10 Best Jet Spa For Bathtub [2021 Updated] Portable Bubble Bath Massager

best jet spa for bathtub

The power of a jet spa for bathtub to relieve tension is one of the key reasons people use it. As one would expect, the soothing warmth makes a person feel at ease and can have significant mental health effects. Many people suffer from depression and anxiety, but soaking in a relaxing bath can be highly beneficial. In reality, those who have trouble sleeping can find that soaking in a jet spa bathtub before bed improves their sleep quality.

Although this all sounds wonderful, there is one drawback: jet spa bathtubs can be costly to install. A modern jet spa bathtub necessitates extensive remodeling. Not only are the tubs pricey, but installing one would almost definitely necessitate hiring a contractor and plumber.

Thankfully, there is a cost-effective and realistic approach. Portable jet spas are a good option for those who want a jet spa bathtub’s advantages but don’t have the time, space, or tools to install one. A jet bath spa is essentially a tiny, removable device in a plastic mat, and it’s basically low-cost, highly compact, and simple to set up.

Best Jet Spa For Bathtub Reviews

If you’re looking for the best jet spa for a bathtub, you’ll want to make sure it’ll work well and last for a long time. Jet spas may have various air pressure settings, spinning heads, whirlpool features, and more.

1. Electric Bathtub Bubble Massage Mat

Electric Bathtub Bubble Massage Mat - Waterproof Tub Massaging Spa, Full Body...
  • MASSAGING BUBBLES: The SereneLife Bath Massage Mat instantly creates a soothing bath spa. Just place the mat in the tub, sit back and relax! Designed to lay on your bathtub floor. Features a connected...
  • MOTORIZED AIR PUMP: Equipped w/ a motorized air pump responsible for producing millions of air bubbles every second. It is to be placed outside your bathtub with distance. Features automatic safety...
  • BUILT-IN HEATER: Features a built-in heater that creates a soothing and warming experience. Works when the appliance is switched on and is not designed to heat up a cold bath but maintaining the water...
  • SUCTION CUPS: Mat is soft, fully submersible and 100% waterproof. It is also mold-resistant, cushioned and has a padded surface. Measures 47” x 14.2” offering full body support and comfort....
  • REMOTE CONTROL: Allows you to adjust bubble intensity using the included remote for a hassle-free operation. Package includes a power cable and aroma clip to incorporate essential oils into your...


  • The action of the buttons is easy.
  • It sits on the bottom of your bathtub and is held in place by a suction bottom that prevents it from slipping.
  • The cushioned surface creates a padded layer between the consumer and the device.
  • For added functionality, the remote control is included.
  • The 8’2″ air pump hose helps you place the pump at a safe distance from the pool.

To pump air bubbles upwards out of the mat, it uses a relatively efficient air pump that sits outside the pool. The customer lies down on top of the padded mat and relaxes while inhaling the relaxing bubbles. The built-in heater in this jet spa shines, as it keeps your bathwater warm and soothes your skin directly. Many that suffer from sore muscles and persistent aches and pains will benefit from the hot bubbles. It’s clear that not having to think about the bathwater cooling off so quickly is a big plus.

The whole unit is waterproof, and it has a suction cup bottom that keeps it in place when in operation. The customer has complete control over the bubble intensity, which adds to the spa experience’s overall enjoyment. The remote control is a good touch since it allows you to get the same power you like with ease.

The mat measures 47 inches by 14.2 inches, which means it can protect a large part of the user’s body. When you use any of the lower-quality jet spa pads, they can be very loud. Fortunately, the Serene Life mat is quiet and won’t bother you or anybody else in the room when you’re bathing. The choice to add essential oils is an intriguing feature worth noting.  Your spa trip will be much more enjoyable as a result of this.

  • Shutdown for 20 minutes
  • Pump for Air
  • a lot of noise
  • Isn’t able to heat cold water


2. HoMedics Jet-1 Jet Spa Whirlpool Spa

HoMedics Jet-1 Jet Spa Whirlpool Spa
  • Two powerful jets convert a bathtub into a whirlpool spa
  • Control dial varies whirlpool, from powerful stream to gentle bubbles
  • Bracket adjusts to fit any standard bathtub rim; suction cups hold securely
  • ALCI power pack for safety; unit won't operate if immersed in water
  • 2-year warranty against defects

The solid grip of this jet spa, which clamps tightly to various bathtubs, is one of our favorites. You may also vary the strength of the jets on this model to meet your needs. With two built-in planes, you should be able to achieve a very satisfying result. Nonetheless, some consumers have protested about a lack of strength, with some preferring to use two jet spas to maximize their bathing experience.

Since the long power cord has plenty of lengths, you won’t have to think about how far apart your sockets are, which is essential for safety purposes in bathrooms. If you want to ensure optimum protection, the Homedics jet spa is equipped with an ALCI (Appliance Leakage Circuit Interrupter) power set.

Unfortunately, the Homedics Jet-1 appears to have been withdrawn, but there is plenty of old stock on marketplaces such as Amazon. We don’t know how long reserves can last, so act quickly if you come across one of these compact bathtub spas.

  • Customized Power
  • Circuit Interrupter ALCI
  • None


3. Bilt-Rite Mastex Health 10-65230 Whirlpool Portable Jet Spa for Bathtub

Bilt-Rite Mastex Health 10-65230 Whirlpool Spa
  • On/Off Switch-Variable Control allows for a powerful jet stream or gentle bubbles
  • Adjustable jets direct water flow where you need it most
  • 9 foot extension cord with AC adapter-UL Listed
  • Country of origin is China

The Bilt-Rite doesn’t have the world’s longest chain, so if your bathroom isn’t tiny, this one could be a challenge. You can also have issues with this jet spa if your outlet is either in a difficult-to-reach location or is just too far away from your bathtub.

Many jet spa units recommend running them for no more than twenty minutes, but you may want to run this one for even less. It is prone to being overworked, so your enjoyable night in the pool may be cut short. Since it has three separate suctions to have strong stability, it sticks pretty close to the side of the well. Any jet spas only have two or even one suction that can easily remove, and it isn’t usually an issue at the Bilt-Rite.

It also produces a fairly steady flow that is a little stronger than most other jet spas. However, since it takes a while for the bubbles to cover the whole water, you can have to wait for a time, depending on how large or tiny your bathtub is. It also tends to lose control after prolonged use, so you’ll have to use it sparingly.

  • Flow Is Stronger Than Others
  • Sticks To The Tub Exceptionally
  • Time to Heat Slowly
  • A cord is not too long.
  • Run Time Is Limited

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4. Conair Thermal Spa Bath Mat Massager

It is another fantastic hot spring pad that provides a soothing and stimulating soak every time you put it in your tub. A motorized air compressor, an air hose in the toilet, and a wide tub may be mounted in the bathroom.

It enables you to set up a spa at home without having to deal with complex functions. Attach the air shaft just inside the bathroom, lie down, and use the remote control to turn the spa on and off. However, you can adjust the bubble size and temperature of the water manually. It’s an excellent choice for everyone because of its superb customer service and easy replacement criteria.

  • Minimalist
  • Modifiable
  • Simple to use
  • None


5. Conair BTS2 Dual-Jet Spa for Bathtub

Conair BTS2 Dual-Jet Bath Spa
  • Two independent adjustable nozzles for bubble massage
  • Variable mood light
  • Telescopic feature to adjust spa to any water level
  • ALCI power pack for safety; unit won't operate if immersed in water
  • 1-year warranty against defects

The cord is long enough to be inserted into a socket from the water. The spa has an adjustable light that can be lit or dimmed depending on your mood. If you only want a short spa in shallow water, the machine can be calibrated to deeper or shallow water depths to conserve water.

A button regulates the machine. Shift the key to “bubble mode” as the bubbles get smooth, or the duckie becomes stuck in a bubble, which raises the jet stream’s frequency and makes things more animated. This unit’s natural elegance is the built-in lamp, and it’s the same scale and brightness as one of the bicycle lights that the passenger uses to generate energy.

  • Modifiable
  • Customize the Mood lighting.
  • Mode of bubbles
  • None


6. Conair MBTS3 Thermal Spa & Bathmat Bubble Massager

Conair MBTS3 Thermal Spa Bathmat Bubble Massager
  • 300 vents produce swirls of water, warm bubbles, converting bathtub to spa
  • Fits any standard-size tub; 9-foot flexible tube runs from power unit to mat
  • Rubber cushion can be positioned on mat for comfort
  • High or low bubbling action; outside bubble tubes or all four tubes can be used
  • Mat 39-1/2 by 12-1/4 inches; folds to 12-1/4-by-13-by-5-inch package for storage

With 300 winds producing swirls of light bubbles and humidity, the jacuzzi mat bath offers a unique spa experience. Any bathtub can become a relaxing spa if you own and use this Jacuzzi spa mat.

A 9-foot air pad provides air to this bath rug, measuring 39-1/2 by 12-1/5 inches. Hold the air pump away from your bath and relax to prevent any disruptive noise. This spa mat fits seamlessly into every standard bath and massages the body with thousands of air bubbles.

This mat can be topped with a rubberized pillow for added warmth. The massage effect will be unaffected by this Jacuzzi Bath Spa! It may also alter the frequency in which bubbles are generated.

  • Swirls of soft bubbles and warmth are formed.
  • No Noise
  • None

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7. Bubble Bath Mat Spa for Bathtub

Bubble Bath Mat Tub Spa Massager Adjustable Bubble Settings & Ozone...
  • ¡¾LUXURY BUBBLE SPA¡¿The bubble bath tub mat was designed to lay on your bathtub floor for you can sit, lie or any posture you like to do a body massage
  • ¡¾TECHNOLOGICALLY INNOVATIVE¡¿The bubble massage mat features a connected air hose & motorized air pump that delivers massaging bubbles for a stress-free spa-like experience, help you relax body...
  • ¡¾WIDE APPLICATION¡¿Release negative ions helping enhance immune, activate cells, diminish headache, improve sleep quality. Beautify skin, build slim body, kill bacterial and detoxification. Heat...
  • ¡¾PRODUCT ADVANTAGES¡¿3 levels adjustable bubble size by the adjustment button, meeting your different needs. IPX4 waterproof remote controller gives you more convenient use while bathing....
  • ¡¾QUALITY ASSURANCE¡¿: FDA Certificate, each one of Filfeel Bubble Bath Mat Machine comes with 6-Month money back guarantee or return service without any reason. We also provide 12-month warranty...

Most mattresses are not as warm as this silicone jacuzzi bed. This pad contains 320 massage acupunctures, which aid in the relief of muscle pain and stress. Consider giving yourself a massage in the tub, which also results in calming bubbles.

It comes with an air compressor, an air shaft, and a pad with a 28-piece magnet stele. You can unpack the air pad attached, the swimsuit washed, and the air pump turned on. For a relaxing spa experience, sit in your tub or lounge around your home. This spa treatment allows you to release all of the anxiety after a long day at work. You will feel comfortable and ready for the night if you think positive thoughts. This Jacuzzi mat has got many good reviews from users as well.

  • A wide range of applications
  • Button for adjusting
  • None at all


8. Foot Spa Bath Massager

Foot Spa with Heat and Massage and Bubble Jets with Motorized Rollers, Foot Bath...
  • ✨【Homedic Foot Spa】Motorized foot spa massager equipped with two automatic massage rollers, choosing the massage mode you like, you could enjoy a comfortable and professional feet spa without...
  • ✨【Care for foot healthy】 The foot bath massager with rotating pedicure stone could effectively help soothe tiredness of the foot and remove the dead skin, making the foot skin smooth. Making a...
  • ✨【Fast Heating】This foot spa with heat and massage jets speedily heat up to the comfortable temperature you set (95°F~118°F) and maintains water temp intelligently. Multiple insulation...
  • ✨【Humanized Design】Humanized Designa provides a handle and detachable univeral wheels,which can move the pedicure foot bath anywhere. Drainage channel effectively empty the foot spa tub and...
  • ✨【Satisfied After Sale Service】 Beloved customers, please use our foot bath spa with confidence after purchase. Welcome to help us to improve our products and contact us for any quality...

You can wash your feet in soothing water, and this compact foot pool is for you. It’s thin, but it packs a punch. The heater also offers the requisite heating to get rid of the pesky cold.


This foot bath massage hybrid is motorized, unlike a traditional foot bath. Two pairs of upper and lower acupressure massage components, as well as a couple of corn massage rollers, make up the three massage variations. Furthermore, there is a footstone in the middle.


This foot bath has a 120V rated voltage and a 500W rated capacity. It has an adaptive thermostat that can quickly heat the water temperature to the desired temperature. You can set the temperature range of the water between 35°C and 48°C (95°F and 118°F). The steady temperature water mixed with the massager can ease foot pain and speed up circulation throughout the body, reducing exhaustion.

On the other hand, you can use this foot bath massager for both children and the elderly. This heated massage foot bath will keep your family warm during the coldest months of the year. Simultaneously, as a gift to friends, particularly those who work long hours at a computer desk or have insomnia, elders are an excellent choice.

  • It’s easy to use.
  • The massage is excellent.
  • The handle on the foot bath lid makes it easier to carry around the house.
  • The water temperature can be quickly heated to the desired temperature using a motorized massage roller.
  • Changing the water is a bit of a pain.

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9. Electric Bathtub Bubble Massage Mat

Electric Bathtub Bubble Massage Mat, Waterproof Tub Massaging Spa, Portable Full...
  • EASY-TO-USE BATH SPA --- Simply drop the spa bath tub mat in the tub and instantly create a soothing jacuzzi bath spa right at home. The tub spa massager features a built-in ozone and warm air...
  • NON-SLIP & WATERPROOF --- The hot tubs and spas jacuzzi mat was designed to lay on the bathtub floor, featuring a suction cup bottom. The spa bath mat is also 100% waterproof & made of non-abrasive...
  • SOOTHING BUBBLES FOR RELAXATION --- The bubble massage mat features a connected air hose & motorized air pump. The heater keeps the bath warm, creating a therapeutic atmosphere. Release negative ions...
  • PLEASANTLY PADDED SURFACE FOR COMFORT --- The cushioned surface texture is comfortable to lay on & offers full body support & tranquility that is second to none. It comes in 45.7” length & 14.8”...
  • 100% WARRANTY --- We promises every customer a 100% shopping satisfaction, feel free to reach us if you have any questions about your purchase.we will give you a professional and detailed reply within...

This package will turn your bathtub into a makeshift jacuzzi at home. It has a lot of tools that you can use when taking a bath.


Place the spa bathtub pad in the tub and build a relaxing jacuzzi bath spa right in your own house. A built-in ozone generator and a warm air mechanism are included in the tub spa massager. The instant pace is shown on a digital LED monitor. Three-timer settings, 15/30/60 minutes, cater to the various needs.


The suction cup bottom of the hot tubs and spas jacuzzi pad was intended to rest on the bathtub surface. The spa bath pad is also made of non-abrasive water-safe material and is fully waterproof.


The bubble massage pad comes with a motorized air pump and a wired air hose. The heater makes the bath warm, resulting in a relaxing environment. Negative ions help to boost immunity, stimulate cells, reduce headaches, and increase sleep quality. Beautify the skin, slim down the body, destroy bacteria, and detoxify. When the acupoints are being massaged, the bubbles will provide excellent pain relief to the body.


The cushioned surface texture is soft to the touch and provides unparalleled full-body protection and tranquilly. It has a length of 45.7 inches and a width of 14.8 inches, and it has complete body protection. Controlling bubble strength is simple with the provided remote control, which has simple button buttons.

  • It has a paired air hose and a motorised air pump that provides massaging bubbles, so you can get a full body massage when swimming.
  • The suction cups are not very effective.


10. Ion Detox Foot Bath Cell Spa

Cell Spa CS-900 Twice Powerful 6.5" x 5.5" Ion Detox Foot Bath Arrays Flat Dual...
  • Cell Spa CS-900 Twice Powerful 6.5" x 5.5" Ion Detox Foot Bath Arrays Flat 1/4" Plug Stainless Steel Aqua Ionic Cleanse Array

CELLSPA Advance-Pro CS-900 is the first flat array explicitly engineered for success. It has developed a new, advanced flat style of dual coil construction that is optimized for detoxification.

This bathtub spa is compliant with the majority of ionic machines. It will last for 50-60 sessions with careful cleaning. Drain and clean the central portion of the CS-900 Dual Coil Collection by unplugging it from the foot bath detox unit, draining the water from the basin, and rinsing it. With each application, thoroughly rinse both the basin and the collection.

However, it is best and affordable if you want a good and reasonable jet spa for a bathtub.

  • Iconic Type
  • Affordability
  • None at all


Benifits of Bathtub Jet Spa

You should be known that there are certain significant advantages above just feeling clean and refreshed. For instance, a jet spa will help you boost your cardiovascular fitness while still reducing aches and pains all over your body. The warm water relaxes your body while the jets massage and relieve pain in sore muscles.

You can transform your standard bathtub into a luxurious spa with a simple little device that gives you the same benefits as a luxurious jacuzzi bathtub. As with the most valuable equipment in the jet spa market, there is a lot of competition. Although most jet spas have a lot of the same functionality, they differ significantly in efficiency and longevity.

Buying Guide for Best Jet Spa for Bathtubs

Before we get into what we think are the best jet spas for bathtubs, there are some essential things you should notice:


Before you go shopping, take measurements of the current bathtub, and it will help you determine how strong the jet should be. More giant tubs, of course, necessitate more strong jets, and vice versa.

Choose a Type:

Massaging mats offer a more thorough massage than a plane, but they lack a jet’s strength. Clippable jets must be more efficient than mats since they typically stream bubbles from a single source.


Foot tubs are a good option if you need a massaging jet for your feet rather than your whole body. Although they can be relaxing, they don’t have the same advantages as a jet spa that operates on the entire body.


If you’re a professional athlete who suffers from constant muscle pain, you might want to invest in a jet spa that you can take with you on the ride. Any jet spas are highly compact and straightforward to set up, making them ideal for those who spend long periods living out of a suitcase.


Although you would expect a good jet spa to be pricey, you’d be shocked by how many inexpensive jet spas perform admirably. However, it’s always a good idea to get a vague idea of how much you’re willing to pay before you go shopping. Remember that no matter the kind of jet spa you pick, you’ll be saving a lot of money relative to the costs of a full-fledged permanent jet tub construction.


It’s essential to recall the sound of the water jet, and any Jet Spa produces a loud noise that detracts from what is supposed to be a relaxing bath. It is also essential for bathrooms next to or inside the bedroom to disturb sleeping family members. Though noise is unavoidable, opt for an air conditioning spa for a bath, but it produces a sticky noise that does not interfere with your comfort or relaxation.

The Flow:

Based on your preferences, you can choose from a variety of flow options. Some bathers enjoy strong bubbles, although others prefer a soft current to carry the water. To avoid getting disappointed, make sure your machine has adjustable settings for a customized bath experience.

Furthermore, only water jets are directed in one direction, and modules are available. If you want to focus on a specific body component, you might want to double-check the flow direction to ensure it meets your needs.

Cleaning and upkeep:

Some spas require washing after each use to maintain maximum performance. Look up how to clean the filter on the label so you won’t be shocked if someone will use the hot tub, but the dirt you’ve gathered won’t make you work in the machine.


A bathtub jet spa is an inexpensive and practical way to take your regular bathtub in a different direction, whether you want to better your bath experience at home with some safe water movement or you want to replicate the Spa or Hot Tub experience. Now that you know more about bathtub jet spas let’s look at the ones we think are the best on the market. Remember to think about your own needs when selecting the jet spa that is right for you.

Baths with jet spas are not only more relaxing but also more fun. They can have tangible health benefits, including stress relief and muscle relaxation. A jet spa bath is a convenient place to get peace at home whether you have tired muscles from the gym, an aching back from work, residual discomfort from an old accident, or simply sore feet from walking.

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