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Are you looking for a baby bathtub that will securely keep your child so you can wash them without worrying about them escaping? We've tried to keep our babies' heads above water in the bathtub long enough to know there must be a better way, and there is! We found 15 excellent baths that are suitable for any situation.

We'll discuss what to look for in a baby bathtub and how contemporary tubs differ from their more-traditional counterparts. We'll also go through the best baby bathtubs so that your child enjoys bath time without stress.

Best Bathtubs For Newborn

1. The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub

Baby Bath Tub:

A cozy carrier that grows with the child from infancy to toddlerhood.

Ergonomic Design: 

The infant hammock-like attachment that comes with this baby tub can be used to keep a baby safe in the tub as they get older.

Comfortable Newborn Bath: 

For initial experiences in the bath, the mesh sling is perfect. Toddlers can play safely on the side of the baby tub that is upright.

Toddler Bath: 

The non-slip cushioning and the mesh sling is machine washable, dryable, and mildew-proof.

Easy Clean:

On the back of the packaging, you'll find the mesh sling and the plastic bag of instructions that go with it.


2. Summer Deluxe Baby Bather

Adjustable Recline:

The Summer Deluxe Baby Bather offers three adjustable heights to provide your baby with all the support they require while being cleaned.

Ultimate Convenience: 

This infant bathing tool folds up for simple storage and may be used in a bathtub or sink for adults.

Comfortable Design:

This baby bather features a mesh sling that securely holds your infant while you wash them and a padded headrest that ensures your child is sitting up straight while you soap them up.

On the Go:

The Summer Deluxe Baby Bather is a practical option for taking your baby with you because its space-saving design enables it to fold up entirely flat.

Easy to Clean:

Fabric that is simple to keep and machine washable is used to make the mesh infant carrier.


3. Boon SOAK™ 3-Stage Bathtub


a Newborn, young child, and toddler.


Adjustable positioning bump that can be moved around as necessary.

Non-slip foam:

Baby is kept in position by a contoured surface made of non-slip foam along the back wall.

Double sinks:

Suits a double sink's requirements.

Colour changing:

The drain stopper will change colour when the water is at the right temperature.


4. BEABA by Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub

Unique Design: 

To prevent the baby from sliding about while bathing, there is a "baby bath seat" made from the "baby bum bump" on the bottom of the tub. The foam backrest of the tub makes bathtime more fun for the baby and is kinder to delicate skin. Remember to put everything a newborn needs on your shopping list!


There is no longer a need for a bath kneeler because this baby tub may be used anywhere in the house, including the kitchen. This travel bottle is perfect for bringing with a newborn because of its small size and capacity to maintain heat. Convenient drain plug and water refill.

Additional Support:

Baby is positioned in a more natural, upright position in the Shnuggle baby tub, which can lessen colic and reflux problems. Remember to add this item to your list of baby registry shopping.

Shnuggle Washy Cup:

Utilize along with the BEABA by Shnuggle Washy Cup, a crucial infant bath accessory. Perfect for newborns and babies up to one year of age. Thanks to the wonderful head resting indentation in the foam. 


Before choosing this bathtub, I combed through many possibilities, read numerous reviews, and made comparisons. I had high expectations but received absolutely nothing. This bathtub was a huge improvement over the typical bathing options.


5. Skip Hop Baby Bath Tub, 3-Stage Smart Sling Tub


This cheerful whale-shaped Moby tub can be used for all three stages of a baby's development and supports the Smart Sling. The tub can accommodate children in the following three developmental stages: neonates (up to 15 pounds), infants (up to 20 pounds), and seated children (up to 25 pounds) (6+ months). The sling can be fastened in two practical ways: when the person is standing or sitting.


The two-layer mesh and the smooth, rounded edges offer the newborn a cozy and safe environment.


The sling may be quickly transformed into a padded seat to assist babies still learning to sit up straight. When your child is old enough to sit up alone, you may take a vacation from the sling and bathe them without worrying about plastic bumps in the large tub.


There is a drain plug, a non-slip surface, and a swivel hook for attaching a towel rack, showerhead, or shower bar.


6. Blooming Bath - The Original Flower Bath Seat for Newborns

Handmade From the Softest Materials:

The floral infant bath seat, our first and most distinctive baby product, is made to fit in most sinks and cradles and safeguard the youngster as they bathe. Blooming Bath created the original flower bath seats, constructed of the softest, highest-grade materials for a more abundant, safe, and supportive soak.

Newborn Essentials Must Haves:

Bath time will be more pleasurable and peaceful with Blooming Bath's Original Flower Infant Bath Seat, guaranteed to be popular with parents and babies alike. When moving to the big tub, it performs exceptionally as a baby bathtub pillow. Newborns are advised to utilize our floral baby sink bath until they are six months old. 

Easy to care for:

Wash and dry your clothes gently. After each use, dry the toilet seat in the dryer to keep the bathroom smelling fresh. Even though the Blooming Bath was made of sturdy materials, regular cleaning is still necessary to keep it in top shape.

Praised by Parents: 

Blooming Bath received the coveted Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) Seal of Approval after receiving more than 50,000 votes from parents as the finest baby bath product.

Gender-neutral gifts: 

The ideal baby shower gift is one of our flowery bath seats, towels, washcloths, or loveys for infants.


7. Fisher-Price 4-In-1 Sling 'N Seat Bath Tub

Time expands:

For your expanding family, bath time is effortless with this 4-in-1 convertible baby tub.


Comes with two bath toys, a soft mesh infant carrier, and a Sit-Me-Up insert to help support unstable sitters and prevent slides.


Remove the sling and the Sit-Me-Up insert for a large tub suited for toddlers (Maximum weight 25 lb/ 11,3 kg).


The hanging loop and drain plug make it simple to dry and store away.


Most standard-sized bathtubs and sinks in bathrooms can accommodate this tub.


8. Munchkin Inflatable Duck Bathtub with White Hot Heat Alert

Safety disc:

The safety disc turns white when the water temperature is too high.

Padded tub:

Even a big tub can be a delightful place for kids to unwind with a little cushioning.

Great for travellers:

Folds and deflates easily for storage or transportation.

Bottom textured:

A base with a baby-friendly feel prevents slipping. Make sure an adult is always within the baby's grasp.


The ideal age range for babies is between six and twenty-four months.


9. Baby Inflatable Bathtub, Portable Infant Toddler Bathing Tub

Soft & Safe Materials: 

These portable baby baths are composed of non-toxic PVC, are highly practical, reliable, and practical, and are simple to use and clean. It is ideal for newborns between the ages of 0 and 36 months.

Ergonomic Design:

Thanks to the textured base, your baby won't fall out, and the silky fabric will keep them warm.

Comes with FREE AIR PUMP:

You can use the convenient plug in the bottom to drain the water. Come with a hanger to make drying after use simple.

Comes with a Side Pocket:

You can conveniently keep your phone, baby shampoo and soap, a towel, toys, and more in this useful bag in case you get wet or miss a call.

Great for travel:

Quick to blow up, equally quick to deflate, small when folded, and easy to store If you have any inquiries regarding our 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED & 1 YEAR WARRANTY, please don't hesitate to contact us.


10. Blooming Bath Lotus Bath Seat

Handmade From the Softest Materials:

Our best-selling item, the Lotus infant bath seat, is made to fit in most regular sinks while cradling and shielding the youngster during bath time. Blooming Bath created the floral bath seat, and today's versions are composed of sturdier, safer, and plusher soft materials.

Newborn Essentials Must Haves: 

The Blooming Bath Lotus' four curved petals combine to create a non-slip, worry-free baby bath mat. When moving to the big tub, it performs exceptionally as a baby bathtub pillow. Newborns are advised to utilize our floral baby sink bath until they are six months old.

Easy to care for:

Even though the Blooming Bath was made of sturdy materials, regular cleaning is still necessary to keep it in top shape. Our luxurious crystal Minky fabric can safely wash and dry on a delicate cycle. After each use, dry the toilet seat in the dryer to keep the bathroom smelling fresh.

Praised by Parents:

Blooming Bath received the coveted Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) Seal of Approval after receiving more than 50,000 votes from parents as the finest baby bath product.

Gender-neutral gifts:

The ideal baby shower gift is one of our flowery bath seats, towels, washcloths, or loveys for infants.


11. Puj The Puj Tub


Very cozy and cozy; excellent for comforting and holding a newborn.


A flat, hanging form makes storage quick and easy.


It is resistant to mould and mildew and does not absorb moisture.

Any sink:

It can be applied to any sink with a standard size.


Stop delaying and give your child the best bath time you can


12. Mommy's Helper Inflatable Bath Tub


Frog-themed artwork is beautiful.


Phthalate-free building supplies.


Provides a nice, secure space for you to wash the baby.


The saddle horn stops the baby from falling into the tub. Inflatable.


13. Summer My Bath Seat (Aqua)

Sure & Secure Suction Cups:

My Bath Seat's arms include Sure & Secure Suction Cups, enabling a strong attachment to the wall.

Easy Set-up, Removal, and Storage: 

My bath seat is simple to assemble. When ready to use, extend the back arm, place it in the tub, then lock the back suction cup.

Hands-free Design for Thorough Cleaning:

My Bath Seat is made to allow parents to completely bathe their child while freeing up both of their hands.

Comfortable and Supportive Backrest:

To assist keep your active baby in place while you bathe them, this bath seat offers a high backrest.

Convenient Bath Seat:

The My Bath Seat is made to fit in tubs with a width of 21" to 24".


Any tub that isn't square, including round, whirlpool, jacuzzi, and ones with water jet nozzles, should not be used with the product.


14. Summer Foldaway Baby Bath

Foldaway Baby Bather: 

With the Summer Foldaway Baby Bath, numerous methods exist to bathe a baby. At home or on the road, inviting and soothing bathing experiences.

Inclined Positioner: 

When your child gets bigger, the folding baby bathtub's adjustable newborn inclined positioner can be removed.

Ultimate Convenience: 

The ingenious design of this newborn bathtub makes it simple to fold up small, making it perfect for storage and transportation.

Comfortable Design:

For added comfort for your baby's bottom, this baby tub is built with an inflated foundation and a non-slip vinyl base. This tub comes with a sturdy, air-filled liner for enhanced convenience.


The increased dimensions of the Summer Foldaway Baby Bath are 34 "x 20" x 7". The size, when folded, is 17" x 20" x 6" ". Easily rolls up for storage or transportation, This is a cozy spot for a baby's bum because of the slip-resistant vinyl and the inflated base.


15. Primo EuroBath 2-Stage Baby Bath Tub

Baby Bath Tub:

The EuroBath has a two-stage mechanism that can be modified for newborn to toddler use, in contrast to many other baby baths on the market.

Ergonomic Design:

The infant position (0-6 Months) helps support the baby's head and back until they can sit up on their own, while the toddler position (6-24+ Months) allows for more freedom to splash and play.

Supportive Newborn & Infant Bath: 

The pommel will stop your baby from falling to the bottom of the pool while keeping their head and back supported in a cozy reclining position.

Toddler Bath: 

Toddlers have plenty of room to play in the upright posture of the bath, offering them the help they require.

Easy Clean & Made in USA:

Cleaning up after usage is simple with water and mild soap, thanks to the integrated drain cover. In addition to being recyclable, polypropylene material is also free of phthalates, lead, and bisphenol.



Bath time becomes fun for you and your child when you have the ideal baby bathtub rather than a trying experience in an adult-sized tub. Bath time can help you and your baby bond especially well, and wrapping a warm, dry baby in a towel is one of life's greatest pleasures. Baby tubs come in various styles today, including those designed to fit in a regular kitchen sink, those that fold, sling attachments to carry infants, and even those that show the water's temperature. Always follow all safe-bathing guidelines no matter where you are or when you bathe your baby. Never, ever leave your baby alone in the bathtub. If the doorbell rings, grab a towel, swaddle your baby, and go outside or into another room.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answer: Bath time is dangerous because babies can drown in as little as an inch of water. Lay out the shampoo, soap, washcloth, towel, clean clothes, and fresh diapers/wipes in preparation for your baby's bath. If you take your baby swimming, keep an eye on them at all times with one hand.

Answer: You can bathe a newborn by sitting in the standard tub with her on your lap; baby baths are unnecessary. She'll need her tub to splish and splash in, though, once she can sit up without help (hello, a baby milestone!).

Answer: The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub is our top choice because it will serve your family well from infancy through toddlerhood. A mesh hammock insert with a headrest eliminates the concern that your baby will bob around in the water.

Answer: The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends waiting at least 24 hours after delivery to give a newborn baby its first bath or at least 6 hours if a full day is not feasible due to cultural considerations.

Answer: What is the suggested interval between baths for my infant? It is not necessary to bathe a newborn every day. Until your baby begins to crawl, you may only need to do this thrice weekly. Your baby's skin may become dry if you give her too frequent baths.

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