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In addition to serving as a convenient place to dispose of waste, the greatest bathroom trash cans enhance the room’s aesthetic appeal. These garbage cans have an attractive design that makes them suitable for various settings. They include various features that make them accessible and exciting to use. To offer a hassle-free purchasing experience, we discuss them in these evaluations.

List of Trash Cans for Bathroom

Here we have the list of the best trash cans for bathroom. These cans have attractive designs. 


1. Modern 1.3 Gallon Rectangle Metal Lidded Step Trash Can - Black

These rectangular waste cans from mDesign are the perfect size for tight areas, and they can be tucked away in bathroom cupboards, disused corners, or right next to the toilet.

2. BINO Metal Waste Basket Bathroom Trash Can for Bedroom

With the BINO Round Waste Basket, you can give any area a more modern appearance. Because of the beautiful colour pattern of this high-quality wastebasket, it is sure to be a welcome addition to any home or office decor. 

3. 1.3 Gallon- Rectangular Small Steel Step Trash Can Wastebasket

To create this basic compact trash can, we employed high-quality stainless steel and innovative manufacturing technologies in conjunction with one another. 

4. New Superio Small 2.5 Gallon Plastic Trash Can with Swing Top Lid

This is for you if you’re looking for a white swing trash can. It has the ideal size and form and a sleek, hassle-free swing-top cover that keeps your trash and recycling out of sight while being accessible when needed. The trash can swings open quickly as you throw the trash inside and then softly swings back into place. 

5. ELPHECO 2.5 Gallon Motion Sensor Bathroom Trash Can with Lid

Advanced IPX5 waterproof technology protects the smart sensor from being damaged by water or a humid environment, resulting in fewer needless openings and a longer battery life overall.

6. simplehuman 10 Liter / 2.6 Gallon Butterfly Lid Bathroom Step Trash Can

The smallest simplehuman butterfly step can, ideal for bathrooms, features a novel butterfly lid design that opens from the centre, allowing for little lid clearance. 

7. MICRODRY - Round Garbage Can with Slow Close Lid

Microdry’s Round Step Waste Cans with Quiet-Close Lid, from the Original Memory Foam Bath makers, add convenience to your bathroom while keeping trash out of sight. With a gradual closing lid and a step pedal, it is simple to operate without needing your hands.

8. iTouchless Recycling 13 Gallon and 2.5 Gallon Sensor Trash Cans

To complete the iTouchless multifunction sensor trash can Combo set, you’ll need a 13-gallon deodoriser trash can (dzt13p) and a 2.5-gallon multifunction sensor trash can (mt02ss). They both have a brushed stainless steel finish that is easy to maintain and can be used with various décor styles.

9. simplehuman Compact Round Bathroom Step Trash Can

Small locations, such as a bathroom or an office, will benefit from the use of this simplehuman tiny, plastic circular step can. 

10. NINESTARS AMZ-7-2 Bathroom Automatic Infrared Motion Sensor

This 1.8-gallon hands-free trash can was conceived and engineered by NINE STARS, the world’s first legal patent holder in the trash can industry. With its elegant oval fingerprint-resistant design, it can be used practically anywhere, including the bathroom, the home, the office, the bedroom, the dorm room, and the child’s room. 

Buying Guide


Trash cans for the bathroom are available in various designs, sizes, materials, and colours. Plastic is an excellent choice because of its lightweight, affordability, and ease of cleaning. It’s best to avoid a disaster in your bathroom by purchasing a trash can with a sturdy frame, like stainless steel, because it’s less likely to topple over and spill its contents over the floor. Rattan, wicker, and straw are another lightweight yet robust choices often made responsibly. Perforated patterns should be avoided since they can let small garbage particles seep out of the bottom.


Take the time to measure the space you’ll place it in before deciding. Most likely, you’ll want to conceal your bathroom trash can somewhere inconspicuous, such as between the toilet and the sink or in the shower. Leave at least two inches between the can and the wall to avoid the can being squashed against the wall and scratching it.


Not only is garbage unattractive, but it also has the potential to overflow if a lid does not contain it. When you have visitors around, a trash can top, whether conventional or swing, is a terrific method to cover the potentially private contents of your garbage can.


Getting a cold (or worse) due to accidentally handling someone else’s used Kleenex is the last thing you want to happen. Get rid of your trash without touching it with a trash can step, and you’ll be doing your small but significant part to make the world—or at the very least your bathroom—a little less germy.


Some bathroom trash cans are relatively basic and have a few capabilities, but others are jam-packed with high-tech features and options. Those with straightforward designs are less expensive than those with complex features. Furthermore, those with advanced features are entertaining and significantly easier to operate than simpler models.


The simplehuman Round Bathroom Step Trash Can is the winner. It comes with a 10-year warranty, proving the manufacturer believes in its quality and performance. It also has many great features.

The iTouchless SoftStep Bathroom Trash Can is ranked #2. This garbage can is well-made and comes with a warranty. Also, the manufacturer promises dedicated customer assistance.

Ignoring a bathroom trash can will cause shower annoyance even with the nicest bath caddy due to the above evaluations, buying guide, and FAQs.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answer: When it comes to trash cans for bathrooms, one that is neither too large nor too little is preferred. It is also extremely resilient and can withstand repeated use without breaking down. In addition, it is incredibly simple to use and clean.

Answer: The Homie 5L Trash Can be used with any trash bag. As a result, it is safe to state that it is cost-effective because you will not have to purchase custom liner bags once you have them. Take an old, inexpensive bag and place it into this trash can to hold waste. Furthermore, this trash container will keep it neatly hidden from sight, whichever waste bag you use.

Answer: Choosing a garbage can that won’t be damaged by steam and water in the bathroom is critical because of the humid atmosphere. Plastic or stainless steel can be used to make a waterproof garbage can. Using a garbage can with a lid is also good to keep water out.

Answer: There is a lot to consider when deciding where to put your garbage can, including its size and shape. However, the best locations for a trash can in your bathroom include under the cabinet, near the toilet, or in a corner. Ensure your garbage can is in an area that isn’t easily accessible to water while selecting a location.

Answer: How often you use the item is the most important factor in determining its value. Its capacity ranges from 2 to 5 gallons in the bathroom. There is no need for it to exceed 5 gallons in any scenario. However, you’ll need a more substantial garbage can for larger families. The trash in bathrooms should be emptied more frequently than in kitchens, especially if diapers or other feminine hygiene products are placed. It’s a good idea not to buy a large garbage can. Buying a large garbage can will take longer to fill, and if you are like me, you will only empty it when it is full and flowing. You will be more likely to empty smaller garbage cans more regularly.

Answer: The price of a trash can is determined by its size, construction quality, and features of the trash can—the goods on my shopping list range in price from $7 to $80. The good news is that my list isn’t long, and there are so many possibilities that you can find a quality one in the $30 to $50 range if you shop.

Answer: Most trash containers are composed of plastic or stainless steel. Using stainless steel in the bathroom is a good idea for a few reasons. The stainless steel ones are a little heavier, which is one of the reasons. Pedal-operated bathroom garbage cans can tip forward if they’re too light since most are. In addition, a steel trash can will look better than a plastic one because it is more durable. Plastic, unlike stainless steel, does not rust. Stainless steel, on the other hand, does. Stainless steel won’t rest either, but we’ve found some do (possible reasons are explained here). In addition, plastic bins are significantly less expensive, so our household utilises a plastic bin.

Answer: There are three basic varieties of trash cans based on how the lids open and close. Step trash can Touchless trash can. Swing lid trash can. Other types, such as touch trash cans and voice-activated ones, are also available, but they are far more expensive to install in a restroom.

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