CR609101-01-FBA
item_weight ‎1.9 pounds
package_dimensions ‎18.03 x 7.56 x 3.34 inches
country_of_origin ‎China
item_model_number ‎CR-CR609101-01-FBA
is_discontinued_by_manufacturer ‎No
size ‎1 Pack
color ‎White
finish ‎Polished
material ‎1 Pack
installation_method ‎Single Hole
item_package_quantity ‎1
batteries_included? ‎No
batteries_required? ‎No

Dual Nozzle Design For Front And Back Cleansing: 

With our bidet attachment, you won't have to stoop over to clean those awkward-to-reach spots. Two separate nozzles let you choose between a rear or a feminine cleaning mode with the simple turn of a dial. Your whole body will feel like it has just come out of the shower.

Adjustable Water Pressure Controls:

The water pressure from the toilet sprayer can be adjusted to be mild enough for use on sensitive skin. With a simple turn of the dial, you can set the intensity of the jet stream to your liking, from a gentle mist to a powerful blast.

Easy Installation, No Plumber Or Electricity Required: 

Whereas expert installation is required for other bidet attachments, we've made it such that ours doesn't. There is no need for a plumber or electrical wiring; the bidet toilet seat can be installed in only 15 minutes with the help of our included instructions. More importantly, our freshwater bidet is designed to work with various bowl sizes.

Can Reduce Toilet Paper Use: 

Millions of rolls of toilet paper are used daily in the United States, totalling billions of rolls yearly. Try our bidet toilet seat attachment to clean in a way that is less taxing on the environment.

Self-Cleansing Nozzles:

When you use the Buttler bidet with your toilet, you only need to turn one knob to clean the bowl and yourself. Switch the remote to the cleaning mode, and the nozzles will automatically clean themselves before hiding away in their safe housing.


If you want to upgrade your bathroom to the next level, go no further than the Buttler bidet wash from Clear Rear. This convenient bidet attachment for the toilet features two retractable nozzles that may be used for both front and rear cleaning. Depending on your preference, you can regulate the water pressure to a light, medium, or hard setting. Put the manual bidet's nozzles through a thorough cleaning cycle before they automatically retract back into their protective casing when not in use.


The Clear Rear Bidet gives you a shower-like experience every time you use it. We've included everything you'll need to attach the bathroom bidet easily; it only takes 15 minutes. There's no need for an expensive plumber or electricity. Cleans tough-to-reach spots fit most toilets, giving the aged, crippled, and housebound their freedom. Additionally, it can lessen the amount of toilet paper used, making it a greener choice for cleaning.


Amazon Reviews (11571)

Just because the writing's red doesn't mean its heated

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 10, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

I got the impression that this was going to have a hot water hookup, I don't know why I got the idea?I'm assuming it's because of the red writing that's on one side of the knob giving the impression that that's "hot water" I must have not read something correctly because it does not come with that at all. The pressure is fairly okay I have issues and If I'm not careful The water stream will just tear me apart. The only way I can avoid that is I have it on halfway between the nozzle cleaning and the feminin wash because no matter what you do the pressure from the water comes out a hundred miles a minute. So hemorrhoid users beware. Oh yeah they want me to mention something about its installation.... So before You try to install the bidet you should have or be able to borrow the following... 1. A wrench that will be able to take off the existing water connector to your toilet.I don't mean from the tank I mean from the wall. 2. Plumbers tape because it comes with some but it sucks ass. 3. Some type of container to capture water that's going to spill all over your floor. 4. The concept of how to turn off the water. Now this may have to be done for your whole house if you live in a house or you might just luck out and only have to turn off the valve to the toilet. 5. The ability to read and understand instructions. 6.And last but not least, being able to reframe from the notion that everything should be super super tight. Tight but not super tight because you'll break something and then you'll be screwed. So I like to call this common sense but these days common sense isn't that common. If you think you are up for the challenge this is definitely going to change the way you use the bathroom. You may love it You may hate it, or it may make you buy a different one because you like the idea but this one just ain't it. I still have mine and it's been quite some time. Oh and one last thing when you are cleaning with a toilet brush and you'd think that you should clean the nozzles if you don't pay attention you may knock the tip off and flush it down the toilet rendering you bidaless. So keep that in mind. Oh oh oh oh oh and if you're going to clean the controls do yourself a favor and put the lid down on your toilet seat otherwise you might make the mistake of touching the knob and spraying yourself water. You should also keep your legs closed when you're using it because the water will spray through your legs and onto your floor. Hope this was detailed enough I most likely will not write another review again.

Does NOT fit every toilet seat.

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 24, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

I have an American Standard toilet seat and, and as ad states the budget fits most toilet seats, I assumed it would fit mine. I struggled trying to make it fit for hours, but when attached a 3inch gap remained between toilet and seat. I checked other reviews and others mentioned a gap and using bumpers. I bought bumpers ($8.50), but the gap was too wide for them to fit reasonably. I contacted customer service and asked if I needed a different toilet seat. I sent them pictures of my problem. They were vague in their response and stated they could not advise which toilet seat to buy, which is sort of understandable. Nonetheless, I was left unsure about what to do. As it turned out, I bought an American Standard toilet seat again but with a wood seat cover instead of the plastic I had and it worked perfectly. Apparently, the plastic seats have a piece bridging the hinges on the toilet that interfere. Anyway, I have my bidet installed and like it so far. Kinda already wishing I had a warm water hook up. I am not all that handy at installing things to begin with, but I am really angry that I wasted so much time trying to install something that wasn't going to install properly anyway. Also not happy I had to go out and buy a new toilet seat as mine was relatively new. Not that pleased with customer service assistance or lack of

Best for the butt!

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 18, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

This product is great! Although common in Japan, us Americans often don’t focus on butt health. We brush our teeth to ensure “inny” health - why not rinse and clean for our “outy” health? Forget being a heathen and wiping with sandpaper. How crappy is that (sic)? Once you start using the Clear Rear bidet - you will never go back to the possibility of getting some schmooz on you hand because the paper wasn’t thick enough! Stay clean and healthy my friends! PS - this device comes in handy if you ever need to get your hemorrhoids banded.

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Question: Sometimes I have explosive diarrhea. How easy is it to clean this device?

Answer: Unfortunately, I need to learn how to clean a toilet. Using a toilet bowl brush to wipe our rear ends works just great and is surprisingly simple.

Question: Don't you still have to use toilet paper or towels to dry your butt?

Answer: A paper towel will do the trick; don't flush it. I keep a tiny, sealed trash can by the commode because we can't flush toilet paper. An ordinary towel could work quickly if you're skilled enough. I am a great fan of recycling. Therefore I use dry paper towels that have already been used.

Question: Will it spray hard enough to give me an enema? Asking for a friend.

Answer: You can't use it to administer an enema because that would require the water to reach the upper rectum, where it would have to be stirred to dislodge the obstruction. A bidet can only flush to a limited height (approximately an inch) above the rectum. Certainly not on par with the effects of an enema. In addition, you need to raise the water bag above your head so that gravity may pressurize the water as it travels down your intestines and into your rectum. A bidet is lower than the bum; hence, by reasoning, it can't work.

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