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Shopping for towels is a tactile experience, but it can only tell you so much. Here are several pointers on how to buy high-quality towels while avoiding softness gimmicks.

End your soothing bath or cooling shower with something soft and luxurious from our extensive towel collection. With our guide to towel terms and styles, you will find the right towels for your home that are both comfortable and absorbent.

Towel Material

Everyone has a different opinion on the towel material, and they’re all right! When purchasing new towels, consider the softness, absorbency, and durability of the fabric. Here are some of the most common towel materials and their advantages.

Turkish Cotton

This premium cotton is grown exclusively in Turkey and has an extra-long staple length. Turkish cotton towels are smooth and absorbent, and they are as sturdy as they are comfortable.

Pima Cotton

Pima cotton is grown in the southwestern United States and is known for its rich, extra-long fibers that provide strength and absorbency. A Pima cotton towel range will include ultra-luxurious towels with an indulgent feel.


Bamboo towels are typically made of a rayon and cotton mix. These safe and environmentally friendly towels are super soft and antibacterial.

Towels accredited to follow the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) are made from organic cotton grown without toxic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers.

Egyptian Cotton

Highly absorbent but breathable and resilient, Egyptian cotton is prized for its extra-long and fibrous fibers, making it ideal for towels. Egyptian cotton towels are soft and luxurious, and everyone will enjoy them.

Towel Weight

The weight of the towels is the next factor to consider when purchasing new luxury towels for your home. The weight of a towel is expressed in grams per square meter (GSM).

What is GSM?

‘Grams per square meter,’ or GSM as it’s more widely called, is a measurement of material density that shows how dense, absorbent, and comfortable your towels can feel. These initials can be found on a lot of fabric items, particularly high-end ones. The towel will be thicker and more absorbent if the GSM is higher since there will be more loops or longer loops than in lower GSM towels.

When it comes to bath towels and bath sheets, the denser the towel, the higher the weight. If the weight is higher on the scale, the more absorbent and plusher the towel will be.

Luxury Towel

  • Lightweight Towels – 300-400 GSM – Lightweight towels dry faster and are suitable for a range of applications.
  • Medium weight – 400-600 GSM – These towels are ideal for bath towels and guest towels.
  • Heavy Weight – 600-900 GSM – Due to their denser, heavier, and more absorbent features, heavy-weight towels are considered a luxury when it comes to towel weight.

When shopping for new luxurious towels for your home, remember that denser and thicker towels are normally more sturdy and absorbent. If a towel has a velvety texture and is lighter in weight, it will be smoother and dry faster. Stop using a towel that feels too thin or scratchy to the touch at all costs! These towels will not change or last after laundering.

Towel Sizes

When purchasing a new towel, size is also a significant consideration. There’s a towel for almost everything, and they’re all different sizes to suit the job!

Bath Sheet – 35″ x 60″ – A luxurious bath sheet is larger than a bath towel and perfect for complete coverage when drying off after a shower. It’s super fluffy, light as a feather, and fast-drying.

Bath Towel – Average Size: 27″ x 52″ – The traditional bath towel is the most common form of a towel. This towel is most often used to dry off after a shower or bath at home. As previously mentioned, high-quality bath towels are available in a range of incredible fabrics.

Hand Towel – Average Size: 16″ x 30″ – Using a durable hand towel is a smart choice since they are often used to dry hands after washing in the restroom. For your home wash, high-quality, super-soft hand towels are an excellent option.

Wash Cloth – 13″ x 13″ – Washcloths are typically used in the tub, bath, or near the sink for the body, hands, and face. A plush, long-lasting washcloth is an excellent investment.

Towel Care


Wash all towels with lukewarm water before use, and the care instructions should always be followed. To prevent dulling, keep light and dark washes apart, and use fabric softener sparingly because it can reduce the towel’s absorbency over time. To maximize softness, tumble dry your towels at a low temperature to fluff them up and open the fibers.


Trim the loop with scissors if your towel develops a pull to prevent the strand from being entangled and pulled further. If your towel has a lot of pulls, it’s worth looking inside your washing machine or tumble dryer because a sharp edge inside the drum will catch fibers and cause loops in towels and garments.

Cleaning supplies

Harsh cleaning products and bleaching agents, as well as some toiletries and skin treatments, will break down the fibers and strip the color from your towels. Since using skincare products, thoroughly rinse your skin before drying it.

Terms to know about Towels.

Combed Cotton

Cotton has been combed to eliminate impurities and short fibers, resulting in longer and more uniform cotton.


This decorative weave is woven into the towel and typically features a small geometric pattern.


Special looms weave a pattern directly into the cloth. Intricate designs are created during the weaving process.


Ringspun cotton is created by tightly winding long and short threads together, giving it a cleaner, more refined feel.


Shearing is the process of removing projecting fibers from the fabric face. This process creates a uniform height for the fabric, which improves its appearance.


Terry cloth towels have extra yarn woven into them to create absorbent loops. A towel with denser, longer loops is more absorbent.


To add power to the towel, fibers or yarns are turned around their axes to produce twists. Low-twist or zero-twist bath towels are luxurious, superior cotton bath towels that have natural strength.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answer: In your home bathroom, you should have the following towels: washcloth, hand towel, bath towel, bath sheet, and bath mat or bath rug. Furthermore, it is recommended that you have three of each form of towel on hand for each user, one for immediate use, one to put in the laundry, and one to put in the linen closet.

Answer: When bath towels get old, they not only start to look thin and tattered, but they also start to harbor germs that aren’t visible. Even if you take care of your luxurious towels and wash them often, they will need to be replaced every two years. If your bath towels aren’t absorbing water well, it’s time to shop for new ones. Furthermore, suppose your favorite towel begins to stink after just a few uses or even after it has been washed. In that case, this indicates that bacteria may be present within the towel’s fibers that are not being properly cleaned.

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