How to Install a Rain Shower Head in the Ceiling?


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When you want to experience a relaxing bath with a smooth flow of water, you sometimes encounter a strong spray of water patterns which can be a great start to a new day. Nowadays, rain showers allow you to find a better solution to your cravings while showering.

Ceiling Rain Shower Head

A ceiling rain shower head is an attractive option to decorate your new bathroom. There are several different types of rain shower heads in the form of water droplets, but the rain shower head provides a lot of drops that remind you of authentic raindrops. Most people, nowadays, prefer a rain head because it is built into a straight roof and can be easily converted into a standard showerhead.

However, when you stand under the showerhead, it creates a very pleasant stream of water and, at the same time, hits every part of your body. Given the fact that the rain shower head installed on the roof has different features such as various water settings, beautiful look, water-saving trickle, etc.

Things You Need to install a ceiling shower head

  • Plumbers’ tape
  • 2 Towels
  • Adjustable wrench or pliers
  • Allen wrench
  • Tile caulk
  • Ruler

Pre-Installation Steps

It would be best if you considered a licensed plumber:

Hiring a licensed professional plumber to install your rain shower head is highly recommended for best results. This is especially true when it comes to roof rain shower heads, as their installation, in most cases, is more difficult than with wall mount models.

Check out your owner’s guide:

Make sure you read your owner’s guide carefully, ensuring you have all the necessary parts before you begin the installation process. Remember, the installation instructions for each rain shower head will be slightly different from model to model, so the key is to follow the correct instructions for your unit.

Check the shower valve:

Most rain shower heads require a compatible shower valve to ensure proper use. For example, a rain shower head may be needed: “an automatic compensation valve,” rated 2 GPM, or less, from a specific manufacturer.

Furthermore, to prevent a burn injury, ensure your shower mixing valve has a maximum output temperature, no higher than 120 degrees F (for the USA) or 112 degrees F (for MA). It should go without saying, but just for good measure, remember to shower only at a safe temperature to avoid possible injuries and from which you are comfortable.

How to Install Rain Shower Head

  1. Make sure your shower drain is covered with an old towel to keep any loose pieces or screws from falling down the drain.
  2. Unscrew or remove your old showerhead by wrapping your towel around your wrench and unscrewing it.
  3. Install a properly anchored NPT ½ drop-eared ell with a 2 ¾” (max) distance between the finished wall and the ell.
  4. Install the “mounting nipple” on your rain shower head for the time being.
  5. Mark points at ⅝,” and 1″ with your ruler after your “mounting nipple” is fully screwed into your ell (both measured from the wall, going down).
  6. Remove your “mounting nipple” from the el after being selected.
  7. Carefully cut your “mounting nipple” at the 1″ point with your saw.
  8. Make sure to cover the bottom of your “mounting nipple” (the part that screws into your el) with plumbers tape.
  9. Using an Allen wrench, tighten your “mounting nipple” covered in plumbers tape into your el (usually, some models are screwed in by hand).
  10. Using your waterproof tile calc, seal your roof around the screws in the “mounting nipple”. Failure to properly can lead to potential water damage.
  11. Now that your “mounting nipple” is screwed in properly, and sealed with your tile caulk, wrap the exposed threads with plumbers tape.
  12. Next, get the base of your rain shower head (usually looks like a circle or square washer), and slide it over your “mounting nipple” so that it is flush with your ceiling.
  13. Once you’ve slipped on your base, screw on your “mounting nipple” in your shower arm (usually using the Allen Wrench, some models can be set by hand).
  14. Finally, now that your shower arms (tongues) have penetrated properly, you can screw into your rain shower head, and you’re done.

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