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Shower panels are actually very large shower heads. They are natural panels that are typically several feet long and a foot wide, including several shower heads and body sprayers integrated into the surface or extended from top or bottom. Shower panels include a single piece that attaches directly to the shower wall, which is worthy of fixtures.

Other aspects to consider in searching for the best shower panels include what additional features you want from the panel. Are you looking for a rainfall shower, handheld shower heads with many configurations, massaging shower heads? With a high-quality shower panel system, you can have all these features and more.

What is a Shower Panel?

This is a single-panel with various water outlets, also called a “shower tower.” There are several options available that you will soon see. Typically, standard models include a fixed shower head, handheld shower head and a variety of body jets.

Any of the functions can be combined at once. For example, a temperature sensor, a bath spout and other features, such as LED lights in the shower heads, may be included.

Many of these panels can be installed for your current shower water supply without too much hard effort. They can be mounted on the wall and installed easily via the instructions of the manufacturer. Others might only be appropriate for a full re-design of the bathroom.

Benefits of Shower Panel

Easy to install: Shower panels can be installed quickly and easily. You bind to your existing plumbing, and you must look at the most brake for stability on your shower wall.

Scales according to the project size: Shower panels can be integrated into any size remodel, from a single weekend DIY project to a full-scale renovation, since they are self-contained.

Further information Water-efficient: Shower panels have far less water than showers since they use the plumbing for a single shower head, keeping your water bill low and preventing you from upgrading your water heater.

Accessibility over the long-term: Shower panels are less costly than shower systems to purchase, mount and maintain. Since they functionally contain the same parts and components, they’re not costly to install or upgrade to plumbing and cost less to run on a long-term basis if bought as one unit.

List of Best Shower Panels

Here is an overview of the bathing guide on shower panels. This list contains the best cheap shower wall panels with incredible luxury features and efficiency by reputable suppliers.



1. ROVOGO 304 Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower

With its black and chrome finish, a stainless steel structure provides your bathroom with a sleek and upscale appearance without a full overhaul. The entire panel is simple to use and also has a graphical view of temperature.

There are great features in this shower panel. You and your visitors cannot ever be left standing guessing how the settings should be adjusted to your desired state because they are simple to grasp and use.

2. PULSE ShowerSpas 1021-SSB Aloha Shower System

If you need to call primary weapons to mount it, upgrade your shower accessories will leave you out of your wallet. Fortunately, this shower pane comes in advance, and it is said that it should be a breeze to match the current shower fittings.

The building materials are resistant to corrosion. The polished chrome and stainless-steel finish are plastic from ABS.

The manufacturer also tells us that, while lightweight, this device has superior power.


3. Blue Ocean 52” Stainless Steel SPV878392H Shower Panel

Stainless steel is an excellent material for shower panels because it is resistant to corrosion and easy to clean. The Blue Ocean with a 52-inch shower head is the best choice.

Moreover, because of the blue tempered glass surface that lets it stand out from the crowd, it is a little more distinctive than other alternatives.

It certainly is a spectacular item, particularly in your bathroom if you have other blue parts. This shower panel is all related!

4. ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System

This table might suit your bill if you’re at ease for a romantic shower or don’t feel like bright overhead lights. The battery-powered LED lights are built into the fixed shower head at the top of the device to give a soft and white light. You can also choose whether you have a waterfall or precipitation flow — with the lights on.

In terms of finish, pick stainless steel or black from the silver brushed nickel. You will determine which one is ideally suited to or suits your current bathroom furnishings.

5. Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 65" Stainless Steel Rainfall Waterfall

Some shower panels in your shower stall have a depth of up to 7 inches from the wall. This isn’t it! At just 2.9 cm deep, 65 cm long and 8.66 cm tall, it is compact. For smaller shower stalls with limited space, this might be a good option.

It is completed in polished stainless steel and is fitted with back reinforced pipes that attach to regular fittings.

Including guidance on all the accessories necessary to suit the panel.

6. AKDY 39 Inch Wall Mount Easy Connect Rainfall Waterfall

AKDY might have the solution if you want to swap your shower head with a body panel with high-power horizontal jets. This shower panel has 2 Jets to relax your body. It is made to match your current overhead shower accessories.

Overhead precipitation and waterfall options are added to this. Choose if you like 50 nozzles in a single cascade or numerous sources. There is also a portable shower head on a steel shaft for those that are difficult to access.

7. Blue Ocean 52" Aluminum SPA392M Shower Panel Tower

Some of these “showers” have their striking appearance, blue tempered glass front panel and stainless steel dials and fittings.

There is a rainfalls flow on the overhead tub, a portable steel pad and eight body massage shower heads. The kit is completed with a bathroom jacket.

Although it could be further built into a, remodel this shower panel can still be upgraded. Be aware that it could be harder to match.




Features of shower panels to look for

Let’s emphasize the exact function of a shower panel before we enter into particular aspects.

In your current shower box is mounted a shower table. Many shower panels have an elite style and a trendy look. They typically have vertical as well as horizontal patterns of spray. They usually have several showers and massage jets.

It’s not bad to invest in splash guards if you don’t want spray out of the tub. You will find your floor and area around your shower damp with an increasing number of showers.


If you intend on installing your table by yourself, this is a major concern. Not all parts that you have to mount yourself are included with several shower panels. Some do all, but they can be very difficult to use.

You have to expect the panel to be filled up with cold and warm water. This is straightforward to do most of the time. You have to ensure that your stomach is in place. You need then to be able to mount it yourself.

Many shower panels are provided with instructions; make sure you choose one easily. The ease of monitoring varies depending on the machine.

If you know that to mount your panel, you need a plumber, consider the costs. What panel you like, better if you already know. However, if you do not decide between the two, consider how necessary it is for you to install it.


The size of your shower panel is a huge concern. The height ranges typically between 36″ and 65.” This is very varied, which means that you must know your ideal and appropriate height.

Given the wide variety of sizes, make sure you know the exact size before you buy. Maybe the 65″ would suit you well if you have a big bathroom and shower But make sure that you choose the size that fits into your toilet.

You will want to ensure that you think about how the machine looks when it is built. Is it all right if the whole shower stall is used up? Much of the panels should look elegant and costly. If it seems as though it does not suit your tub, that is not the case.


One of the best advantages of a shower table is to place controls. In most situations, when you’re showering, the buttons are right opposite you.

Any fixtures and the shower can be easily managed with easy to access buttons. The controls are integrated directly into the bathroom. You can also conveniently adjust the flow rate, the water temperature and the spray pattern. There is no need to lean over or reach out.

There’s a whole range of knobs on certain shower doors. Sometimes they may be confusing to function. You want to focus on how many sticks you use. Perhaps you want just a few commands or switches. Or maybe, ten or more knobs won’t trouble you. That’s up to you, truly. Both these knobs can however, also affect the panel’s appearance.


There are a number of water spray patterns found in your bathroom. In the majority of instances, individual showers have their own spray designs. You can usually only monitor the cables on the shower panel.


You can make your bathroom with a large number of different materials. Any of them consist of either aluminum or steel. The screen would be both robust and compliant with these two materials.

The style is still very new for these materials. You will look good in your shower. However, you can find panels with a glass front in stainless steel if you choose them luxuriously. These versions have a stunning shower panel in stainless steel with an overlay on glass. The Blue Ocean SPV878392H is one of these premium shower panels. It looks pretty pricey in its style.

The willingness of the commodity to survive rust is one thing you want to hold in mind when it comes to products. The last thing you want is a rusty, corroded tub. You won’t rust quality fabrics. Therefore, sometimes it is worth spending a little extra and getting a quality shower panel.


Dusch panel systems are typically intended to run at many water pressures. So, whether you have low or high water pressure, you will find one no matter.

You would probably find the lowest pressure of 28 PSI. Usually, the peak is around 70PSI. These numbers are important to you when you buy. The panel would not lend you control while the pressure is lower. The panel could be compromised if your pressure is too high.

Adhesions and heads of shower

Most shower panels include a handheld shower head, overhead shower and tubs or jets for massaging. This is not the norm, and fittings and showers differ on the model of the panel.

The overhead shower is usually very large in most situations, which causes a drenching tub. A waterfall or precipitation alternative in an overhead shower is very standard.

The portable showerhead is then there. Usually, only a hose attaches it, and you’re sure the versatility is known due to the hose’s length. You can walk more easily if it’s very long.

The majority of hoses are made of plastic, but this must be taken into account. You want pants that can be cleaned easily. You like a shell too, which is not necessarily tangled.

Jets or nozzles are typically horizontally guided to the body. It offers a massage to your back. You’ll rely on the device for the degree and form of massage. Stronger massage panels that have a great number of jets.


Often seeking promise information for a commodity can be difficult. When you get the product, you will not even know that your product is guaranteed. The warranty can be very relevant with a shower panel.

Many shower panels usually have a warranty duration of one year. The warranty usually includes most, if not all, elements of the bathroom. Additional guarantees can vary from 1 to 3 years. You will get more insight into the warranty coverage. Most of the warranty from the seller is a touch less than the expected lifespan of the device.

If the guarantee lasts three years, you should assume that the device will be repaired or replaced only for three years.


Dushing panel systems are the ideal shower option and the best alternative for new buildings. They are better than a normal shower and provide more comfort for an improved experience with the shower. There’s nothing better after a long day than to chill in your home spa. By conveniently installing a shower panel in the bathroom, you can take advantage of all the luxurious features tucked in a slim strip.


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