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The best thing about LED shower heads is that you can add color to your shower experience to make it even more fun. LED shower heads can use the water flow to create colorful lights, thanks to cutting-edge technology. There are many shades to choose from, but the color corresponds to the water’s temperature in most situations.

To put it another way, an LED shower head can produce red sparkle when the water is hot, green/yellow when the water is normal, and blue when the water is cold. As a result, you should brace yourself before using the shower, and the hue will indicate whether the shower is hot or cold. Finding the right color for the perfect water temperature will require some practice. Make assured, once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be ecstatic.

Preparation is needed when shopping for these illuminating materials. Our buying guide for the best LED shower heads will provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

Best LED Shower Heads Top Picks with Reviews

We searched the market for the best LED shower heads on your behalf. We kept each model to the highest expectations and examined all main aspects for your consideration, taking into account expert advice and consumer reviews.

1. DreamSpa All Chrome Water Temperature Controlled Color Changing

This DreamSpa model is an intriguing option for a temperature-changing LED shower head that should cater to a wide variety of people.

2. Rozin Black New LED Light Watefall Rainfall Shower

Rozin’s wall-mounted LED shower head caters to those of contemporary tastes. It comes in 14 different finishes, so you’re sure to find one that matches your bathroom’s color scheme.

3. Hotel Spa Shower Combo with LED Shower Head

This LED shower head with temperature control was built with your comfort in mind. You can tailor it to your taste with five settings and a three-zone dial. Two of these five use less water: economy rain and stop. The other three (hydrating mist, power storm, and pulsating massage) all sound wonderful.

4. KAIREY Led Shower Head 7 Color Light Change Automatically

This KAIREY product will appeal to those who want their LED lights to stand out. Customers say that this shower head glows like a flashlight in low light or total darkness.

5. PRUGNA LED Shower Head with Hose and Shower Arm Bracket

The PRUGNA shower head is what you need to give your bathroom an expensive spa shower experience. The showerhead has a 7-color LED that you may use to establish the mood. But how unique would it be if it also created a stand in addition to softening water? Isn’t that exciting?

It has a turbine that uses the water pressure to create power to light the space. As a result, it is risk-free and will save money on your water bill. It is a unique feature that you won’t find in many other products. Aside from that, it has a stunning transparent design that will complement your bathroom decor well.

6. Led Shower Head - Rainfall 3 Color Changing 12”

If you have a soft spot for rain shower heads? For a variety of causes, you may be swayed by this model.

7. ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System,LED Shower

Look no further than the ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System for the best in LED shower experiences.

8. PowerSpa 4-Inch LED Handheld Shower Head with Air Jet

A dual shower head could be the better compromise if you can’t decide between different styles of shower heads or if you feel you want the durability of both a handheld and a stationary shower head. Both showerheads in this PowerSpa model have colorful LED lighting.

9. Luminex by PowerSpa 7-Color 4-Setting LED Shower

Showering with low pressure is a pain, no doubt. You may be determined to buy a replacement shower head because you’re replacing the old one. There’s no reason why LED lights and good pressure can’t go hand in hand.

What Are LED Shower Heads and How Do They Work?

We’re both familiar with the fact that energy and water don’t combine well. Electrocution can occur as electrical currents flow through water. When standard batteries get wet, they usually don’t work so well. Metal electrodes and a conductive solution are used to power batteries. As metal is exposed to water, it can rust, resulting in a dead battery.

Unlike electricity or batteries, most LED shower lights are powered by water, which is both safe and readily accessible. The theory is similar to how hydroelectric power plants produce electricity, although on a much smaller scale. Turbines rotate as water flows through them, producing electrical energy that turns on the lights.

For an LED shower head, the chance of electrocution is very low. Since they don’t need to, the microturbines don’t produce dangerously high currents.

What Are the Different Light Options?

When it comes to decoration, LED shower heads are split into three categories:

LEDs that change color temperature

These LED shower heads change color depending on the temperature of the water. When the water is hot, the lights will turn red, and when the water is cold, the lights will turn blue.

Individuals with sensory disabilities can find them helpful. The impaired person should keep an eye on the color of the light and make sure it isn’t too low or too high. Sensors are used in these types of applications. The temperature is controlled by the sensor, which controls which light setting is displayed.

LEDs at random

More bang for your buck can be found with random LED showerheads. Colors change in random order. They can’t tell you how hot or cold it is, but they’re more flexible. More light solutions are normally used in these combinations. The color changes are also pleasing to the eye.

LEDs with a single environment

This LED shower head only has one color mode. They’re ideal for consumers who want LED lights but don’t want to be overwhelmed by options. They are straightforward and predictable. When the water begins to pump, most versions will immediately light up.

Features of the Best LED Shower Head

A few other choices to be made. Some are intimate, while others necessitate first inspecting your shower:

Ranging the Colors

The more colors your unit can provide, the better. Is it possible to change the settings (for programable shower heads)?

Rate of Flow

Shower heads that save water use around 2 gallons per minute on average (GPM). This can limit the amount of water you can drink. If you don’t want to deal with that, go with a model with a high-pressure environment.


This is your time to improve your bathroom. Will you want a multi-setting model of massage jets or a spa-like rain shower?


What is the location of your new shower head? Is it a portable shower adapter attached to a hose, or is it mounted to the roof or wall? Stick with a consistent model with your setup unless you’re able to put in some effort to adjust the placement.


How long do you think your LED shower head would last? Will you have to fiddle with it every week to turn the lights, or will it last you a long time? If there is one, go into the warranty as well.

Buying Guide

You’ve already seen some of our favorites LED shower heads and are familiar with their features. The question is, how do you know which is the best option for you? To help address this issue, we’ve put together a quick buying guide to go over the characteristics we feel are most important to remember when buying a new LED shower head.

Indicator of Temperature

The ability to see a graphic image of your water temperature is one of these newer shower heads’ most appealing features. Some of these tools have temperature readouts built-in, which will inform you of the precise temperature of your shower water.

However, many of them choose to use LEDs as a simple way to show the water temperature. The shower head will light up yellow when the water is warm, and the showerhead will light red to signal that the water is too hot if it is scalding. If the color is blue, the water is freezing, or cool and it turns green when the shower temperature is right. This is a particularly helpful function if you have children because it stops them from unintentionally burning themselves when the water is too hot.

Shower Head Styles

There are several different models of shower heads with LED lights available these days, so you aren’t limited to just one. You will find LED lights inside a conventional shower head, a rainfall shower head, or even a handheld shower head.

Keep in mind that not all shower heads are compliant with all shower settings. A rainfall showerhead, for example, is intended to be mounted directly overhead so that it can pour water down on you. To place it correctly, you’ll need a pipe in the ceiling or an extended arm.

Spraying Options

Only because the shower head has LEDs doesn’t mean it can’t be used for other purposes. Today’s shower heads come with a variety of spray designs to pick from. If you want the convenience of getting several water sources from the same head, you can aim for one that has many choices.

You can also have a dual shower head with various spray patterns from two separate heads for a more varied shower experience that’s even more colorful thanks to the LEDs.


LED shower heads are a fun and creative way to brighten up the bathroom without going broke. They can also help indicate the water temperature in your tub without having to risk being burned. We checked out a lot of these shower heads to see which ones were the best, and three of them especially stood out.

You’ve already read our impressions of them, so we’ll go through them briefly again. The DreamSpa All Chrome LED Shower Head was our overall favorite. Its high-pressure performance and five spray options were appealing to us. The LEDs often adjust the color based on the bath’s temperature, which is a function we like.

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