10 Best Shower Systems 2021

Best Shower Systems

When we walk to the bathroom and switch on the shower machine, we note that all of our worries fade away for a brief moment. We can sense the gentle caress of the water on our faces, and we are fully immersed in a bubble of happiness.

The significance of swimming in a pleasant setting cannot be overstated. It improves mental health and will help you fall asleep faster. It also increases a person’s productivity. Shower systems play an essential part in ensuring that you have a pleasant bathing experience. The sensation of water falling into your face as you stand under a display machine and switching on the waterfall shower is very soothing.

However, while swimming, you should not want the shower machine to run too quickly or too slowly. The bulk of low-cost shower systems do not have a pleasant bathing experience, so you do not reap the full benefits. The best bathtub shower combo gives you the best and comfortable experience.

We realize that selecting the suitable shower machine with body jets from a long list of outstanding choices is more complicated than it seems.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about the best jet spa for bathtubs or the best shower panels. We’ve put together this detailed buyer’s guide after doing extensive analysis. The section discusses a few important factors to consider when purchasing a shower system with body jets.

10 best shower systems

We’ve checked and researched the top 10 best shower systems, so you can soon find one that meets your expectations and aesthetic preferences.

1. Blue Ocean 52” Stainless Steel SPV878392H Shower Panel

Blue Ocean 52” Stainless Steel SPV878392H Shower Panel with Rainfall Shower...
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Size: 52"H x 10"W x 3.5”D (132 x 26 x 9cm)
  • Stainless Steel Frame with Blue Color Tempered Glass Surface
  • Temperature Display and 8 Jet Nozzles
  • Rainfall Showerhead, Multi-functional Handheld Showerhead, and Spout
  • All Functions Work Independently to Ensure Proper Water Pressure

The three standout factors that make this shower panel from Blue Ocean our number one recommendation are customization, consistency, and incredible versatility. That’s not all; it has a one-of-a-kind and opulent style, making it one of the finest shower systems on the market today. The Blue Ocean Shower Panel is a long-lasting choice made of high-quality stainless steel and tempered glass. It complies with ISO-9001 guidelines, so you don’t have to be concerned about its overall consistency.

The unique construction of this lightweight panel, on the other hand, aids in its flat wall mounting. Once set up, all of the components work together to maintain sufficient water pressure. Through its two control valves, you’ll be able to regulate the water flow and temperature. The digital monitor also makes it easier to keep track of the water temperature, which adds to your comfort.

So it would help if you were assured that showering with the Blue Ocean SPV878392H will still be the best smooth, and comfortable experience after a long day at work. You may also go for a spa-like experience in the safety of your own home by using the flexible eight nozzle jet spray. We liked the blue-colored tempered glass surface, which brings a bit of class to any traditional bathroom decor.

We have no reservations about this Blue Ocean shower system’s consistency or features. However, compared to some of the other units on the market, we considered its water pressure to be very mild. Aside from that, there were no significant drawbacks to this shower panel.

  • A temperature monitor is included.
  • satisfies consistency requirements
  • Installation is easy.
  • Lightweight and long-lasting
  • 5mm tempered glass Surface.
  • Water pressure is low.

2. ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System

ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System,LED Rainfall Waterfall...
  • Shower System Water Line Connection Type: 1/2" FIP, Material: 304 stainless steel body. Copper shower faucet and PVC water pipe constitute the waterway. The shower panel tower allows you to turn 2 of...
  • Luxury shower panel has built-in LED temperature display, LED overhead rainfall showerhead, adjustable high-powered body massage jets, tub spout, and high-efficiency multi-function handheld shower...
  • Multi-outlet Switches which controls Multiple Combinations water effects, with 4 Adjustable Jets nozzles for Power Mist Massage and 3-Setting Handheld Shower Fixtures
  • Shower panel allows you to turn 2 of them on at same time if you so desire, the key is water pressure, Copper shower faucet and PVC water pipe constitute the waterway
  • Limited 2 Year Parts Warranty From Date of Purchase. This warranty is void if the product has been purchased from an unauthorized distributor.

The PS12-S2 Shower Panel Tower System has been developed to provide an enjoyable and profoundly soothing shower experience with variable controls and simultaneous functions. On that point, let’s delve a little further into it, beginning with the most notable features.

With Ello & Allo’s beautifully crafted shower panel, you’ll be able to enjoy the ultimate spa-like experience. For added reliability, it was designed with the finest quality SUS304 stainless steel and engineering-grade plastics ABS. To bring charm to your bathroom decor, this is paired with an elegant brushed stainless steel finish.

A 3-setting handheld tub, four flexible jet nozzles for power mist massage, and an LED overhead shower are all included in the PS12-S2 shower panel. As a result, it’s a complete showering machine that lets you monitor all functions at once.

Not only that, but it also has multi-outlet switches that allow you to monitor multiple water effects in combination. Aside from that, with the help of the automated temperature monitor, you’ll be able to choose the right water temperature for your needs.

The Ello & Allo PS12-S2 Shower Panel is more challenging to install than the previous alternative on our list. Its setup would necessitate the assistance of an expert. Furthermore, the included instruction manual is difficult to comprehend. It lacks sufficient knowledge to aid in the calculation of wall mounting brackets and tubing.

  • Water effects in a variety of variations
  • Temperature monitor and LED overhead shower
  • You can power both showers at the same time.
  • Constructed to last
  • With a stainless steel finish, it’s a stunning build.
  • It isn’t easy to set up.

3. Blue Ocean 66.5” Stainless Steel SPS8727 Thermostatic Shower Panel

Blue Ocean 66.5” Stainless Steel SPS8727 Thermostatic Shower Panel with...
  • Material: Stainless Steel with Brushed Finish
  • Size: 66.5"H x 8.75"W (169 x 22cm)
  • Integrated with Thermostatic Valve
  • Rainfall Showerhead, Waterfall Showerhead, Handheld Showerhead, and 4 Sets of Body Nozzles
  • All Functions Can Work Simultaneously

Blue Ocean has just released yet another luxury shower system.  It is also equipped with a thermostatic valve, providing a customized showering experience for years to come. As you might be aware, the Blue Ocean SPS8727 complies with all mandatory quality requirements. The SPS8727 Shower Panel has undergone rigorous product testing and quality management, earning its ISO-9001 certification.

Furthermore, the panel and fixtures are made of stainless steel with a polished finish, preventing rusting and corrosion. And, there’s more. A runoff and waterfall showerhead, a portable showerhead, and four sets of nozzles make up the shower system. For a better hydrotherapy experience, both of these tasks will now operate independently or in tandem.

That isn’t it, however. It has an integrated thermostatic valve that helps you adjust the water temperature to your preferences. As a result, the showering experience would be much better. Since it uses a regular 1/2-inch plumbing attachment, the SPS8727 Shower Panel is relatively simple to install. In reality, it comes with all of the practical manuals, so you won’t need the assistance of a licensed plumber to mount it.

The Blue Ocean SPS8727’s thermostatic valve ensures that you still have the proper water temperature. However, unlike our previous guidelines, it does not have a temperature monitor. While this isn’t a major flaw, we’d like the option to be included because it aids in water temperature control.

  • Elegant Design
  • Installation on a flat wall is easy.
  • The thermostatic valve keeps the water at the ideal temperature.
  • The stainless steel structure is very durable.
  • A temperature monitor is not used.

4. ROVOGO Shower Panel System with Rainfall

ROVOGO Shower Panel System with Rainfall, Handheld, Jets and Temperature...
  • 【Rainfall Shower】With 100 nozzles, this shower panel offers rain-like spray. The rain shower immerses your entire body in a stimulating stream of water, a refreshing feeling that you'll look...
  • 【Jet Spray】2 jets are included on this panel to give you the relaxation you want when you've had a great workout and are left with sore muscles. The high pressure jets are even angle adjustable
  • 【Hand Shower】The 3-setting handheld shower for a quick cleanup, foot washing or for children's showers, it conveniently mounted on a rotatable holder. Add in the 59-inch hose, you'll be able to...
  • 【Water Temperature Display】The Easy-to-Read digital display makes reading the water temperature(in Fahrenheit) easier than ever before, no guessing what temp water is. Powered by batteries
  • 【Built to Last】This 304 stainless steel shower panel includes a mixing valve made of solid brass, so it won't corrode. This means it will last longer. It also has ceramic disc cartridges to...

Rovogo, America’s sanitary company, has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing all forms of sanitary ware, including faucets, shower panels, and more, since 2012. On that note, we’d like to introduce you to the Rovogo multifunction shower machine, which comes with a 3-year quality warranty and is a solid option.

Rovogo has continued to live up to its promises with this shower panel device dedicated to ensuring consistency and timely after-sales support. With a 3-year premium warranty, you can rely on it to meet your needs for several years. Furthermore, for increased longevity and corrosion resistance, the device is made of precision, high-grade 304 stainless steel.

When it comes to the shower’s fixtures, the 100-piece non-clogging nozzle rainfall shower guarantees complete body coverage for a relaxing experience. It’s also simple to vacuum, which cuts down on maintenance costs. Its two jet massages were both a hit with us. It lets you wash away all the tension and calm your body and mind because it is easily customizable.

It doesn’t stop there, though. A matching 3-function hand shower with a long and extra flexible hose is included with the panel, enabling you to cover all of the hard-to-reach areas. The spray pattern switch, which is triggered with a quick press, adds to your ease.

In terms of consistency and efficiency, the Rovogo Multifunction Shower Panel does not disappoint. You could run into problems with its setup. The lack of consistency in the guidelines is the explanation for this. Since the machine is difficult to learn, we recommend having it installed by a skilled plumber.

  • Both shower functions are self-contained.
  • Temperature monitor that is powered by batteries
  • A control diverter is included for switching functions.
  • Just one handle is used to regulate the volume and temperature.
  • The instructions were difficult to comprehend.

5. PULSE ShowerSpas 1049B-BN Rio ShowerSpa Panel

PULSE ShowerSpas 1049B-BN Rio ShowerSpa Panel with 10" Rain Showerhead, 6 Body...
  • Surface mounted and completely pre-plumbed, easily connects to your hot/cold stub-outs
  • Black tempered 5/16" glass panel with bronze stainless steel body and Brushed-Nickel fixtures
  • 10" low profile rain showerhead; with rub-clean soft rub tips to easily clear mineral buildup for long lasting performance
  • 6 Single-function Silk body spray Jets with soothing mistspray
  • Single-function hand shower with double-interlocking stainless steel hose, stretches from 59 –78"

Do you want a quick shower to upgrade? Pulse ShowerSpas’ 1049B-BN Rio ShowerSpa Panel is all you’ll need. By combining various amenities and calming solutions with a balance and equilibrium of hydrotherapy, the machine redefines luxury. As a result, the brand achieves its goal of “making every day feel like a spa day!”

With its excellent versatility and efficiency, the invigorating Rio ShowerSpa is built to meet all of your showering needs. A rainfall showerhead, body jets, a tub spout, and a hand shower are among the panel components. The water temperature stays stable when swapping features.

The Pulse ShowerSpas 1049B-BN also impressed us with its architecture and visual appeal. The brushed-nickel fixtures nicely match the bronze stainless steel body, which features a tempered glass screen. Nonetheless, when put on the bathroom wall, it continues to stand out.

Furthermore, the system’s showerheads are simple to clean and maintain. Due to their rub-clean soft tips with straight spray technology, which seamlessly clear mineral build-up and ensure long-term results.

We didn’t come across any significant flaws worth noting. However, you could find the system a little difficult to use. However, once you’ve been used to it, you won’t have any problems. Aside from that, the water pressure of the jet spray is a little mild. As a result, you might need to get that reviewed.

  • Quick to mount because it’s pre-plumbed.
  • Soothing mist spray is provided by body jets.
  • For quick upkeep, use rubbing-clean soft tips.
  • Ensures long-term effectiveness
  • Water at a constant temperature
  • Shower machine that is difficult to use
  • The water pressure in the jet spray is low.

6. Happybuy Shower Panel Tower System

Happybuy Shower Panel Tower System Stainless Steel Multi-Function Shower Panel...
  • 【STURDY STAINLESS STEEL FRAME】- Color: Black; Craft: Polishing; The 304 stainless steel thickened panel, brass connectors, and explosion-proof hoses make this shower panel black high-temperature...
  • 【5 IN 1 SHOWER SYSTEM】- Come with five comfortable shower modes: waterfall, rainfall, two massage jet areas, plastic hand-held shower head, and bottom water spout. Rubber nozzles spraying soft...
  • 【FUNCTIONS SWITCH & ADJUSTMENT】- The first knob in the middle of the shower head panel is to adjust shower modes and texture on the surface for modes indication. The below faucet is for freely...
  • 【EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION】- Wall-mounted design, all assembly accessories are included in the package. With pre-plumbed hot/cold water pipelines, reinforced pipes, standard plumbing connector, 1/2"...
  • 【WIDE USE SCENARIOS】- The black color makes this wall shower panel system look high-end in the room or commercial places. Suitable for remodeling your bathroom, hotels, resorts, apartments to...

The Happybuy 5-in-1 Shower Panel System is ideal for residential and commercial use and comes with all of the required components to ensure a pleasant experience. It also has a brushed nickel finish with a polished glossiness for a high-end appearance that would go with any modern decor.

The Happybuy Shower Panel is rust-resistant and long-lasting, thanks to its 304-grade stainless steel construction and brushed nickel finish. As a result, once it’s set up, it’ll put the body and mind at ease for years. On the other hand, the wall-mount unit is simple to build because it only includes a regular plumbing link with separate hot and cold water pipes.

In reality, the shower panel is appropriate for use at home and used in hotels, resorts, and various other settings. It provides the best showering experience and a wide range of services, thanks to its multifunctional fixtures.

It has two showerheads on end, which you can appreciate. As a result, you can pick between two different water effects – runoff and waterfall – with ease. Besides that, you can use this versatile handheld shower to scrub foam from difficult-to-reach areas. It also has many massage jets, giving it a spa-like experience for maximum relaxation.

Because of its high price, we wanted the Happybuy Shower Panel to be of high quality.  We found problems with quality management, which made the panel seem frail. Nonetheless, despite its low consistency, the device manages to deliver an outstanding result.

  • Ideal for both residential and industrial applications
  • Installation is easy.
  • Available in a Brushed nickel case.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Concerns on quality management

7. AKDY 52 In. 8-Jet Multi-function Tempered Glass Shower Panel System

AKDY 52 In. 8-Jet Multi-function Tempered Glass Shower Panel System With...
  • 4-Spray function handheld showerhead, adjustable body spray jet, corresponding to the requirements of you and your family
  • All shower functions work independently to make sure the product has the best water pressure performance
  • 2.5 GPM (gallons per minute) flow rate
  • This product is installed with a flow restrictor
  • Due to statewide restrictions on water flow rates, we are unable to ship this product to California, Colorado, and New York.

This wall-mount aluminum and glass tempered window, on the other hand, is worthy of bringing a contemporary touch to every modern bathroom. As a result, you’ll never have to be concerned with it falling out of style.

The AKDY Shower Panel System includes all of the required elements, all of which are self-contained. It ensures that the unit performs to its full potential in terms of water pressure and flow. We also liked how practical the eight jet sprays were. For a customized hydrotherapy massage, you should change their angles.

Furthermore, it has a temperature control valve that helps you swap between hot and cold water depending on your needs. In reality, you’ll be able to keep track of the temperature at all times thanks to the digital monitor. As a result, you’ll have more convenience.

The sleek mirror finish shower panel, on the other hand, is beautiful and appealing to the eye. As a result, it would undoubtedly improve the aesthetics of every contemporary or historic bathroom. That’s not it, however. The included directions are simple to obey. As a result, there’s no need to be concerned about its setup or service.

There are only two modes on the strong jet sprays: fine mist and light flashes. We no longer have any issues with water pressure. The restricted jet spray environments, on the other hand, appear to detract from the overall relaxation experience. Aside from that, we’d like the jet spray and rain showerhead to both runs simultaneously.

  • Mirror glass screen with an elegant and trendy design
  • Temperature indicator with LEDs
  • A standard plumbing link is needed.
  • Both assembly accessories are included.
  • Ensures that the water pressure is optimum.
  • Jet spray settings are restricted.
  • All of the features are incompatible.

8. JiaYouJia 20” Thermostatic Rainfall Shower System

JiaYouJia 20'' Thermostatic Rainfall Shower System with Square Rain Shower and...
  • Anti-Scald: The thermostatic valve offers constant water at the desired temperature to protect you from scald, safe and practical.
  • Dual-Function: Square rain shower head provides full shower experience; the button design on the handshower can be switched to different hand shower modes. There are two water inlets for the 20''...
  • Adjustable Design: Paired with four support poles, this shower kit can be installed either mounted flush or exposed to suit your preference.
  • Durable Use: Constructed from solid brass and stainless steel in matte black finish to guarantee long-lasting use for years.
  • Warranty: Ten years warranty under residential use. Free replacement or exchange is available if there's any defective parts.

This shower system from JiaYouJia comes with all of the required fixtures. From the six spray body jet, each part sprays to the extensive rainfall showerhead, cleans, washes, and provides a therapeutic body massage for relaxing your mind and relieving pain, either separately or concurrently. The JiaYouJia Shower System, in our view, is a safe and secure choice to consider purchasing. It’s made of solid brass and has an oil-rubbed bronze finish. It enhances its longevity by making it corrosion-resistant. As a result, you won’t have to replace it anytime soon.

A 12-inch rainfall showerhead is also included, which offers a large circle of soft rain from above. The handheld tub, on the other hand, can be used for targeted brushing and washing. Thanks to the 60-inch stainless steel hose, it provides stability and mobility.

The soothing massage offered by the six-strong jet sprays, which places at any angle for a personalized spa-like feel, will also be a hit. Additionally, the device has a thermostatic control valve that allows you to retain a pre-set temperature, ensuring that you are still protected.

A shower panel is not included with the JiaYouJia Shower System. As a result, you’ll have to install each part separately. It’s easy to do if you follow the directions carefully. Aside from that, we found some leakage problems. We recommend that you inspect the internal fittings to ensure that they are not loose.

  • Showerhead with a significant rainfall pattern
  • Hose made of flexible stainless steel.
  • Long-lasting and dependable
  • Through a thermostatic valve, you can maintain a pre-set temperature.
  • There isn’t a jury, so there isn’t one.
  • Water leakage-related issues

9. Valore VS-1205 Simplicity Retrofit Shower Panel

Valore VS-1205 Simplicity Retrofit Shower Panel
  • Designed to be retrofitted into an existing shower system that already has a cold and hot faucet.
  • Optional Drill-less installation with the included mounting bracket and 3M Adhesive tape.
  • 3-way German engineered brass diverter with 3 distinct spray modes (shower head, shower jet, shower wand).
  • UPC/c-UPC certified
  • Product Dimensions: (H) 36.13” x (W) 3.13” x (D) 1.88”

The Valore VS-1205 is designed to be retrofitted onto an existing shower system and includes 3M adhesive tape and mounting brackets for a drill-free assembly. As a result, no plumbing or tile work would be needed, making it one of our list’s most practical choices.

The Valore VS-1205 drew our attention right away with its simple and minimalist style! As a result, it will look great in every modern or contemporary bathroom with a hot and cold water faucet.

The exterior chrome matte-finish casing adds to its visual charm while also preventing oxidation and corrosion. But it would help if you were confident that it would deliver long-term results. Furthermore, the stainless steel and ABS structure add to the long-term longevity.

Aside from that, the model has three spray modes: shower jet, showerhead, and shower wand. You’ll have to operate the modules separately now to keep the water pressure constant. With 40 silicone nozzles, the ergonomic showerhead provides enough water flow for an uncompromised showering experience. The wide range of water jets also offers the best hydrotherapy massage.

You’ll need an existing shower system with a hot and cold water faucet to complete a simple installation. In other words, for those who do not already have a shower machine in their bathroom, the Valore VS-1205 Shower Panel is not a viable choice. If you don’t need a new showerhead, don’t purchase one.

  • Long-lasting and durable
  • The exterior chrome finish is aesthetically pleasing.
  • The style is minimalist and straightforward.
  • Water pressure that remains constant
  • Only for those who do have a shower machine.

10. PULSE ShowerSpas 1011-III-BN Kauai III Shower System

PULSE ShowerSpas 1011-III-BN Kauai III Shower System with 8" Rain Showerhead,...
  • Surface mounted and completely pre-plumbed; easily retrofit your existing shower without a remodel
  • Connects to water supply at your current showerhead location and uses existing hot/cold shower valve
  • 8" rain showerhead; with rub-clean soft tips to easily clear mineral buildup for long lasting performance
  • Invigorating 5-function hand shower with 59" double-interlocking stainless steel hose
  • Adjustable height brass slide bar, wire basket soap dish, diverter and shower arm

Pulse offers a retro-style shower machine with polished chrome, brushed nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze finishes. You may choose the option that best complements your current bathroom decor or your freshly revamped style.  A wire tray is also connected to the shower line, allowing you to hold your soap close at hand. The whole device is pre-plumbed for easy installation and is intended to be fixed to your shower wall.

Makes use of the shower’s existing water supply:

With this shower machine, you won’t have to reroute your pipes or retile your shower stall. It should connect to the current shower water source, making it an excellent option for updating an old showerhead.

Nozzles with a Soft Feel:

The nozzles are supposed to be easy to clean and smooth, but we don’t know what type they’re made of.

Handheld Shower Head with Several Functions:

There are five settings on the handheld showerhead: massage, jet, wide spray, or a mix of all three. We like how you can see water cascading over you when massaging water jets are turned on from the side.

  • Nozzles with a Soft Feel
  • The showerhead of many functions
  • None

What to look before buying the best shower system

Finish and Material:

First and foremost, various materials are used to create shower panels. In reality, they are often made of more than one material. However, stainless steel and aluminum are the most widely used materials. Because all of these metals help keep the panel stable and long-lasting, they’re also simple to scrub. Stains may be removed with a quick wipe down with a clean rag.

Aside from that, a classic chrome or oil-rubbed bronze finish is a good option. What is the reason for this? These finishes not only give the panel an attractive and classy appearance, but they also make it rust and corrosion-resistant. As a result, the shower machine will do you well for many years.


Skilled plumbers will assist you in completing the task promptly. They can, however, charge an exorbitant fee. So, if you want to know about a plumbing machine, you can mount the shower system yourself if you obey the directions carefully. Since most panels need regular 1/2-inch connections, this is a relatively simple task.


The shower system you want to purchase should have all of the required features, such as an overhead shower, handheld shower, body jets, and a tub spout. Test the water flow and pressure as well to ensure a pleasant showering experience.

Thermostatic Control:

Thermostatic control valves allow you to change the temperature of the water to meet your needs. To put it another way, it enables you to ensure that the water is not either hot or cold. The machine should also have a digital temperature monitor for this. It will allow you to keep track of the water temperature, ensuring that you are still protected.

Spraying Techniques:

It is an essential consideration because it affects the bathing experience. Some high-end shower systems have several spraying styles, allowing you to have a variety of bathing experiences.

Temperature Control:

A built-in heater in some high-end shower systems will provide you with warm water anytime you need it. It is essential because, during the winter, you can conveniently obtain warm water without needing to boil it.


There are hundreds of brands that sell high-quality shower systems with variable spraying types and temperature control in today’s market. You could quickly get distracted by the vast array of options available.

Final Thoughts:

Shower systems with body jets have the ultimate showering and spa-like treatment in the comfort of your own home. As a result, the combination of energizing baths and soothing hydrotherapy massages helps ease both the body and mind, alleviating tension and aches.

On that note, we now come to the end of our information and we hope that the buyer’s guide helps you make an informed purchase.

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