Best Toilet Paper For Allergies 2022


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Are you unsure why hypoallergenic toilet paper should be used? Toilet paper can cause an allergic reaction in some people, believe it or not. The explanation is simple: the manufacturing of certain toilet paper products contains chemicals that can trigger allergies.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best toilet paper for allergies that won’t cause allergic reactions in you or your family members. We look at the brands that have been hailed as the best by many, so you can get the same for your own home.

Best Toilet Paper For Allergies 2022


1. Aria Premium, Earth Friendly Toilet Paper

If you purchase 24 Mega Rolls, each of which contains six individual rolls, you will have 96 standard rolls of toilet paper. Don’t be a wimp about it. There is no product on the market that provides a higher level of quality while still being more environmentally friendly than Aria’s premium strength and quality toilet paper. This two-ply roll of toilet paper is strong and comfortable, but it also provides ample thickness without compromising on any of those qualities. When wet, Aria toilet paper is three times as robust as leading recycled products and is thicker by fifty per cent than other brands. 

2. Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

Bamboo toilet paper that is not made from trees is plastic-free, environmentally friendly, septic safe, biodegradable, and has a soft, quickly dissolving texture. Sheets with 2 Plies (300 Sheets Per Roll, 9 Double Rolls). Bamboo-based, environmentally friendly toilet paper safe for septic systems and comes in packs of eight. Caboo’s tree-free paper goods for the home are created from bamboo, a renewable resource, rather than trees. 

3. Planet Green Forest Bathroom Tissue

Two features set this apart from standard toilet paper rolls. It features enormous sheet sizes, for starters. The tiny size of many washroom tissues causes them to deplete quickly. You’ll generally want a roll with more sheets and larger sizes if you want toilet paper that lasts longer. This one, in particular, will serve you well for a long time. The second feature is that it is highly biodegradable, as it is made up of 90% post-consumer recycled materials.

Green Forest’s bath tissue is composed entirely of recycled paper. It’s hypoallergenic, just like the other choices we’ve looked at. It’s also free of added colors and perfumes. The paper is whitened using a technique.

4. Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper, 3 Pack Of 6 Mega Rolls

Two features set this apart from standard toilet paper rolls. It features enormous sheet sizes, for starters. The tiny size of many washroom tissues causes them to deplete quickly. You’ll generally want a roll with more sheets and larger sizes if you want toilet paper that lasts longer. This one, in particular, will serve you well for a long time. The second feature is that it is highly biodegradable, as it is made up of 90% post-consumer recycled materials. Green Forest’s bath tissue is composed entirely of recycled paper. It’s hypoallergenic, just like the other choices we’ve looked at. It’s also free of added colors and perfumes. The paper is whitened using a technique.

5. Silk'n Soft Bamboo Toilet Paper

If you have sensitive skin, another tree-free choice is this Silk’n Soft Bamboo toilet paper, which I recommend you try today. It is smooth and gentle on the skin, and it shares some of the benefits of virgin tree toilet paper, if not all of them. It is chlorine-free and environmentally safe. The presence of chlorine is often regarded as a health and environmental threat.

6. WHOLEROLL Organic Bamboo Toilet Paper

This toilet paper saves space thanks to its tighter wrapping. Other 200-sheet rolls use up more room. Regardless, it’s a quarter-inch longer. It compares to the 220-sheet variants while being a 200-sheet TP. It doesn’t end there, though. This toilet paper uses twice as long as ordinary rolls.

7. Bamboo Toilet Paper

Bamboo pulp is used to make this hypoallergenic toilet paper. It is free of BPA and other artificial fragrances and additives, making it an excellent option for people who have sensitivities or allergies. It is also devoid of dyes and chemicals. There are 48 rolls in each box. Each roll contains 400 2-ply tissue paper sheets.

8. Bim Bam Boo Hypoallergenic Bamboo Embossed Formula Plastic Free 2ply Toiler Paper

Bamboo toilet paper is becoming famous and more popular. It is cut using toilet paper made entirely of bamboo. It’s also eco-friendly and suitable for delicate skin, thanks to a recycled TP casing. This toilet paper stands out since it has more sheets per roll. The average roll of toilet paper has 200 sheets. As a result, this TP is at the top of the list when it comes to long-term usage. It’s also the first TP recipe created to improve health. It’s not only silky soft, but it’s also naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. As a result, there are no chances of allergy, irritation, or infection. You’ll get more usage out of 2-ply sheets. They’re hard and won’t simply rip apart. They break apart quickly when they come into touch with water, despite their strength. Furthermore, they are biodegradable and chemical-free. As a result, they don’t block and are safe for septic and sewage systems.

Buying guide for Best Toilet Paper for allergies:


Certain chemicals in toilet paper, such as dye, perfumes, and even the material used to make the toilet paper (wood), can irritate people. To decide what reactions you have, you should see a specialist allergist for a prick test, but an easy and inexpensive at-home test is to turn to one of these brands of toilet paper and see whether your symptoms change.

Number of Plies

The count of toilet paper has a significant impact on the texture and can influence irritability. Single-ply toilet paper (like camping or RV toilet paper) to plush four-ply toilet paper is available. Higher-ply toilet paper is usually thicker, heavier, more absorbent, and softer. Although the number of plies has no bearing on touch and feel, a thinner, rougher single-ply might be more painful to your skin.


To give toilet paper its white hue, chlorine is often used. However, elemental chlorine gas produces dioxins, which are harmful to both human health and the environment. Chlorine-free toilet paper is often bleached with chlorine dioxide, though other options, such as unbleached toilet paper or bleached with oxygen or hydrogen peroxide, are often preferred.


Then there’s the matter of the content. If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic toilet paper roll, look for one made from natural materials. Bamboo, recycled paper, aloe, and gentle cotton are only a few examples. You should avoid toilet paper that contains bleach, chlorine, fragrances, or even dye.

That being said, if any of these ingredients appear in your toilet paper pack, don’t buy it because it might cause you to develop severe allergies in the long run.


Another factor to think about is the softness of the toilet paper. To be honest, there’s no way to say how soft a toilet paper roll is by reading the packaging because any brand may claim to have soft toilet paper. You can try pressing your finger against it and see what it looks like, but this will just give you a rough idea. As a general rule, bamboo appears to be the softest toilet paper material available, so use that as a starting point.

Rolls per pack

The number of rolls per pack is the last thing you can think about. Obviously, the larger the number of rolls in a box, the less expensive the toilet paper kit. In most cases, one box of toilet paper contains 24 rolls, but certain packs contain 48 rolls. As a result, the one you choose will be determined by how much toilet paper you use.

If you have a large family and use a lot of toilet paper, you may want to consider purchasing the 48-roll per-pack rolls to save money.


The goods on this list are not the most affordable on the market. As opposed to the mass amount of traditional paper, the method of producing this form of paper is usually more costly. Although it will almost certainly be more costly than regular toilet paper, the benefits for someone suffering from an allergic reaction might be well worth the cost. Buying in bulk or using automatic ordering (subscribing to monthly Amazon or other services) will help you save a lot of money. We’ve also chosen a more affordable alternative, but prices fluctuate and vary depending on where you shop.


One way to find the best fit for your skin is to buy the smallest format available (usually 4 rolls) of two or three different brands, try them out (use one brand until the 4 rolls are finished), and move on to the next to find the one that works for your preference on touch, feel, and softness. Some people with severe skin conditions keep a journal of their symptoms, noting whether they changed or worsened with each brand. When you know how much of a difference it can make if you suffer from skin irritation, it’s a small investment.

Toilet Paper for Yeast Infections and Chronic Vulvar Irritation

It’s a touchy topic that many people avoid writing about, but I’m guessing it’s why a lot of women came across this piece. If you’re looking for toilet paper to relieve discomfort, it’s possible that some of you are experiencing uncomfortable and unpleasant signs of irritation in the genital region around your vagina. According to this medical report, more than half of adult women would experience vulvovaginitis pain at least once in their lives.

Although the causes can vary, the scratching, stinging, and burning sensations are all similar and can be debilitating, making it difficult for women to run, bike, or engage in other forms of physical activity. Many women, according to the report, are given inconclusive explanations by their physicians and resort to over-the-counter (OTC) creams, ointments, anti-fungal drugs, or sprays to try to relieve the itching, even though no official diagnosis of fungal infection has been made.

Although there are a variety of potential causes, it has been discovered that skin irritation in the vaginal region (vulvar dermatitis) may be caused by a variety of household products (including those that are intended to enhance personal hygiene, such as douche), as they may contain fragrances, preservatives, antibacterial agents, or agents to increase alkali or acid content.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answer: It’s possible to be allergic to toilet paper, which may seem strange. Any of the ingredients used in the ply may be causing an allergic reaction. Toilet paper, which is normally made from plant(wood) fibers, should not be overly scented. There’s a good chance you’ll get vulvitis if you use strongly scented tissue paper. Itching, redness, and swelling around the anus are symptoms of this condition. If you experience any of these symptoms after switching to a new scented paper, you should consider switching or looking for alternatives.

Answer: An unbleached toilet paper has not been bleached with any chemical additives. To whiten the papers in the factory, most manufacturing industries use bleaching agents such as chlorine. The disadvantage is that it leaves an annoying feeling behind, which may put your well-being at risk. This is mostly for females who use bleached toilet paper for personal hygiene, as the chlorine may cause pollutants to build up in the body, potentially leading to serious complications.

Answer: One of the ingredients used in the production of toilet paper is formaldehyde or chlorine. This is used to transform the paper into the bright white color you’re used to seeing. The result is a sterile piece of paper that contains a lot of contaminants. However, some well-known TPs, such as Charmin, use a chlorine-free treatment in their pulp manufacturing. Therefore, no! Charmin toilet paper contains no formaldehyde. They are also dye-free, artificial-scent-free, and made entirely of 100 percent virgin wood fibers that are suitable for personal hygiene.

Answer: A long list of toilet papers made in the United States can be found. When shopping online or in the store, you can also find famous international brands. Let’s say you’ve been wondering who’s behind the many well-known TP brands in the United States. In that scenario, you should be aware that some of the world’s largest paper companies have made significant investments in the industry. Famous toilet tissue brands like Angel Soft, Quilted Northern, Scott, and Cottonelle are made by companies like Kimberly-Clark and Georgia-Pacific. Procter and Gamble are also involved in the tissue market, and the American consumer goods behemoth produces several common alternatives.

Answer: The best substitute for tissue paper must both perform well and be safe to use. When you run out of toilet paper, most people just hop in the tub and take a bath, but you might consider other options. Napkins, fluffy cloths, and paper towels are all examples of this. Regardless of which choice you choose, you want it to be soft and not irritate your skin.

Answer: Each of the models mentioned above is acceptable. None, however, include the additional benefits that Monkeylips Organic Green Tea toilet paper does. It’s not only tough and absorbent, but it also contains Vitamin A and carotene, which nourish the skin. It also has a nice Green Tea fragrance to it.

Answer: All of the models mentioned above will suffice. But Bim Bam Boo stands out from the crowd thanks to its unique hypoallergenic formula.

Answer: Charmin Ultra Gentle, on the other hand, stands out from the crowd thanks to its infused calming lotion. It certainly lives up to its moniker.

Answer: Portable toilets have a small flush volume. As a result, you’ll need tissue paper that dissolves easily in water. Seventh Generation toilet paper is, without a doubt, the best choice.

Answer: Bamboo toilet papers are the real thing, even though other versions are just as fine. They’re more durable and made from renewable resources. As a result, WHOLE ROLL and Bim Bam Boo are the best options.

Answer: There are a variety of symptoms, including itching, redness, swelling, and soreness.

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