12 Best Fat Person Toilet Seats 2022

12 Best Fat Person Toilet Seats 2021 - 2022

Using a conventional toilet seat might be difficult if you’re heavy. You’re not only dealing with issues of comfort; you’re also dealing with issues of stability and safety. There is nothing to be embarrassed by. Around 39% of individuals worldwide are classed as “overweight,” according to the World Health Organization. So, you’re not the only one seeking a new toilet seat that can handle more weight.

The most excellent toilet seats for heavy people are explicitly designed for support and comfort. While they may appear to be ordinary seats, they have several design and construction elements that can significantly impact nature calls.

The List Of 12 Best Toilet Seats for Heavy People Are as Follow:


1. Big John Products 2445646-1W Closed Front with Cover Oversize Toilet Seat

Big John Products 2445646-1W Closed Front with Cover Oversize Toilet Seat, White
  • LARGER AND MORE LUXURIOUS SITTING: Our oversized 1-W toilet seat features a contoured, 19-inch wide sitting surface that is durable, easy to install, comfortable, and accommodating.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE FOR 1, 200 POUNDS: This toilet seat is injection-molded with high-impact, stain and chemically resistant ABS plastic that is secured with solid stainless steel hinges. Engineered...
  • STABILIZING BUMPERS: The Big John 1-W Classic Toilet Seat employs stabilizing synthetic rubber bumpers that grip the bowl to minimize shifting stands 2-inches higher than standard toilet seats.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Despite its durability and shelf-life, this toilet seat is easy to install. All you need is a wrench or pliers and under half an hour.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: This product is great for everyone, but is ideal for plus-sizes consumers as well as the elderly and physically challenged, making it the perfect choice for hospitals, health care...

The Big John 1-W Oversized toilet seat features a 19-inch wide sitting area that is robust, easy to install, comfortable, and can support up to 1200 pounds and the broadest of hips. It is fantastic news for those of us with large buttocks and hips. It’s made of high-impact, stain-resistant, and chemically resistant ABS plastic and fastened with robust stainless-steel hinges, giving it a pleasant and elegant look in the bathroom.

This one has to stabilize synthetic rubber bumpers that hold the bowl and limit movement. Also, because it stands 2-inches higher than ordinary toilet seats, you won’t have to worry about any of your body parts accidentally touching regions within the toilet.

These two characteristics alone make this our top pick for a new toilet seat for overweight people. The best part is that this toilet seat is simple to install. It’s perfect for plus-sized people, the elderly, and the physically disabled, making it an excellent choice for your house.

  • For an obese person, this is the best toilet seat ever.
  • It doesn’t move or shift in any way.
  • It is not readily broken.
  • It is possible to sit on the lid without the worry of it splitting.
  • None


2. Big John Toilet Seat 2445263-3W Open Front with Cover Bariatric Toilet Seat

Big John Toilet Seat 2445263-3W Open Front with Cover Bariatric Toilet Seat,...
  • Big John Open Front 1200 Lb. Capacity Toilet Seat With Cover, White
  • 2-1/2 In. rise
  • The product is manufactured in United States
  • Strong and durable - injection molded of high-impact, chemically resistant ABS plastic
  • Larger more luxuriously contoured sitting surface - 19-Inch wide from side to side

An open-front toilet seat is included with this Big John 3-W toilet seat. It has a two and a half-inch rise above the toilet and can hold up to 1200 pounds. It is 19 inches broad from side to side and is made of heavy-duty plastic. It appears to be a durable solution that should last a long time.

This heavy-duty toilet seat is injection-molded for high impact and made of chemically resistant ABS, and it’s held in place by durable stainless steel hinges. Stabilizing rubbers are also included to keep it in place.

For people with mobility or other physical limitations, the split in the front may make hygiene much more accessible. According to users with physical issues, this feature alone makes this toilet seat an outstanding choice for their requirements and restrictions. This seat is well worth the money because it provides excellent comfort.

  • Ideal for those with huge buttocks and full hips.
  • High-impact injection-molded
  • Bumpers for stability
  • For more natural personal hygiene, open the front.
  • None


3. BEMIS 1000CPT Paramount Heavy Duty Toilet Seat

BEMIS 1000CPT Paramount Heavy Duty OVERSIZED Closed Front Toilet Seat with 1,000...
  • STA-TITE: Commercial Fastening System
  • NO CALLBACKS FOR LOOSE SEATS: The STA-TITE Commercial Fastening System installs with a snap and will never come loose or wiggle
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 1,000 lbs
  • NON-CORROSIVE: 300 series stainless steel posts and pintles.Hinge Material: Metal
  • COMMERCIAL PLASTIC: ideal for any commercial application and resists chips, wears and stains

The majority of individuals say of this next choice, “If you are a heavy person, this seat is absolutely for you.” The Bemis toilet seat has a weight capacity of 500 pounds. It is suitable for commercial applications and is resistant to chipping, wear, and stains. With this commercial grade, you can rest assured that it will last a long time in your house.
The adjustable Bemis Heavy Duty Toilet Seat fits both round and elongated toilets. So, if you’re not sure which is best for your toilet, don’t be concerned. It adjusts quickly and securely, thanks to technologies that the creators claim will keep it safe.

It has stainless steel posts and pintles and is non-corrosive. With a moist towel and some light detergent, you can quickly clean this one. Because it has small tabs built in to prevent sliding around for more stability, this product is the toilet seat for heavier people.

  • Snap technology makes removal and cleaning a breeze.
  • It won’t slip, shatter, or pinch you.
  • Extra room
  • The presence of built-in tabs ensures stability.
  • Hardware made of solid plastic
  • None


4. Bath Royale BR620-00 Round Fat Person Toilet Seat

Bath Royale BR620-00 White Premium Round Toilet Seat Slow Close, Replacement...
  • FITS ALL TOILET BRANDS including Crane, Universal Rundle, Eljer, Delta, Bemis, Caroma and Gerber. UPGRADE your RV toilet seat. IMPORTANT: BEFORE YOU ORDER, please measure your toilet bowl (see images)...
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Helps keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. One touch QUICK RELEASE immediately detaches seat/cover from toilet, eliminating the nasty area between the hinges where urine and...
  • NO LOUD SLAMMING – Slow Close prevents accidents including cracked toilets and pinched fingers. Simply tap forward and watch the seat and/or lid close silently and softly by themselves. Closing too...
  • STAIN RESISTANT - Made of polypropylene, the most stain-resistant toilet seat material available. Bath Royale uses 100% pure (not recycled) polypropylene because it is stronger and produces a...
  • DURABLE & LONG LASTING - Tested to 400 pounds, all Bath Royale seats feature stainless steel mounting hardware that holds your seat firmly in place. 4 seat bumpers evenly distribute weight. Unlike...

The Bath Royale heavy duty toilet seat is compatible with a wide range of toilet manufacturers, including Kohler, Toto, American Standard, and others, so you can be confident that it will fit in your home. It can also be used on toilets with unusually spaced mounting holes. Because these toilet seats are made to last, you won’t have to replace them anytime soon.

It is built of modern technology material that is heavier, tougher, and stiffer than conventional plastics, as well as having superior scratch resistance so that you can wave goodbye to ugly chips, scratches, and stains. Its weight of up to 400 pounds. It’s also rubberized and slip-resistant, making it excellent for folks who are hefty or want to sit on the closed lid.

The slow-close lid minimizes noisy banging, damaged toilets, and pinched fingers, and you may push it to shut if you don’t like how slowly it shuts. The gradual closing function is excellent for persons with back difficulties because you won’t have to bend or squat to lower the seat. Interestingly, this toilet seat has a 2-button rapid release for easy removal and cleaning, ensuring that your bathroom smells fresh and clean.

  • Slowly shut the lid.
  • Slip-resistant and rubberized
  • Seats are easy to remove or are released quickly.
  • None


5. Bemis 7800TDG 000 Plastic Toilet Seat Elongated

Bemis 7800TDG 000 Plastic Toilet Seat Elongated, White (3-(Pack))
  • HEAVY DUTY: Non-corrosive 300 Series stainless-steel posts and pintles
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE- Closed front with cover made from injection molded solid plastic
  • NO CALLBACKS FOR LOOSE SeatS: The STA-TITE Commercial Fastening System installs with a snap and will never come loose or wiggle
  • FITS ALL ELONGATED TOILETS: Including Kohler, American Standard, TOTO and many more

The Bemis family of companies aspires to provide “high-quality, creative items for everyday use.” Its products are created in an environmentally friendly manner in the United States. The company’s hollow core plastic design is used in this product. It makes the fabric durable, stain-resistant, and simple to clean.

Some customers say it’s strong enough to hold a small army because of the robust structure. When you require a toilet seat to support a certain weight that regular seats can’t, this gives you peace of mind. If you’re looking for a stylish style for your company or home, the BEMIS 7800TDG 000 could be the one for you.

This curve gives adults, in particular, more room and comfort. Popular toilet manufacturers like Kohler and American Standard are also compatible with this type. The Bemis 7800TDG 000’s build is outstanding. The designers selected to use an STA-TITE fastening method, which makes installation a breeze.

Bemis is likewise dedicated to environmental preservation and sustainability. This type is made of non-corrosive stainless steel and environmentally friendly materials, and You will be helping the environment by picking this brand. Be aware that this product is not suited for youngsters owing to its elongated form.

  • non-corrosive stainless steel
  • environmentally friendly materials
  • None


6. Bath Royale BR620-00 White Premium Round Toilet Seat

Bath Royale BR620-00 White Premium Round Toilet Seat Slow Close, Replacement...
  • FITS ALL TOILET BRANDS including Crane, Universal Rundle, Eljer, Delta, Bemis, Caroma and Gerber. UPGRADE your RV toilet seat. IMPORTANT: BEFORE YOU ORDER, please measure your toilet bowl (see images)...
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Helps keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. One touch QUICK RELEASE immediately detaches seat/cover from toilet, eliminating the nasty area between the hinges where urine and...
  • NO LOUD SLAMMING – Slow Close prevents accidents including cracked toilets and pinched fingers. Simply tap forward and watch the seat and/or lid close silently and softly by themselves. Closing too...
  • STAIN RESISTANT - Made of polypropylene, the most stain-resistant toilet seat material available. Bath Royale uses 100% pure (not recycled) polypropylene because it is stronger and produces a...
  • DURABLE & LONG LASTING - Tested to 400 pounds, all Bath Royale seats feature stainless steel mounting hardware that holds your seat firmly in place. 4 seat bumpers evenly distribute weight. Unlike...

Bath Royale, a tiny, family-owned firm situated in the United States, brings us this luxury round toilet seat. This model was designed by a recognized business to be sleek, clever, and user-friendly.

Toilet lid slamming will be less noticeable thanks to a soft-close lid and secure latching feature. This design is also beneficial to people suffering from health issues such as back discomfort. To close the lid, you won’t have to bend.

The material structure of this toilet seat is imposing. Your toilet’s cleaning routine will be helped by 100% genuine polypropylene plastic, and its non-staining, non-absorbing, and chemically resistant properties will help keep the product clean.

The substance is also a thermal insulator, better for the body than acrylic or low-grade plastic. It’s also compatible with all toilet manufacturers, including American Standard, Kohler, and Toto. You won’t have to buy a new toilet to accommodate the toilet seat.

The product is available in elongated and round forms, allowing you to customize your purchase to meet your unique requirements. Are you seeking a modern look? This toilet seat will ensure that. It comes with high-quality mounting hardware. Even better, it’s also available in polished chrome or color-matched finishes.

Bad customer service is one of the worst aspects of a new purchase. When you buy from Bath Royale, though, you won’t have to worry about that. The organization aspires to provide the most outstanding service to its clients by offering excellent customer service.

This type is not suitable for use with a bidet. Abrasive items have also been reported to ruin the high-gloss coating by specific consumers. Customers have complained that it can dangle over the side of the toilet seat and is not selected appropriately for the current toilet size.

  • elongated and round forms
  • high-gloss coating
  • None


7. CENTOCO 900-001 Elongated Wooden Toilet Seat for Fat People

CENTOCO 900-001 Elongated Wooden Toilet Seat, Heavy Duty Molded Wood with...
  • HIGH QUALITY: ergonomically contoured heavy duty molded polypropylene shell over wood core which won’t crack, chip, peel, flake, dent, flatten, bend or fade like other wood seats
  • STABLE / NO WIGGLE: impact absorbing heavy duty hinges (with corrosion-free hardware) and integrally-molded, permanent and sanitary color-keyed bumpers, secures seat into place
  • SANITARY: non-porous, scratch resistant high-gloss finish that won’t stain or discolor
  • SUPERIOR FIT / EASY TO INSTALL: easy to install and fits on all regular elongated toilet bowls including Kohler, American Standard, TOTO and many more
  • MADE IN THE USA – Centoco’s molded wood toilet seats are proudly made in the USA

The Centoco 900-001 is an exception to our recommendation of ABS plastic. Over a wood core, it’s made of molded, thick plastic. Like other wooden chairs, the wood won’t crack, chip, dent, flatten, flake, fade, or peel, so you can be confident it’ll last.

The scratch-resistant polypropylene shell has a high gloss finish. It won’t stain or discolor, and cleaning it is a breeze. The Centoco toilet seat is a hygienic and sanitary choice. Because it’s non-porous, it won’t harbor bacteria or chemicals from your cleaning supplies.

The design, like the polypropylene shell and hardwood core, is of excellent quality. It’s an ergonomic contour fit for elongated toilet seats, but it’s also available in a round version. Because the hinges are impact-resistant, they will not shatter or split. Permanent bumpers are also available that are both hygienic and will not slip off.

Don’t put yourself through a complex installation process. The Centoco toilet seat is installed in four simple stages that take only a few minutes to complete. The toilet seat is now up and running, and you’re ready to go!

There are four color possibilities for this toilet seat: white, crane white, biscuit, and bone. You may purchase them singly or in a six-pack! You may match the color of your seat to the rest of your bathroom’s decor.

Some buyers are skeptical of the hinges, and they look to be loose, which does not bode well for long-term durability. That’s why acquiring a box of six is a good idea, just in case you need to change the toilet seat regularly. On that topic, bear in mind that this toilet seat has a 300-pound weight restriction, although some of our other suggestions have a larger weight limit.

  • Simple installation
  • Long term durability 
  • Only 300-pound weight capacity


8. Big John Products 6W Big John 6-W Oversized Seat with Cover

Big John Products 6W Big John 6-W Oversized Seat with Cover – for Round Or...
  • Big john toilet seat closed front with cover 800 pound capacity - 109826
  • This is highly durable
  • This is manufactured in United states
  • Fits either round or elongated toilet bowl
  • Oversized stabilizing bumpers grip the porcelain to keep the seat from shifting

The Big John product 6W huge toilet seat with cover is made in the United States, ensuring unquestionable quality, and its 19-inch front-to-back and side-to-side dimensions make it one of the gigantic toilet seats on the market. Large stabilizing bumpers grasp the porcelain to protect the seat from slipping in the regular larger toilet seat, which fits either elongated or round toilets.

Another appealing feature of this toilet seat is its high-impact abs hinges, and it is one of the best W large toilet seats for heavy person recommendations for fat or hefty people. The Big John 6W huge toilet seat with a cover for round or elongated toilet bowls is most likely one of the most excellent options you can make if you’re searching for a toilet seat that won’t break when used by an overweight person.

  • made in the United States
  • Large stabilizing bumpers grasp
  • None


9. CENTOCORE 700-001 Round Wooden Fat Person Toilet Seat

CENTOCORE 700-001 Round Wooden Toilet Seat, Heavy Duty Molded Wood with...
  • High Quality: Ergonomically Contoured Heavy Duty Molded Polypropylene Shell Over Wood Core Which Won’T Crack, Chip, Peel, Flake, Dent, Flatten, Bend Or Fade Like Other Wood Seats
  • Stable / No Wiggle: Impact Absorbing Heavy Duty Hinges (With Corrosion-Free Hardware) And Integrally-Molded, Permanent And Sanitary Color-Keyed Bumpers, Secures Seat Into Place
  • Sanitary: Non-Porous, Scratch Resistant High-Gloss Finish That Won’T Stain Or Discolor
  • Superior Fit / Easy To Install: Easy To Install And Fits On All Regular Round Toilet Bowls Including Kohler, American Standard, Toto And Many More

Centoco round molded wood toilet seats have a thick polypropylene shell over a wood core, preventing flaking, cracking, fading, denting, chipping, or peeling like ordinary wood seats. It is compatible with all-around toilets made in Canada or the United States.

One feature that sets the product apart is its gorgeous high-gloss finish, which comes in various colors to compliment your toilet and bathroom décor or painting. The seat is highly hygienic and non-porous. With top mount hinges and corrosion-free hardware, it’s simple to put together. The Centoco 700 toilet seat is an ideal alternative for folks who want a robust and strong toilet seat for their home toilet while also appreciating the elegance.

  • gorgeous high-gloss finish
  • highly hygienic and non-porous
  • None


10. Ginsey Home Solutions Chrome Hinges Toilet Seat

Ginsey Home Solutions Elongated Resin Toilet Seat, Gold Foil 59607
  • GOLD FOIL: Brilliant addition to any bathroom decor
  • STURDY: Resin base creates a weighted balance, paired with heavy-duty chrome hinges that were built to withstand stress and not wiggle while in place
  • ELONGATED: Measuring 18.5" long, this seat was designed for elongated toilets
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Simply wipe toilet seat with soap & water
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Package includes (1) elongated sized Gold Foil Deluxe Resin Toilet Seat. Measures 18.5” L. Weighs 10.4 lbs. This toilet seat is a perfect way to round out your bathroom decor with a...

The solution fixes your problem with the toilet seat cover breaking frequently. The ginsey standard resin toilet seat is durable and technically sound, and the oval-shaped product offers your toilet a brilliant appearance. For round and elongated toilet bowls, golden foil with stain and chip resistance is the most acceptable option. Its strong chrome hinges can withstand a lot of pressure. When properly installed, the best hinges don’t wiggle.

The product is the most excellent toilet seat for fat people, and the seat cover is 16.5 inches long and fits regular toilets. The use of resin substance improves its durability and resistance to heavyweights. When we talk about heavyweight toilet seat covers, their weight is under 8 pounds, which is pretty reasonable.

The robust sport of hinges on the heavy-duty construction allows it to shut down quietly. Its elegant design adds to the elegance of your bathroom. Another feature of this product is that it can be readily adjusted in length to provide comfortable seating. The manufacturer offers a guarantee, and however, you must first read the product policy for more information.

  • balancing your weight
  • Stress is not a problem for hinges.
  • Comfortable
  • Only an oval form is offered.


11. Mayfair 830CHSLB 000 Toilet Seat for Fat Person

Mayfair 830CHSLB 000 Toilet Seat, 1 Pack-ROUND, White-Chrome Hinges
  • NO SLAMMING: Seat closes slowly and quietly with a tap to eliminate pinched fingers
  • NO MORE WIGGLE: With the STA-TITE Fastening System your seat will never come loose
  • INSTALLS WITH A SNAP: The STA-TITE Seat Fastening System is easy to install with just a wrench
  • STYLISH and SECURE CHROME HINGES: Accent bath hardware finishes
  • RESISTS CHIPPING AND SCRATCHING: Durable enameled wood seat provides a superior high-gloss finish

With chrome hinges, the Mayfair toilet seat is a show-stopper. The attractive usage of wood material improves the technical effectiveness of the best fat person toilet seat for the overweight, and heavy-duty hinges moderately control the closing operation.

A sturdy product is in a white round hue with enameled wood. Its long-lasting hinges prevent fingers from being pinched. With a professional fastening edge, the seat is pleasant, and it’s round and fits regular toilets. Its mechanical features keep it from wriggling and provide you with the ability to tolerate tension.

A heavy-duty cover with a weight of 7.05 pounds is offered. The product is stain and scratch-resistant. Its classic-gloss finish keeps it looking new for a long time, so you won’t have to clean it as often. Its high-quality color never fades and resists flaking.

The 830CHSLB 000 is technically sound, and the wobbling is eliminated thanks to well-installed hinges. As a result, its life span exceeds expectations. Positively built to handle tension, the back control system is always there to promote your comfort and relaxation when sitting. You may take care of this on your own with the help of an easy-to-understand installation. Your small act of kindness will lengthen its life and make it more effective.

  • The pinched finger is no longer a problem.
  • Slowly closes
  • Cleaning is a breeze.
  • Only accessible to consumers in the United States and Canada.


12. Delta Faucet Morgan Elongated Slow-Close White Toilet Seat

Delta Faucet Morgan Elongated Slow-Close White Toilet Seat with Non-Slip Seat...
  • Slow-close seat: The slow-close toilet seat closes quietly and helps to prevent slamming
  • Non-slip bumpers: The non-slip toilet seat bumpers keep the seat from moving or shifting
  • Fits elongated toilets: This white toilet seat fits most elongated toilet bowls
  • Easy installation: The fast and secure installation helps prevent loosening
  • Durable finish: The durable finish is resistant to staining, fading, chipping and peeling

For Elongated toilet bowls, Delta Faucet provides a simple slip-free toilet seat. The best toilet seat for fat people has a white surface that is simple to install and clean, and it has strong plastic hinges that can withstand the weight.

Available in a regular size with a weight of 4.25 pounds. The clear surface ensures the absence of water drops. As a result, it’s non-slippery. The seat closes very slowly, so there’s no danger of pinching your finger. It is simple to install and so suitable for personal toilets. Its cemented structure helps in the acquisition of strength. Stains, cracks, and scratches are not an issue with this product, and it is not fading or flaking.

However, the product’s weight implies staying longer in private toilets than in public restrooms. It is a portable toilet seat that uses in a private bathroom. Commercial toilets are less well-maintained, and anyone who is hefty can harm these light-weighted toilet seat coverings. In comparison to a circular bowl, the product takes 31 inches from the wall to install.

  • Stain-resistant
  • The color will not fade.
  • Not suitable for use in a commercial toilet.


What You Need to Know Before Buying a Fat Person Toilet Seat

The convenience of the toilet is a critical issue to consider when buying residential or business toilets. Some toilets are exclusively suitable for light people, while others are suitable for light and heavy people.

It is essential to evaluate the various groups of possible toilet users. Because the option isn’t appropriate for all potential consumers, you’ll have a problem on your hands. To provide more excellent choices, the manufacturers designed standard-size fat person toilet seats. Even so, determining the correct necessity and size of a toilet seat is critical. If you are overweight, you should consider your weight resistance capability while choosing a toilet seat—the weight of the bulky toilet seat is essential.

Figure Out What Kind of Toilet You Have:

You must first determine the contour of any fat toilet seat before purchasing it. Toilet seats are available in two styles: round and elongated. Different bowl shapes correlate to each of them. The most common toilet seat is a circular one, however extended seats are becoming increasingly popular. Before you start purchasing, be sure you know what you have.

Select Your Preferred Build Material:

Choose from plastic, wood, and a cushioned seat. Most toilet seats are made of composite wood with a plastic coating. However, these toilet seats may become quite chilly in the winter, split easily, and show markings from cleaning and time.

Natural wood is readily discolored by cleaning agents, and thus it may not be suitable for long-term usage. Cushioned seats are excellent, but they tend to fracture with time, so make sure the padding is made to last if you choose them. Heated toilet seats are also available, which may be excellent if your home is prone to being particularly chilly throughout the winter.

Consider to Add Padding:

One of the most sought aspects of a toilet seat is comfort. If you are overweight or recuperating from surgery, padding may be beneficial. It relieves discomfort and relieves tension on your back and butt muscles when you’re on the toilet.

If you need mobility aids, you should be aware that cushioned seats might cause problems since they don’t give enough hardness to support the transfer. They are, nonetheless, more comfortable and heated than standard toilet seats.

Decide on A Closing System:

Do you despise it when toilet seats slam shut with a thud? Are you concerned that the constant smashing may shorten their lifespan? It is always a good idea to get a seat with a slow close option.

When this type of toilet closes, it will be quiet, reducing unwanted slamming noises. The material it employs will not readily break because it is such a small impact when it closes. It’s also suitable for folks who have trouble bending or stooping.

Strong Hinges Should Be Looked For:

The quality of the hinges determines the fit and strength of a heavy-duty toilet seat. The quality of the hinges determines the difference between stable chairs, and high-quality hinges ensure a comfortable fit and operation.

Look for: If you’re a bigger person, you should look for:

  • Seats that are wider or larger
  • Padding
  • Heavy-duty hinges made of stainless steel
  • Stability bumpers made of rubber


We feel that comfort is the most crucial characteristic to look for in a toilet seat and that it should be the determining factor in where you spend your money. With that in mind, we are confident that you will be happy with our solutions. These best fat person toilet seats are all sturdy, long-lasting, comfortable, and high-performing, with positive feedback from persons with disabilities.


What is the difference between a regular toilet seat and a bariatric toilet seat?

Heavy-duty toilet seats, called bariatric toilet seats, are intended to assist people who are overweight.

How much weight can a toilet seat support?

Toilet seat: If you’re a heavier person, the strength of the bowls isn’t the only thing to consider. A typical seat can only support about 300 pounds, which is much less than the bowl.

Is it possible to obtain a larger toilet seat?

The Big John Toilet Seat is a 19-inch vast, 1200-pound capacity, ADA-compliant toilet seat that elevates the height of any conventional toilet, round or elongated, by 2-1/2 inches. It has the most solid toilet seat available because of its big bumpers, which give an anti-slip hold.

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