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Sitting on a chilly toilet seat may make you tremble or bounce, especially if you’re in the middle of the night and it’s against your back. This is much worse when you get out of bed and feel something icy.

The heated toilet seats are a great feature. You’re lost if you haven’t sat on someone before! Most people aren’t aware that heated toilet seats exist, even though they have been around for some time.

Having a warm toilet seat is popular in colder regions, and sitting on one in the winter can be an incredible experience. Most people have experienced a warm car seat – This is one such experience. Even though it’s frightening at first, your body starts to warm up spontaneously within a few minutes.

List of Best Heated Toilet Seats:

Hot toilet seats may be found in a wide range of prices, from the affordable to the quite costly. To liven things up a bit, let’s categorize them as either having or not having a bidet.

Heating Toilet Seats Without Bidet:

It’s precisely what you’d expect a hot toilet seat to do. These devices will heat only the seat of your toilet. Even though they may include a night light or a soft closing cover, they often offer numerous temperature settings.

If you’re looking for a simple way to keep your toilet seat warm but don’t want to spend a lot of money, these heaters are a good solution.




1. Super Touch Heated Toilet Seat

In terms of cost, the super touch heated toilet seat is the cheapest of the solutions we recommend.

2. Toilet Seat: Bemis Radiance Plastic Heated

In addition to its three temperature settings, the Bemis Radiance Plastic Heated Toilet Seat is surprisingly cheap. 

3. Heated Seat Brondell L60-EW LumaWarm

The Brondell L60-EW LumaWarm heated toilet seat is another excellent performance choice that comes at a reasonable cost. With four temperature settings to select from and a slow-closing cover, the LumaWarm 4 is an easy-to-install option.

4. Heated Toilet Seat Kohler K-10349-0

When it comes to bathroom fixtures, Kohler is a brand that most people recognize. The KOHLER K-10349-0 PureWarmth heated toilet seat lives up to the brand’s reputation for quality and innovation. All of the features you’d expect are included in this model from Kohler, and a slow-closing toilet seat and twin LED lights are included.


5. Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000

View on Amazon The Bemis Bliss BB-2000 bidet toilet seat from Bio Bidet is the ultimate bathroom upgrade. A heated bidet toilet seat with temperature adjustments is available for your comfort. The body sensor detects this when the user sits down and begins the necessary cleansing process.

6. Bio Bidet by Bemis BB-600 Bidet Toilet Seat

In terms of both functionality and pricing, warm-backed toilet seats represent a significant leap forward. A bidet is an excellent option whether you also want to save money on toilet paper, protect the environment, or want to feel clean and fresh after using the bathroom. Yes, a hot bidet toilet seat is the best option for you.


7. TOTO SW2034#01 C100 Electronic Bidet Toilet

For a more comfortable bathroom experience in your home, this is a simple way to cut down on the amount of washlet toilet paper you use. It costs less than the Toto Neorest, but it still has all the features you need for a more pleasant trip to the bathroom. Because this toilet is so easy to put in, anyone can do it. Japanese setting show will make you see the restrooms in a whole new way, and you’ll never see them the same way again. People who use this will have an experience they will never forget after only a few seconds of warming up. The best option: Toto MS920CEMFG #01 is the first one. A Washlet and a Toilet. It costs the most, but that’s because it’s the best. In Kyushu, Japan, people call Toto the “king of Japanese toilets.” This is different from other toilets and bedside seats based in Japan. This is a toilet/washlet that is built-in.

8. SmartBidet SB-2000 Bidet Seat

Another excellent option is the SmartBidet SB-2000, which is both inexpensive and well regarded. It has a warm seat, slow-closing cover, front and rear washing with hot water, and a heated air dryer.

Buying Guide for Heated Toilet Seat:

The following are some of the most significant considerations to keep in mind when purchasing a heated toilet seat.

How it works:

Electric blankets, gloves, and heated toilet seats all operate on the same premise. The heating element is a particular wire that carries electricity, and the heat created by this form of wire-generated electricity is conveyed to the seat of the toilet. Batteries power some warming toilet seats, but most require an electrical outlet to function.

Heat setting:

When purchasing a heating toilet seat, the amount of heat it produces is the most critical consideration. At least three temperature settings are recommended for year-round use, and many products include two or more temperature settings.


Depending on the design of the heated toilet seat, there is a wide range of options. Round and long are the most prevalent shapes. In addition, there are specific seats that are oval in condition. Finding a toilet that matches your current one is critical. An old-fashioned toilet seat will be ideal if it is mainly spherical. Longer heated toilet seats will take longer to heat up.


You won’t be able to use your toilet seat if it doesn’t fit. Ensure that the distances between the bowl, the bolt, and the outlet are precisely measured. Many companies claimed to work with different toilet sizes but didn’t, so ensure you obtain the proper brand for your toilet size.


The color of your new heated toilet seat must match the color of your existing toilet seat. Because most toilets are white, warm toilet seats are available in white. But if the color of your bathroom isn’t white, you’ll need to know which toilet seats are available in the same shade so that you can make a choice.


Wood, soft plastic, and hard plastic are all common materials for standard toilet seats. The hard plastic is used to construct heated toilet seats. Our reviews include the seats made of soft plastic.

Closing machine:

The way these toilet seats operate is dependent on how they’re closing. You can expect a soft-closing from these toilet seats, thanks to their state-of-the-art technology. This method is safe for the set and doesn’t generate any noise.

The slow closing mechanism is common in many models. Many folks don’t care about a seat that closes slowly, and it’s preferable to use a slow-close toilet seat if you have youngsters in the house.

Easy to clean:

Self-cleaning is a significant consideration when it comes to the ease of cleaning. All heated toilet seats do not support this system, but it is best to proceed. Alternatively, you may modify the motion to make it clear automatically with each flush.

This method is implemented in several models. Seat removal and washing are made more accessible by this design. Additionally, antibacterial elements are included in some versions for more effective cleaning. Bacteria can’t grow in certain materials, as well.


You may save money on toilet paper over time by installing Bidet in many of the models we’ve tested. This form of cleaning is preferred by many individuals, who believe it to be more sanitary. Consider a bidet from a company under a lot of pressure, and the water is already heated when making your choice.

Additional factors:

Some heated toilet seats come with a nightlight to make using the bathroom at night more comfortable. Before making a purchase, another thing to think about is whether or not the nozzle will be self-cleaning, which makes cleaning easier. The length of the power cord is a significant consideration when purchasing electric versions.


The warranty of these toilet seats is typically between one and three years. In the case of a more costly model, this might play a significant role in your decision-making process.

Benefits of Heating Toilet Seat Covers:

Warm Comfort on a Cold Winter Night

Having a heated toilet seat and running a bathroom in the middle of a chilly winter night is entirely different. You’ll be up and at them before you know it if you have a warm, welcoming toilet seat in your room.

Anxiety Relief for Those With Arthritis

A chilly toilet seat may be excruciating for those who suffer from hip joint pain since the cold temperature exacerbates stiffness and agony. This stiffness can be alleviated by sitting in a warm environment, making it simpler to get up and go about your day.

Lower Room Temperature

You’ll save money on your heating cost and yet have a comfortable toilet seat temperature. If you’ve ever had to use a toilet in a cold basement or garage, you may have noticed that the seat is always warm.

Easy to Install:

When installing heated toilet seats, the process is essentially the same as installing standard toilet seats. It’s not necessary to hire a plumber or electrician to complete the installation.

However, you may want the assistance of a professional if you are planning a complicated structure to meet several requirements, such as energy-saving or seat height. Do not attempt to wire or connect anything electrical if you are uncomfortable with this type of work.


Having a heated toilet seat in the cold may make a big difference. Sit comfortably and warmly instead of sitting on a cold surface that cools your entire body. The cost of these chairs is generally more than the cost of conventional seats, although they are still available at various price points.

It’s not difficult to choose the most excellent heated toilet seat for your bathroom. Make sure your toilet bowl is the right size by taking a measurement. Decide on whether or not you need extra features like hot air, remote, or massage jets.

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