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When it comes to designing a bathroom, every dollar counts. So finding a low-cost toilet that doesn’t sacrifice efficiency is crucial. Of course, you want one of the best toilets under 200 dollars, but you also wish for decent construction, a sleek appearance, and flushing efficiency that can withstand the abuse your family can dish out.

When looking for the best toilets under $200, think about what’s included in the price. Finding the proper inexpensive toilet that lacks any of the required components is not a good deal. Instead, look for listings that include the toilet seat and lid, as well as any required installation hardware. Then you’ll get what the budget requires without having to spend any more money. You should know the fundamentals of toilets before making a buy. Then, make your decision depending on the following factors.


You’ll want a toilet that will last a lifetime. As a result, take the time to inspect the fabrics and finishes used. They both play an essential role in ensuring the toilet’s long-term stability.


Obviously, you’ll want to feel at ease while using the restroom. Keep in mind that you’ll be using the same bathroom for a long time. As a result, relaxation should be at the top of the priority list.


The toilet seat is an essential piece of equipment to consider when conducting your research. Keep in mind that many toilets aren’t equipped with a stool. While most low-cost bathrooms come with a primary plastic seat, there are also options for soft close toilet seats, padded, and heated seats.

Cleaning the rims:

Look for products that cater to the needs of efficient cleaning. For example, some toilet rims have holes to allow water to flow in, allowing for thorough cleaning. Others are constructed such that water runs directly through the bowl.

Traditional toilets are traditionally made up of two parts: the tank and the bowl. As a result, they are less expensive than one-piece ones. Though elongated bowls have more seating space, circular toilets are generally less costly.


Since most toilets are simple to install, you’ll probably be able to do it yourself by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Tank bolts are often pre-installed to save time during installation. Despite this, many residents want to employ a plumber to prevent tampering with water lines.

Pressure-assisted vs. gravity-feed:

The toilets mentioned above are all of the former kind. It implies that they depend on gravity to transport waste down the pipe. Ships and planes mostly use pressure-assisted versions. Unfortunately, the ones for use at home are rather pricey. Size does indeed matter.

In your toilet, how much space do you have? It is most likely the most critical question to consider when selecting a toilet. In the subsections above, you’ll see both standard and lightweight versions. You should choose one that suits your bathroom and is comfortable for you.

Two-piece versions, according to experts, are more challenging to clean, especially the area between the bowl and the tank. However, the harsh fact is that single-piece toilets cost much more than $200. As a result, all six of our contenders are of the above kind.

the level of noise If you can’t bear domestic noise, the TOTO Entrada toilet, which is the quietest on our list, is a must-have.

The economy of water:

If your water costs are too high, it might be time to replace your old toilet with one that uses just 1.28 GPF of water. Your bathroom is where you go to deal with the pangs and throes of obstinate constipation or the excruciating cramps of unexpected diarrhea. Alternatively, when listening to nature’s message, you should read a few pages of your favorite novel.

10 Best Toilets Under 200 Dollars

1. TOTO CST243EF#01 Entrada Two-Piece Round 1.28

Toto’s CST243EF-01 Entrada toilet is a two-piece toilet with a circular bowl that fits easily in small bathrooms and powder rooms. The product has a rim height of 16-1/8 inches, which is the standard height for regular-sized toilets and is designed to accommodate a minimum 12-inch rough-in to the finished toilet wall. The unit is built in a classical style, with stately lines and a solid but quiet flush.

2. Kohler K-3977-RA-0 Highline Comfort Height Toilet, 3.25, White

The best toilet on a budget is Kohler’s “Wellworth” line, which is an entry-level toilet that offers a name-brand fixture at a low price. Purchasing a product at the lower end of a manufacturer’s production line ensures that you receive all of the brand’s consistency at a price that is affordable.

3. Dometic 300 Series Standard Height Toilet

Since it has a gravity flush mechanism that removes the need for a tank, Dometic’s 300 series toilet is a very inexpensive device.

4. Duravit 25350900922 Toilet

This wall-mounted toilet boasts a sleek contemporary design that is simple to clean. Comfortable huge elongated bowl The pack does not contain the in-wall tank, carrier, activation plate, or seat. But the trip lever is included.

5. TOTO CST244EF#01 Entrada Two-Piece Elongated

When it comes to the Entrada Close Coupled Toilet by Toto: 1.28 Gallons Per Flush, ADA Compliant E-Max Flushing System Elongated Bowl Universal Height Chrome Trip Lever 12″ Rough-in. The toilet seat SS114#01 Soft close seat must be purchased separately. E-Max is a simple and quiet option for flushing 1.28 gallons, unlike pressure-assist toilets, which can be noisy and have more sophisticated moving parts. TOTO’s 1.28 GPF E-Max flushing system is based on proven engineering as our iconic 1.6 GPF G-Max flushing system, but with an additional 20% water savings. 

6. American Standard 288DA114.020 288DA.114.020 Toilet

This is the most cost-effective toilet on the market. While it does not include extras, it is still well under the cheap price radar and just within your budget.

7. Kohler 528361 K-3977-0 Toilet

For those looking for a low-cost standard-height toilet that fits well and looks OK, the Kohler toilet is a good option. It’s particularly well-suited to tiny bathrooms. It has a 12′′ circular bowl, which is large enough for most people to use comfortably. Moreover, the bowl is made of white porcelain, which is not only attractive but also long-lasting.

8. American Standard 2887216.020 H2Option Dual Flush Elongated 1.0/1.6 GPF Toilet

Even though this is a 1.6GPF toilet, it has the manufacturer’s patent-pending siphonic action mechanism. This technique is intended to reduce water waste, dispose of more solid trash at once, and operate quietly. Thanks to these characteristics, this device can effortlessly transfer up to 1,000 grams of solid waste in a single flush while in the heavy Flush mode. The device can flush up to 400 grams of solid waste each flush in the Light Flush Mode.

9. TOTO CST243EFR#01 Entrada Toilet

A well-known bathroom brand called CST243EF #1 TOTO makes high-quality items. The two-piece circular toilet not only looks great but also has a lot of valuable features. Squidgy cup: This toilet has enough space for users to sit, and they say it’s very cosy. People of all ages can sit comfortably at the same height. It flows like a tidal wave and is both powerful and peaceful at the same time.

10. Swiss Madison SM Toilet Dual Flush

The Ivy® features a trendy, clean, smooth modern design. The flushing mechanism of the Ivy® one-piece toilet has two powerful nozzles (instead of rim holes) that provide centrifugal force for a more effective flush.


Finding a proper toilets for under 200 dollars is not straightforward. We’ve listed the best ones available on Amazon right now. They all have their own set of benefits and disadvantages. After all, finding a decent toilet for less than $200 is a combination of chance and testing! We wish you a pleasant shopping experience!

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