Best Jacuzzi Bathtubs – Top Picks [2022 Updated]

Best Jacuzzi Bathtubs

You can build a soothing spa-like experience in your own home with whirlpools or the Jacuzzi bathtubs in your bathroom. With Architectural technology, which incorporates the pump and motor into a single unit, the Jacuzzi Bathtub features smoother, more powerful jet systems, resulting in a much quieter bathtub.

Furthermore, it features Ever Clean surfaces, which contain an antimicrobial agent that prevents the growth of mold, mildew, algae, and fungi, ensuring that your bath and jet machine remain spotless.

Using high-powered water jets, the Jacuzzi Bathtub creates an invigorating hydro-massage feel at home with an awakening experience. Most versions have the option of mixing air with the water when it exits the jets. It has limited the water’s effect while still providing an effervescent atmosphere thanks to the air bubbles.

Top Picked Jacuzzi Bathtubs Reviews and Features

We’ve also provided some specific product suggestions, such as our top choice from Jacuzzi Bathtub, which features ten customizable massaging jets, an acrylic topcoat for added longevity, and a genuinely stunning look.

1. American Standard 2774018W.020, 60 or More Gal, White

American Standard 2774018W.020, 60 or More Gal, White
  • Acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement
  • Form fitted back rest
  • Reversible drain outlet
  • 2.0 hp single speed, self draining pump/motor
  • Dual accessory deck area

When it comes to home appliances, American Standard is a well-known brand. They have a wide selection of tubs, but this whirlpool tub is a standout. It’s an alcove model of eight multi-directional jets that you can adjust to your preferences—the Two-run around the rear of the building, with three on either side. You can quickly turn them on and off thanks to a side-mounted button.

Additional support and relaxation are provided by the form-fitting backrest and two molded-in arm areas. There’s enough space for bathing essentials on a dual-accessory deck section. It means you can add a mini-speaker, a lamp, or whatever else you want.

Jets that can move in many directions:

Since the jets aren’t set in place, you may further customize their path. It improves the capacity to relieve muscle stress in parts of your body that are usually difficult to penetrate.

Armrests and Backrest:

The backrest and molded-in arm areas of this whirlpool provide you with a go-to spot that you can count on being the most relaxing. If you welcome someone in, be aware that you will end up arguing for them.

Features of the Installation:

As American Standard designed this shower, they had an installation in mind. A flexible drain outlet helps you change the drain direction by reversing the tub’s order, which means it can be left or right.

Furthermore, since the tub bottom is pre-leveled, it can sit directly on the floor without causing any harm.


Cleaning the whirlpool’s tubing, as we all know, is critical to keeping it in good working order. The EverClean anti-microbial pipes in this whirlpool start the process for you. You’ll always need to dust it now and then. However, this ensures the biofilm would be less likely to form in the pipes over time.

  • Plane with many directions
  • Installation is easy.
  • Various prices for various colours


2. Woodbridge b-0030/bts1606 67″ x 32″ Water Jetted and Air Bubble Freestanding Bathtub

WOODBRIDGE 67" x 32" Whirlpool Water Jetted and Air Bubble Freestanding Bathtub...
  • ✅ [WHIRLPOOL AND AIR BUBBLE]: WOODBRIDGE Deluxe acrylic Freestanding bathtub combine with Whirlpool and Air Bubble Jets in one tub
  • ✅ [JETS QUANTITY]: 6 adjustable body massage jets and 10 whirlpool bubble bath jets for maximum bather comfort, The perfect mix of air and water delivers a powerful , yet comfortable hydro massage.
  • ✅ [HIGH PERFORMANCE PUMP]:Pump with approved motor . Innovative technology enables this pump to provide a strong, steady level of hydro-massage; Power Requirements: 110 V, 60hz, 15A dedicated...
  • ✅ [AIR MASSAGE]: Gentle Air Massage, immerse yourself in thousands of tiny air bubbles, and relax to a soft tissue massage that aids in pain relief, muscle relaxation, and promotes oxygen and blood...
  • ✅ [STAINLESS STEEL JETS]: Stainless Steel sanitary full-draining jets , underwater chromotheraphy light, Spaciously designed to provide maximum bathing space with a wide and deep bathing well

For others, less is better, and that is the case for this Woodbridge bathtub. That isn’t to say the tub isn’t of sound design or comfortable. This freestanding acrylic bathtub has ten body massage jets that can be adjusted and another ten bubble bath jets for a relaxing whirlpool experience.  An underwater mood lamp adds to the atmosphere and can be switched on and off with a single button press.

When it comes to the invisible components, the anti-leak, and anti-odor drain and pipe ensure longevity.

Easy design:

Woodbridge is renowned for its understated luxury, which is something we admire. This whirlpool tub exceeds expectations. The clean lines and simple design enable you to concentrate on the task at hand: relaxation.

Drainage System of Superior Quality:

Once you’ve installed your whirlpool tub, the last thing you want is for anything to go wrong with the piping method. To work it out, you’ll need some severe building experience.

To set your mind at ease, Woodbridge provides an anti-leak and anti-odor pipe and drain. There won’t be any musty odors, and there won’t be any sewage seeping in from unexpected places.

Certifications and Warranties:

Woodbridge has a five-year structural and surface warranty, as well as a one-year warranty on any plumbing problems that might arise. You’ll want to keep an eye on everything to make sure everything is running well, particularly at first. A UPC certification means that the plumbing has been tested and found to meet or exceed the reliability requirements. Furthermore, a CPA-certified commodity has undergone rigorous testing and emerged victoriously.

Overall, these factors contribute to the unit’s and company’s reputation and dependability.

  • An elegant style
  • Convenient
  • For a single entity


3. Empava EMPV-WIT373 52.5″ Acrylic Freestanding Walk-in Bathtub

Empava EMPV-JTX011 48" Acrylic Freestanding Hydrotherapy Bathtub
  • The Empava Air tub complete 48 Pieces air pin hole jets that produce thousands of warm air bubbles, providing a low-pressure massage. The ½ HP air pump a provides ample power for the jet system,...
  • Relax and wind down in your Pure-Scape luxurious Air tub by Empava, featuring 100% glossy white acrylic and a contemporary stand-alone design that complements any bathroom décor.
  • The freestanding oval Japanese tub design and defined lines will complement any bathroom décor(Especially suitable for small bathroom), make your bathroom seem more spacious.
  • The 48” Japanese Air tub contain an integrated seat, allows the average adult bather to submerge in water up to their shoulders, which creates a relaxing feel for extended soaks.
  • Bathtub outer dimensions: 47.24 in. L x 31.5 in. W x 30.71 in. H and an effective bathtub capacity of 40 Gallons. Indulge in the elegance and relaxation available to you with this bathtub

This futuristic whirlpool tub is elegant and contemporary, but its form harkens back to more traditional designs. The narrow circular interior is specifically designed for one person, but it has its advantages as well. It’s made for sitting upright, though shorter people can find it easier to lounge. If you’re tall, say 6 feet tall, the water should come up to your mid-chest.

A showerhead with a 4-foot hose is included for quick rinsing after your routine is done. The kit consists of an overflow unit and a faucet, making installation easy. There are 95 tiny pinholes for air massage found in the pool, so the whole body can be shielded — at least the submerged bits.

Stunning Design:

We know you can’t judge a book by its cover, but the simplicity of this stunning tub is reminiscent of a bygone era. However, it’s also contemporary and welcoming, with a degree of understated luxury that we admire. A high-gloss finish on the tub complements the smooth lines and gleaming fixtures. It’s adorable.


A faucet, let alone a showerhead and an overflow unit, are not included with any bathroom. We don’t know why this is the case, so it’s inconvenient at times. This machine from Empava, on the other hand, has you protected, and it is bundled with your whirlpool. There’s no reason to order them individually or endure the installation process several times.

UL and UPC certifications:

When purchasing a new whirlpool tub, knowing that external organizations endorse the unit and company can put your mind at ease. This tub has earned certifications for both its plumbing and general use. It indicates that it was built from high-quality materials and meets the fundamental standards for such a unit.

  • An elegant style
  • Installation is easy.
  • None 


4. Whirlpool Bathtub ARIEL Platinum BT-150150

ARIEL Platinum BT-150150 Whirlpool Bathtub, 60” x 26.8” x 60” Inches Air...
  • ✅ ACRYLIC REINFORCED FIBERGLASS: Beautifully designed Whirlpool Bathtub from ARIEL Platinum is strengthened by premium acrylic that provides exceptional durability to resist chipping, cracking and...
  • ✅ INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Contoured with an innovative triangle shape, the ARIEL BT-150150 features a semi-circle tempered glass panel on the front to add serenity to the tub structure. This unique shape...
  • ✅ PURPOSE-BUILT JETTED TUB SYSTEM: Unlike traditional bathtubs, this iconic structure comes with an advanced Hydro-massage jetted tub system designated to target your pressure points for a relaxing...
  • ✅ SMART FEATURES: Built-in LED Chromotherapy lighting with adjustable color and brightness adds tranquility to your bathing experience. The FM radio function is controlled via the built-in...
  • ✅ 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We stand behind all of our high-quality products and offer a 2 Years limited manufacturer’s warranty with 30 days’ hassle-free return policy. Free curbside delivery...

This Ariel whirlpool is another corner device for those without space or style to accommodate a freestanding unit. It has the largest size of any tub on our list, at 119 gallons. We mean it when we say you’ll be well-protected here. It was designed for two, with cushioned pillows, backrests, and under-body jets separating the seating areas.

The organization has chosen convenience over style, which is evident from the control panel’s customization choices. It involves the jets’ speed, the radio/CD player’s microphones, and underwater lighting.


With a 119-gallon size, you can be assured that all bathers will be submerged. Tubs always fall short, causing you to freeze on your upper body while feeling overheated on the bottom. It is not the case with this unit!


We love it when attention to detail is paid to the smallest details, and this whirlpool is no exception. Ariel has the client in mind, from the swiveling headrests to the tailored jet streams directed to your taste. The showerhead feature and a 5mm tempered glass screen on the front of the whirlpool are also critical features. It looks welcoming and contributes to a relaxing atmosphere.


Heat pumps aren’t standard on many whirlpools. Without these, it could take several minutes for the water to cool off after leaving the faucet. Fortunately, the included heat pump keeps the water at a consistent temperature during your bath. There’s no reason to add more hot water after you’ve finished the pool to keep it warm and toasty.

  • Maintain a constant temperature.
  • Minimalist and decent.
  • None 


5. Carver Tubs – SKC5555-6 Jet Whirlpool

Carver Tubs - SKC5555 - 6 Jet Whirlpool - 55"L x 55"W x 18.5"H - White Drop In...
  • Drain/Overflow Not Included, Overflow Undrilled
  • Manufactured and Assembled in the USA
  • Made with the Highest Quality Acrylic and Reinforced-Fiberglass
  • Slip Resistant Bottom
  • 55"L x 55"W x 18.5"H

The Caver Tubs SKC5555-6 Jet Whirlpool Tub is the right choice for two people. This tub will accommodate two people comfortably, so if you and your wife enjoy bath time together, this is a perfect option. It’s even a corner pool. So, whether you’re short of space or can accommodate a tub in the corner of your bathroom, the Carver Tubs is the tub for you. With this lovely pool, you can build your spa at home.

Incredible Jets:

The Carver Tubs whirlpool has incredible jets. They have a special v-shape that provides a healthier system by self-draining and eliminating unnecessary or bacterial spores. They’re even made of stain-resistant plastic, so if they do get sticky, take them out, throw them in the dishwasher, and replace them! Simply toggle the jets off whilst you’re in the shower. You can regulate the water flow by angling the jets in a variety of ways.

Time for a Massage:

The 20 jets at the bottom emit 100% clean hot air while also providing a gentle hydrotherapy message to conserve water. Millions of tiny warm air bubbles stimulate the soft tissue, providing a massage, pain relief, muscle relaxation, and increased oxygen and blood supply. Finally, the tub has a Vibrosonic Massage System that provides a vibrational massage that can relieve pain and irritation.

The ambiance at its finest:

This unbeatable tub provides a fantastic atmosphere. The Bluetooth speaker is first connected to your phone. The music from your chosen song is directed inside the bathtub, making you feel fully immersed in it. The tub also has chromotherapy lighting. The bathtub lights have a genuinely soothing atmosphere as you enjoy your massage, with seven lighting effects and 21 colors.

  • give a relaxing hydrotherapy massage
  • It provides lovely lighting.
  • None 


6. American Standard Cadet 5-Feet Whirlpool with Hydro Massage System

American Standard 2772018W.020 Cadet 5-Feet by 42-Inch Whirlpool with Hydro...
  • Acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement
  • Form fitted back rest
  • Molded in armrests with elbow supports
  • Dual accessory deck area
  • Pre leveled tub bottom

This choice on our list is for those who want it all, as the American Standard cadet massage whirlpool tub has an exclusive EverClean whirlpool device for a relaxing water-jet massage that is even more hygienic, which is only available from The American Standard.

This machine eliminates the need to think about washing the tub because it has an antimicrobial silver-ion additive that goes inside the tubing, preventing mold and mildew growth and allowing you to enjoy the experience without worry.

The tub’s ability to achieve a high degree of calm while still assisting you in ensuring that all is hygienic is what sets it apart from the competition. The EverClean whirlpool device used in the American Standard cadet whirlpool, combined with the soothing massage of the sleek, flexible jets, is the pinnacle of relief that everybody enjoys!

  • Exclusive cleaning device
  • Reinforcement of fibreglass
  • Excellent solutions for massaging
  • None 


7. Ariel BT-084-2017 Whirlpool Bathtub

ARIEL Platinum BT-084 Whirlpool Bathtub with Jets, 61.2" x 61.2" x 29.3" Inches...
  • ACRYLIC REINFORCED FIBERGLASS: Constructed using premium grade acrylic that resists structural damages such as cracking or chipping and retains heat. Fiberglass reinforcement gives it exceptional...
  • CONTEMPORARY DESIGN: The Classic Triangle shaped tub features a 5mm tempered glass panel on the front and dual removable head cushions to accommodate 2 people easily. Heavy-duty drain fixtures ensure...
  • HYDRO-MASSAGE SYSTEM: The multi-directional jets with adjustable water flow settings will target your pressure points for the utmost relaxing experience. The waterfall faucet and shower provide 3.7...
  • TECHNO-SAVVY FEATURES: Colorful LED Chromotherapy lighting provides tranquility during your bath time. Tune into FM Radio or play your favorite tracks on Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speakers. The air regulator...
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We stand behind all of our high-quality products and offer a 1-Year manufacturer’s warranty with 30 days’ hassle-free return policy

The Ariel BT-804 Whirlpool Bathtub is a lovely and luxurious addition to our list, providing supreme relaxation in the privacy of your bathroom. This whirlpool bathtub has a total of 15 jets that are arranged around the surface in a precise pattern to provide you with further comfort and therapy.

It comes with a waterfall faucet that can pump out 3.7 gallons per minute and a portable shower extension, making it ideal for every reason, whether you want to fill the bathtub quickly or take a short shower.

The tub has a thermostatic switch that adjusts the water temperature and contains 92 gallons of water—finally, a vertical touch screen monitor with a few features, including LED underwater lighting and Bluetooth.

  • Faucet with rapid waterfall
  • Underwater led lights
  • Very wide-rangin
  • None 


8. Freestanding Jetted Massage Hydrotherapy Bathtub

Freestanding Jetted Massage Hydrotherapy Bathtub, Indoor Whirlpool Hot Bath Tub
  • Water Jet Pump included (1.0HP, 750W water pump), Full Body/Side Water Hydrotherapy Jets.
  • Hand Held Shower Wand with flexible water line & side jet nozzles, Water Faucet, Drain assembly.
  • Weight: 220Lbs. 1 Year Warranty, parts only. Ships LTL Freight with curbside delivery via lift gate or dock unload.
  • Outer Dimensions: 67" L x 34" W x 21" H, Power Requirements: 110v, 60hz, 15A dedicated circuit.

The incredible Anzzi Jetson whirlpool tub is built to make you feel as though you’re floating on air. This model has over 200 aero-therapeutic bubble massage jets operated by a feather touch-sensitive control pad located just under the acrylic surface of the bathtub rim. With this, Anzzi ensures that complete gratification can be delivered while remaining simple to use thanks to the technologies embedded inside.

On top of that, it’s built in an elegant manner, mixing old school with new luxury. Because of the materials used, this tub is sure to last, so the Anzzi Jetson Whirlpool is the best option if you want to buy heaven-made to fit in your house.

  • There are more than 200 aero-therapeutic bubble jets.
  • Waterproof monitor pad
  • The ground made of acrylic
  • None 


9. Petite Massage Whirlpool Walk In Tub Door

52" x 28" Petite Massage Whirlpool Walk In Tub Door and Drain Location: Right
  • Hydro massage comes with 10 fixed and 4 adjustable jets. Includes an intensity dial control, in-line water heater, and ozone sterilization to clean the system and water.
  • Air massage comes with 16 strategically placed jets. Includes a 3-speed variable push control and auto purge to clean the system.
  • Dual Drain Technology features 2 individually controlled 2 in. drains with easy to turn levers. 4 2” outlets allow for the fastest gravity driven drain in the industry.
  • Ella 2 Piece Fast-Fill Faucet fills up to 16GPM mounted faucet and has a pull out multi-functional hand shower in chrome finish.
  • 360° swivel tray can hold your beverage or valuables while you bathe.

If you’re looking for a tub that doesn’t take up a lot of space, the Ellas Petite Massage Whirlpool Tub is the best choice. Due to all of the extra features used with this shower, it is built to last a long time. This new choice features a detachable swivel tray and a comfortable bench, all in a space-saving style. It will drain in less than 80 seconds thanks to a multi-section pull-out hand shower and a slip-resistant floor with two additional protection bars.

It also has an inline heater as part of the particular Ozone Sterilization System. If you’re searching for the most realistic alternative, look no further because the Ellas Petite Tub is the winner of this category.

  • Take low space
  • A practical style
  • Drainage is easy
  • None 


10. American Standard 2771VC.020 Evolution 5-Feet by 36-Inch Deep Soak Whirlpool Bath Tub

American Standard 2771VC.020 Evolution 5-Feet by 36-Inch Deep Soak Whirlpool...
  • Acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement
  • Dual molded-in armrests
  • Pre-leveled tub bottom
  • Undermount option
  • Must order Deep Soak Max« Drain

The tub is another of our best whirlpool tubs with excellent functionality that you would love to use.


If you enjoy comfort, you’ll appreciate the dual molded-in armrests in this pool, which allow you to rest your arms while you soak and sip your beverage. The American Standard Evolution whirlpool machine has eight customizable jets for a consistently clean whirlpool system.

If you want a clean pool to lounge in as you shower, this might be the one for you. It even has two jets in the lumbar region for total relief. It also has a pre-leveled tub bottom to help you stay balanced as you soak. As a result, you’ll never have to struggle in the shower.  Undermounts are preferable because the concrete mold protects them. They are much safer than a stand-alone pool.

The American Standard Evolution has a stunning finish thanks to its acrylic and fiberglass reinforcement structure. They are usually in the right place and have a pleasing appearance.  A beautiful bathroom is a sight to see, and this tub puts it all together for a sophisticated look.

Relaxation of peace:

You also get a hydro-massage option, which means the water can massage you when you turn on the jets. The jets are also quiet, allowing you to unwind while relaxing in the calm, warm water. This tub has so many features that listing them all would be difficult, such as the safe-T heater system and the deep soak max drain. However, each of these comes at an extra expense. To conclude, a fantastic tub with a plethora of special functions.

  • It is both comfortable and simple to use.
  • Tub with a lot of depth
  • Simple to set up.
  • The massage features are fantastic.
  • Heater devices that have been certified for safety.
  • You will have to pay more for the extra features.


Buying guide for best jacuzzi bathtub

When it comes to whirlpool bathtubs, there are a few things to keep in mind. Continue reading our buying guide to learn what you need to know about finding the perfect Jacuzzi Bathtub for your bathroom remodels or new home.

A Jacuzzi Bathtub is ideal for someone who suffers from constant aches and pains. A relaxing soak in the tub might be just what the doctor ordered. These tubs aren’t just for injuries; they’re also a great way to relax after a hard day of work, mainly if your back and shoulders are sore.

A whirlpool bathtub will turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa with targeted jets that massage your muscles. You can choose between styles of air jets, water jets, or a hybrid of the two to provide just the right amount of massage action for your needs.

Form of jet:

Whirlpool bathtubs and Jacuzzi bathtubs use air jets, water jets, or a mixture of both to massage sore muscles. Air engines use limited bursts of air to produce bubbles in the water. A whirlpool tub usually has hundreds of tiny air jets that are easily adjusted to massage individual body parts.

Since water jets are more significant than air jets, a tub usually has fewer of them. To massage the muscles, they use a pump to recirculate the water in the shower. Water jets, like air jets, can be adjusted to attack specific body parts. They are, though, more effective to have a smoother massage.

A pool with a mixture of air and water jets can be the ideal compromise. To configure the massage operation, you can use either the air jets, only the water jets, or both jets’ styles at the same time.


Whirlpool tubs or Jacuzzi bathtubs come in a variety of sizes and styles:

Tubs that stand apart

The bathtub doesn’t need to be mounted on a wall or in a bathroom cutout. However, It typically takes up more space than an alcove pool.

Tubs in alcoves:

Since they usually work in the same space as a standard bathtub, you won’t have to remodel your bathroom. It is generally surrounded by three tiled walls and comes with an attached bathroom.

Tubs that can fill at any time:

They are built into a deck that stretches into your bathroom partially. Since the deck must exactly suit the tub and the toilet, it must be specially made. It covers a lot of space, and they’re better if you have a big bathroom.

Tubs in the corners:

They are among the giant whirlpools available, making them suitable for two people.

Tubs with walk-in doors:

It has a door that allows you to comfortably reach the pool before filling it, making it ideal for those with accessibility problems. Freestanding, alcove, and corner walk-in whirlpool tubs are available.


Since it contains too much water and the bathers, a large whirlpool tub can be powerful. You must ensure that your floor joists can support the weight, particularly if your tub will be mounted on your home’s second floor.

Before purchasing a tub, have a licensed contractor or plumber inspect the bathroom to ensure that it can fit the tub. Components Whirlpool tubs are usually constructed of a variety of materials, including:

Tubs made of acrylic:

They are light and easy to clean. TIt also has a shiny finish, which many people like. Acrylic models are normally better for second-floor installation due to their lighter weight. The most significant disadvantage of acrylic is that it is easily scratched.

Tubs made of cast iron:

They are very high, but they withstand wear and tear well. They don’t quickly crack, scrape, or dent, but they are vulnerable to rust. You’ll pay extra for a cast-iron model, and due to their weight, they’re not the ideal choice for second-floor installation.

Tubs made of fiberglass:

They are the most cost-effective alternative, as well as being lightweight and simple to use. However, it is not as long-lasting as acrylic or cast-iron tubs.

Features which is important in the best Jacuzzi Bathtub:

The number of jets and their locations:

The number of jets in a tub and where they’re located will have an impact on how well they can massage your aching muscles. Much of the time, the more jets a tub has, the better. Please pay attention to the spacing as well, as you want to ensure that they’re at the proper height for your body type. If you’re big, a deep tub might be necessary to ensure that the jets reach you where you need them most.

Heater in the rows:

The water heater in your home can be put under a lot of strain by a whirlpool tub. An inline heater in some tubs serves to heat the water as it circulates. As a result, your bath will remain hotter for longer, allowing you to soak to your heart’s content.


Some tubs allow you to change the speed of the jets and the temperature at which the water is heated. It is an excellent feature if you want to personalize your bathing experience to the last detail.


If your whirlpool tub has grab bars, it would be much easier to get in and out. They can be a unique safety feature if you have mobility problems due to age or accident.

Seats of contours:

You’ll enjoy the luxury of contoured chairs and armrests if you intend on taking long baths in your whirlpool tub. Single seats are available on some models, while double seats are available on others.


A whirlpool tub usually costs between $900 and $7,000. Basic fiberglass or acrylic tubs cost about $900, while mid-range tubs with several jets cost $1,000 to $2,000 on average. Expect to spend $2,000 to $3,000 for a big model with contoured seats, grab bars, and combination jets.


Understanding the user’s preferences and expectations is the first step in selecting the correct Whirlpool Bathtub or best Jacuzzi Bathtub. With a simple target in mind, you can quickly choose the best bathtub that fulfills your needs and enhances the visual value of your bathroom.

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