Best Ways to Deal the Cold Toilet Seat 2022


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If you like to save on energy costs in the winter by turning off your oven when everyone goes to bed, anyone who takes an overnight trip to the bathroom will have an unpleasant experience.

You’re in a rush and have to go into the bathroom to respond to a question about the number two swiftly. As you sit down on the toilet seat, you become acutely aware of how icy it is. Then you realize it’s winter, and the toilet seat, particularly if it’s porcelain, has every right to feel chilly. Not all chairs have a built-in heating function or are warmed. You may use easy tricks to guarantee that a cold toilet seat does not unpleasantly harm your bottom.

Best Methods to Deal With Cold Toilet Seats

Add some comfort to those chilly excursions with one of these cold toilet seat hacks, which will pamper you with warmth. We have also included options that you can do in winter to deal with freezing toilets seat.

1. Using Throwaway or Undesired Socks

Socks may come in handy when you need to relieve yourself on a chilly toilet seat. Alternatively, you may position your behind so that it sits comfortably on top of your used socks before placing them on the toilet seat. This lessens the sting of the cold toilet seat and makes using the toilet more pleasurable.

2. Use Toilet paper

Placing toilet paper on the seat is unhygienic since germs may easily be transmitted this way. It’s possible that putting toilet paper on the seats of these toilets will reduce the chance of you becoming chilled.

3. Use a napkin

To make the toilet seat even more comfortable, rub them with napkins. In this situation, you may use a throwaway or not so useful napkin to massage the seats continuously to keep them warm enough to be more bearable.

4. Cloth-Covered Seats

Cloth-covered toilet seats are not universal. However, if the seat is fabric, then you’ll never have to worry about it becoming too cold. Instead, you might put your sewing talents to good use by creating a seat cover that fits well on it.

5. Use Wood Toilets

A wooden toilet seat provides a warm surface at all times. Therefore it’s a smart choice to think about installing one. Winter is not anticipated to be a problem for wooden toilets.

6. Use Thick Foam

A quarter-inch thick appliance foam may come in useful during the cold months if you save the foam from your appliances. Before using the toilet, just put the foam on the seat and then store it in your closet until you’re ready to use it again.

7. Squat Over the Seats

Sitting on a toilet seat (in a squat position) is common in some cultures, while it can only be done when others need it. Make sure you have a comfortable height toilet with adjustable sitting space. People squat to avoid touching the toilet seat, which spreads germs, while others do so to escape the cold chills they get from standing upright.

8 Use Hair Dryer

In order to speed up the evaporation of water molecules and ultimately warm up the toilet seat, a hair drier or blow dryer is often employed. When using the toilet, place a blow dryer over the seat to keep it warm until you are ready to sit down.

9. Use Warm Water

Soak toilet paper in hot water and massage it over the cold toilet seat ring to warm it up before you relax to do nature’s job. This is a simple trick. To make using the toilet more pleasant, soak the toilet paper in hot water for a few seconds before applying it to the seat.

10. The Final Option

If you have to use the restroom, wait until someone else has finished before rushing in to meet your own needs. If you use the toilet just after someone else, the seat will be warm since the prior user-produced some body heat.



Having a heated toilet seat in the winter may be a game-changer. Your whole body won’t be chilled by sitting on a chilly surface. Instead, you’ll be pleasantly seated. We have listed the best methods to quickly heat the toilet seat. Instead, you can also buy heated toilet seats, new modern toilets are available in the market with a built-in heating feature.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answer: Fold the toilet paper three or four times and place it on one side of the seat, making sure it covers one side of the oval seat. Do the same for the other side. Rub the seat with a towel napkin until it warms to a satisfactory level.

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