Bidet Attachment - SAMODRA Non-electric Cold Water Bidet

Bidet Attachment - SAMODRA Non-electric Cold Water Bidet Specification:

customer_reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars
best_sellers_rank #1,236 in Tools & Home Improvement ( See Top 100 in Tools & Home Improvement ) #1 in Toilet Bowls #5 in Bidet Attachments
date_first_available October 29, 2019
manufacturer ‎SAMODRA
part_number ‎SMD2505
item_weight ‎1.65 pounds
package_dimensions ‎17.44 x 8.66 x 3.46 inches
item_model_number ‎Series 06
is_discontinued_by_manufacturer ‎No
size ‎22.05 Inch x 6.3 Inch
color ‎Black
style ‎Button design
material ‎ABS
pattern ‎Button design
thickness ‎0.19 Inches
hose_length ‎2.46 Feet
special_features ‎Self-Cleaning Nozzles, Frontal & Rear Wash, Adjustable Water-pressure Knob
included_components ‎Bidet body, Braided metal hose(3/8"), 2 * Circular fixing plates, Brass T-adapter(American standard 7/8"), Black rubber washer, Teflon tape, User manual
batteries_included? ‎No
batteries_required? ‎No

High-Quality Parts: 

Instead of cheap plastic, this bidet attachment is made out of ABS plastic. It features a portable control panel, high-pressure faucet quality valves made from metal and ceramic, a brass T-adapter, and a braided steel cold water hose.

Dual Spray Nozzles: 

The bidet attachment has two spray nozzles, one for frontal cleaning (women's privacy) and one for posterior cleaning (male and female hygiene). To make it more convenient to toggle between patterns, Samodra replaced the knob switch with a button.

Highly Sanitary Protection: 

Capability to clean itself After a thorough cleaning, the telescopic nozzles will automatically retract behind the easily removable guard gate, providing you with a second layer of hygiene protection.

Adjustable Water Spray: 

With the turn of a knob, you can alter the water's pressure to suit your needs, allowing you to achieve the ideal balance between convenience and relaxation. Bidets are simple to use at the right intensity, even for the elderly and young.

Easy to Install:

High-quality accessories complement this bidet's manual operation, designed to work with most bathroom plumbing systems. Quickly and easily fit into any conventional two-piece toilet without needing a plumber. Put away the toilet paper and welcome a healthier, more sanitary way of living.

When in use, the bidet's hygienic nozzle guard gate protects the nozzles from debris and germs. It is possible to thoroughly clean behind the shield by opening the door. Pressing the self-cleaning button and increasing the water pressure to its maximum setting will thoroughly clean and rinse both nozzles so that you can relax in clean, comfortable surroundings.

The ultra-thin design of this bidet attachment means it can be installed on your toilet without being seen. It measures just 0.19 inches thick. Additionally, this manual bidet can support up to 500 pounds.


Amazon Reviews (12939)

Glad I bought it

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 23, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

Design: looks sleek and I think the nickel topped one is more elegant. The controls are simple: press for the desired location (females' front or everyone's back) then adjust the spray for the force of the stream. the force knob is low at 12:00; medium at 3:00 & 9:00 (for those who have a preference of clockwise or counterclockwise motion); high at 6:00 position; with in-between force for positions between the above settings. Low is nearly a dribble and high is a gardenhose. I prefer slightly more than medium. Some have commented that the controls are too far back, but it is no trouble at all to reach the controls while sitting. Installation: straight forward but mistakes are easy to do. 1) measure the distance between your valve and toilet tank then go the hardware store to get teflon tape and a toilet flexible supply line. The supply lines come in several lengths of about 4 inches difference - a bit longer is better because you can coil the extra length into a loose loop instead of making a tight turn with a shorter line. Since it is an art to get the teflon on correctly, I would buy teflon instead of using what comes in the kit, because you will waste more than what you use - i did. 2) put teflon (at least 3 layers) on the threads behind the control box and on the T-fitting threads 3) loosely attach the kit's hose to the control box and the T fitting, and the supply line to the T fitting BEFORE you get down and dirty at the toilet - 4) Put the rubber washer (included in kit) into the T - fitting (included in kit) at the end as per the included diagram - it's small and easy to loose so be careful. 5) Turn off the water centrally (as toilet pipe valves can leak) 6) get a large towel or several rags to absorb the leaks that will happen during the installation. 7) at the toilet, remove the current toilet seat, place the unit in the proper location as per the instructions, and then replace the seat, and screw this down appropriately. 8) under the toilet, put the towel or rags under the pipes, then first turn the toilet supply valve off, then flush the toilet so the tank is empty (just in case...). 9) unscrew all the necessary fittings under the toilet and put teflon tape on the toilet's pipe threads and the valve threads. 10) in no particular order, screw on the T-fitting, valve fitting, while managing the coils in the flexible tubing so that it is positioned cosmetically. I found it an advantage to gradually tighten all the fittings simultaneously, instead of fully tightening one at a time, so as to make positioning the coils of extra tubing easier. Don't over tighten the T-fitting end (where the rubber washer was inserted) to the toilet as this may deform the rubber washer and plug up water flow to the tank - this happened to me, and when I unscrewed the fitting a bit, water started to flow up to the tank). 11) After cleaning up and drying up the floor, I left a paper towel under the pipes to see if any leaks remained. Hint: while under the toilet trying to get into the right position the unscrew and screw the various fittings, you may rest your right elbow on the unit that sticks out away from the toilet and unsupported. This may breath the units "arm". So be mindful NOT to rest your arm on the unit or using to get leverage while positing your body into that tight space at the toilet, or you could break the unit. (I almost did a few times). Hint: don't look into the toilet to watch the spray when pressing the buttons, or you'll get a face full of water. Function: does and excellent job of cleaning. After a couple of uses, I got used to the cold water (I don't have hot water access at my toilet). You do have to squiggle your butt (a bit to-and-fro) to get yourself into the line of spray, you'll know it when you feel it. Hint, don't sit too far forward when spraying on high, as the space between you and the opening of the seat in the back will cause ricochetting water to spray around the outside of the seat. Since there is no drying function, you will have to use a bit of paper to dry yourself. Conclusion: After several days of use, I can't go back to not using an in- toilet bidet. I should have done this decades ago. I think this product looks elegant and is easy to use. I'm glad I got this one instead of the others.

It works but be careful …

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on November 5, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

Be certain you REALLY know how to remove your entire toilet seat, clean the crap out of the entire toilet before install as well because your face , hands and upper body are going to be in close contact with the white throne! Probably need a 1/2 inch or 3/8 wrench as well to be sure everything is tight . Watch the install video . I feel like the more features a bidet has the more complicated the install may be . There is no temp control for this model but it certainly gets the job done . I bought this for my 9 year old son who would use way too much tissue and now that is no longer the case ! Life saver for sure .

Cheap plastic but gets the job done!

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 7, 2022

rating rating rating rating rating

When I first received this and tried to attach it to the toilet, all was going well until the cheap plastic broke apart. As I was tightening the pipe to the bidet it went crooked and I could no longer tighten or loosen it to fix it. When I tried, the cheap plastic simply broke apart. After fixing the pipe I thought maybe I could line it up right to salvage it. Nope. The plastic wouldn’t go back together and the water pressure could not be changed. I thought it was game over. UNTIL! Amazons wondering, amazing, beautiful customer support helped me. They immediately ordered a replacement for me. I had my boyfriends uncle install it to ensure nothing went wrong and the cheap plastic was handled with the upmost delicacy. And…. SUCCESS!!! It is now fully working 100% and gets the job done. I will update this if anything changes but for now I’m recommending it but with caution. The plastic is very very cheap and fragile, so just be careful during installation! :)

Source: Amazon

Question: How often do you clean the bidet (not the self-clean feature, I mean soap and water.)?

Answer: Somewhere under my control, water began dripping and flooding my floor.

Question: Do these work on round toilets?

Answer: You can use them with both round and oval commodes. Both are in our possession.

Question: Does this raise the back of the seat higher than the front?

Answer: A tiny bit (ultra-thin bidet attachment only 5mm). If it's okay with you, please take some seat bumpers for future use.

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