65 in. Rainfall Shower Panel System

65 in. Rainfall Shower Panel System Specification:

customer_reviews 4.3 out of 5 stars
best_sellers_rank #456,907 in Tools & Home Improvement ( See Top 100 in Tools & Home Improvement ) #127 in Shower Panels
date_first_available February 26, 2015
manufacturer ‎AKDY
part_number ‎709870682216
item_weight ‎25 pounds
product_dimensions ‎17.72 x 8.66 x 64.95 inches
item_model_number ‎JX-9821
is_discontinued_by_manufacturer ‎No
size ‎65 in.
color ‎Stainless Steel
finish ‎Brushed
material ‎Stainless Steel
item_package_quantity ‎1
number_of_handles ‎6
mounting_type ‎Wall Mount
batteries_included? ‎No
batteries_required? ‎No

Stainless steel is used to build this six-jet Shower Panel System. It has a high-pressure handheld shower wand as well as a sleek overhead runoff and waterfall shower head. This shower has several jets used in conjunction with the overhead shower to provide a more soothing and calming shower experience. Since the components work independently, using one does not change the water pressure in another panel section.

Pros Cons
  • Six customizable jets are a plus.
  • Rain showers come from the sky.
  • Shower with a waterfall effect from above.
  • The installation procedure is simple.
  • Wand for showering.
  • None

This shower panel is in a bathing area with a sliding glass door or over a bathtub. It is certified safe, and only the best quality materials were used in its construction, ensuring that it would not easily crack even under extreme conditions. It packs a lot of great features into a compact, portable box. You won’t believe how much money you’ll save if you go for a shower panel rather than buying each part separately. The shower wand is not just like a conventional showerhead, but it functions closely.

Amazon Reviews (231)

Are we just unlucky?? Ordered 4 and 3 are damaged!

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 12, 2022

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09/12/2022 - We installed 2 of these panels in our master shower 6 years ago. They've been fantastic and we absolutely love them. The last week one of them is leaking from the main handle - enough that we have to shut the water off to our house. We had ordered 2 replacement ones to install and they were just delivered last night. Opened both boxes and they are BOTH defective. See the wavy/bent part? They are not supposed to be there. 3 of the 4 sides are like this. I called the company 888 number as instructed on the box. Their call center appears to be in India based on the 2 people I spoke with. The 2nd one told me to file a 'return' with Amazon and I would get a label to return them. Oh I got a label alright...a label saying *I* had to pay for return shipping!! I told her as much. She told me to do a screen shot of where it said that and send it through the Amazon portal which I've done. We currently have the water shut OFF to our home as the old panel is off the wall and we were expecting to be able to install the new one. How are BOTH of them defective? I've ordered 2 more but currently have no solution while we wait for another 2 to be delivered, up to a week from now. I'm going to blow a gasket (pun intended) if those are defective as well. I'll update with their resolution. Just wanted others to know if you get a panel with this weird crease where the metal curves and then straightens out on the sides, that's NOT how it's supposed to be. UPDATE 09/14/2022 - Dealing with their customer service is a joke. We have gone back and forth about this and they asked me to send a screen shot of the page showing where it indicates I have to pay for return shipping (and also a restocking fee). I sent it off, along with the photos of the defect as I attached here. They came back and told me it could be shipping damage (not when it's in the exact same spot on both units in 2 separate boxes/shipments), it was minor, and would I accept $25 refund to keep them. WTF. Absolutely not, how insulting. Then they asked me to send ANOTHER screenshot of the page where it shows I have to pay for shipping. I just about lost it and told them I had just sent them that. I am giving them one more chance to make this right and then I'm going through Amazon to rectify this issue. I've already ordered 2 new ones so we can get my shower working again. I am beyond frustrated at this point. Absolutely horrid customer service for a defective product. UPDATE 09/16/2022 - Received the 2 new ones I ordered and one of them is dented on the front. SERIOUSLY?? I am so not looking forward to dealing with these people again on another damaged unit. I did FINALLY get a refund on the first 2, after 5 days of back and forth. It shouldn't be this difficult. We'll see how this next refund and ordering goes.

Product is great, brackets suck

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 2, 2022

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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 22, 2022

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Purchased another brand even though all made in China and very disappointed. Went back to AKDY and much better product and quality. Enjoy showers.

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