8 Best Commercial Toilets 2022

Best commercial toilets

Best commercial toilets it is impossible to understand the importance of cleanliness in human life. The topic of appropriate cleanliness has always been considered sacred, from the family to the public sphere. A basic commercial toilet with a neat seat, toilet paper, a water-efficient tank system, cheap toilet cleaner, and clean surrounds should all be included in an excellent professional restroom. Because these items aren’t readily available, bathroom infections and other illnesses can spread quickly.

To discover the most suitable commercial-grade toilet with dependability, durability, and high efficiency, you may need to conduct a significant sidebar search or read some good commercial toilet reviews. Commercial toilets are designed mainly for public spaces since they may be used by anybody of any size, height, or condition.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

When shopping for a new commercial toilet, there are several factors to consider. You must decide whether you choose a tankless or tanked model, as the two types will function differently. Another important factor you should notice is the installation method since this will influence the toilet’s appearance and cost. You’ll also need to search carefully for one that’s the correct height and size, as various people will use this new toilet.

Finally, make sure you choose a toilet that is simple to clean. The last thing you want is to clean your toilets regularly to keep them from becoming dirty. Commercial toilets vary from typical residential toilets in a few ways.

Industrial versions frequently cater to massive volumes and various flushing methods, necessitating a unique setup and maintenance strategy. Throughout this post, we go over the differences in depth so you can select the ideal commercial toilet for your café, restaurant, bar, or work area.

The Toilet Design:

Toilets are now available on the market in both one-piece and two-piece designs. Two-piece construction is less expensive than one-piece construction, and parts are easier to locate and replace. Although both toilets function similarly, people may choose the one-piece option for a variety of reasons.

A single-piece seat has a more streamlined look. It is because it is more attractive and has a more seamless design. The second reason is that because there is no gap between the two components, the one-pieces have fewer places where bacteria may adhere and are thus easier to clean.

Water Consumption:

New bathrooms must not use more than 1.6 gallons of water every flush, according to federal regulation. As previously stated, flushometer valves provide 1.28 GPF, which saves both water and money.


Before purchasing a new toilet, ensure that it will fit into the available bathroom space. The “rough-in,” which is the region between the toilet’s wall and the middle of either drain pipes or bolts that hold the fitted toilet on the floor, is a necessary calculation.

Longevity (Quality Of Material Used):

Durability is a significant consideration no matter where you want to install this toilet. When looking for a commercial restroom, though, this is much more crucial. The more individuals who use the toilet, the more probable it is to develop flaws and wear. It’s especially vital to get one with durable industrial toilet components that can stand the test of time (and the analysis of hundreds of people using it per day).

The most durable toilets are constructed of vitreous china, which is just porcelain that has been coated with a protective coating. You should also check at top-rated toilet seats and flushing systems for business use. These toilet elements are frequently the first to break and become faulty because people are harsher on them.

Mechanism of Flushing:

When it comes to the flushing process, a tankless flushometer valve toilet differs significantly from a domestic tank-style toilet, in a domestic toilet, the flushing mechanism – or the device that activates the flush.

The flusher is linked to the valve since most business toilets do not have tanks and instead utilize a flushometer valve. The flushing handles on flushometer valve toilets are typically long, thin, and constructed of robust stainless steel.

There are a few flush-style alternatives if you choose a toilet with a commercial toilet tank instead of a flushometer, including a standard side-tank handle or a dual flush button on the tank top. They can also be motion actuated or equipped with a flushing button instead of a handle. You can read the rest of our guide to the best flushing toilets here.


Whether you’re installing one or 100 business toilets, selecting a type that’s simple to install is critical. Professional plumbers and contractors are required for substantial upgrades to business bathrooms. This work is complete on your own if you’re replacing just one or a few outdated toilets.

When installing a business flushometer valve toilet, keep in mind that it is connected directly to the water supply line. It is feasible to establish a commercial toilet at home. However, it is not as frequent as installing a domestic toilet. Keep in mind that flushometer valve toilets will only function if your plumbing system has sufficient water pressure.


The cost is a critical factor for extensive commercial building renovations, especially if there are many restrooms with numerous toilets. Commercial toilets are priced differently based on design features, water efficiency, material quality, and any intelligent technologies that may be added (like self-cleaning or touchless flush). As a result, planning your budget ahead of time is always a brilliant idea.

Compliant with the ADA:

Commercial establishments benefit from having a restroom that conforms with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This characteristic is not as important when choosing a toilet for a home, but it is still a good idea.

In some areas, public restrooms must conform with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Commercial toilets are used by a wide range of individuals, including some with restricted mobility. Therefore ADA compliance is a good idea.


Commercial toilet warranties are sometimes less comprehensive than residential toilet warranties. It is because the frequency of usage in a business toilet is significantly higher. Private toilets usually have a one to five-year limited warranty, but commercial toilets are more likely to have only one or two years of coverage.

Reviews of Best Commercial Toilets

This article attempts to reveal the finest and best commercial toilets of 2021 to help you better understand how to choose the best commercial toilets.

American Standard 2467016.020 Cadet Right Height Elongated Pressure-Assisted Toilet


American Standard 2467016.020 Cadet Right Height Elongated Pressure-Assisted Toilet

American Standard is one of the toilet behemoths, having been in the business for almost 140 years. Toilets in the United States are designed to the highest standards and to last an extended period. They provide a large selection of commercial toilets, including the American Cadet right-height toilet.

Because of its remarkable characteristics, the American Standard toilet Cadet 2-piece toilet is the actual definition of a commercial toilet. This toilet is intended for use in institutions, schools, and a variety of other business settings. It features an extended bowl shape that provides an extra seating area and can easily accommodate a wide range of people. This type is also used as a toilet in private residences.

Furthermore, the Cadet commercial toilet is convenient, allowing the elderly, tall, disabled, and even disabled individuals in public areas to use the toilet with ease. The solid and efficient pressure-assist siphon jet action on the right-height toilet clears sediments with only one flush. This toilet saves water by using only 1.6 gallons each flush instead of older toilet types that use more than 3 GPF.

This toilet is made of high-quality china material and will survive for a long time. Furthermore, cleaning this toilet is a breeze thanks to the EverClean surface, which prevents the formation of stain- and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew on the toilet’s surface. As a consequence, you won’t need to use abrasive cleansers to clean.

  • The EverClean surface aids in keeping the toilet surface clean for more extended periods
  • It has an extended bowl that allows for additional seating room.
  • The toilet is at a comfortable height to suit a variety of persons.
  • Because it is composed of vitreous china, it is pretty durable.
  • Because of the pressure-assisted siphon jet flush action, it flushes quickly and effectively.
  • Installing and cleaning this industrial toilet is a breeze.
  • It’s simple to clean since particles don’t adhere to the toilet’s surface.
  • The toilet is ADA accessible, and the chrome trip lever is placed on the toilet’s left side.
  • The manufacturer provides a one-year guarantee.
  • Certain users have reported leaks.
  • The toilet is a little louder than other toilets.
  • American Standard provides poor customer service.


American Standard 2467016.020 Cadet Right Height Elongated Pressure-Assisted...
  • Pressure-assisted siphon jet for powerful performance
  • Tall height for sitting and standing ease and comfort
  • Seat sold separately
  • 2-piece design includes separate tank and bowl
  • Elongated bowl for added comfort

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Saniflo Sanibest Pro: Upflush Toilet Maceration


Saniflo Sanibest Pro: Upflush Toilet Maceration

If you’re looking for a brand new perfect toilet for your basement, the Saniflo Sanibest Pro macerating toilet is a great option. This toilet is unusual in that it has both a toilet and a macerating chamber. Not only can the toilet be put beneath the sewage line, but it also saves a lot of water.

Changing your sewage line to fit a conventional toilet in the basement will save you water, money, and time in the long run. The toilet grinds the waste into beautiful particles and may discharge it up to 18 feet below the sewage line vertically. As a result, it is the most decent and cost-effective commercial toilet.

Saniflo’s Snaibest Pro toilet is well-designed to provide both comfort and performance. It is made of durable porcelain that does not cling to particles, making cleaning a breeze. A toilet seat is also included, so you won’t have to buy one separately, unlike some other toilets.

One of the Saniflo Sanibest Pro toilet standouts features is its up-flush toilet gravity system, which uses a grinder and macerator to force waste from the toilet, sink, bath, and even washing machine several meters up to the sewage line.

However, before the trash is pumped up, the pressure system in the macerating chamber activates the macerator blades, which revolve at 3600 RPM to convert the solid waste into a slurry before being pumped up.

The best part about using this toilet type is that its robust flushing mechanism only requires 1.6 gallons of water every flush. To run the engine in the macerating chamber, however, you must connect it to an electrical outlet. The installation process is straightforward, and the instructions in the handbook are clear. However, it is highly costly and is best used in business settings such as underground offices.

  • It is effortless to set up.
  • It saves water since it uses less than 1.6 GPF.
  • Saniflo toilets are composed of long-lasting materials.
  • It’s perfect for basements and garages.
  • It can be buried up to 18 feet below the sewage line or 150 feet away from a soil Sack.
  • Discharge pipes from the sink, shower, or the washing machine might be linked to the toilet.
  • It features a longer bowl, which makes it more comfortable for users.
  • It comes with a two-year repair or replacement guarantee.
  • It is pretty costly.
  • It can’t work without power.
  • The toilet is extremely noisy since the pump head is from a long way.
  • For appropriate installation of the unit, you may require the services of a plumber.


Saniflo Sanibest Pro: Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit (with Elongated Bowl)
  • kit include : Sanibest Pro #013, elongated bowl (#087) and tank (#005)
  • OPTIONS : For Elongated bowl and Extension pipe for behind wall installation, please see our other listings.
  • SHIPPING : Exclusive FREE same day shipping with UPS (receive in just 2-3 business days)

TOTO CST744SL#12 Drake Elongated Hdcp Bowl and Tank


TOTO CST744SL#12 Drake Bowl and Tank TOTO CST744SL#12 Drake Elongated Hdcp Bowl and Tank

Toto toilets are one of those rare toilets that never let you down. This Toto Drake 2-piece toilet is suitable for both commercial and residential applications. The toilet complies with all ADA regulations and functions admirably.

The Toto Drake toilet is composed of vitreous china, which makes it long-lasting and robust. You’ll be able to find a design and finish that precisely suits your bathroom decor, thanks to the broad selection of colors available.

This toilet is suitable for business usage since it has a Comfort height seat and the chrome trip lever located on the toilet’s left side. In addition, the toilet features an extended bowl that can fit nearly any type of person without difficulty.

The outstanding, silent, and forceful flushing system is one of the qualities that distinguish this two-piece toilet from the competition. The G-Max flushing system, which includes a 3-inch flush valve that is 125 percent larger than conventional valves. A large glazed Trap way, a large water surface, and a powerful flush that leaves the toilet clean and prevents clogging.

All work together to provide a powerful flush that leaves the toilet clean and prevents clogging. The firm also sells one-piece tankless floor-mounted commercial toilets, which are a little more expensive. If you install it in your home, you also have the option of installing a SoftClose toilet seat or a bidet seat. Last but not least, the installation of this toilet is simple and can be completed by yourself.

  • Users will appreciate the extra seating space provided by the extended bowl shape.
  • It complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • The G-Max flush technology maximizes water pressure to offer a strong flush.
  • The design is lovely and elegant, and it goes with a variety of bathroom designs.
  • It features a wide surface area, making cleaning a breeze.
  • Drake’s toilet is composed of long-lasting vitreous china.
  • It is simple to set up.
  • The toilet seat is supplied separately, and the installation process is rather complex. As a result, you’ll have to put the toilet components together.
  • Many customers say that the tank’s design flow is disrupted by the top’s poor fit on the tank.
  • The toilet is rather noisy, which may irritate some individuals.


TOTO CST744SL#12 Drake Elongated Hdcp Bowl and Tank, Sedona Beige
  • Contemporary, high profile design
  • G-Max Flushing System: Quiet, powerful, commercial grade flushing performance
  • Fast Flush: Wide 3-Inch flush valve is 125-Percent larger than conventional 2-Inch flush valves
  • Wider, 2-1/8-Inch computer designed, fully glazed trap way
  • Large water surface

Boulevard RH Elongated Toilet by American Standard 2891.128.020


Boulevard RH Elongated One Piece Flowise Toilet by American Standard 2891.128.020

The American Standard Boulevard right-height toilet has an attractive and straight forward design that goes with any bathroom decor. The mid-century Bauhaus design movement influences its elegant shape and intense look.

The toilet is also available in two other finishes: white and linen. Furthermore, it is easily placed in both a large and small bathroom. At last, it is one of the most excellent commercial toilets you can buy.

Because it has a smooth surface and a hidden Tramway, the one-piece toilet is straightforward to clean and maintain. As a result, there are no nooks and crannies to scrape throughout the cleaning process. Furthermore, the Boulevard toilet is convenient and efficient. It has a Power Wash rim, a 3-inch extra-wide flush valve, and a siphon jetting action that efficiently clears contents.

Clogging in the bathroom will be a thing of the past with this type of performance, which is why it’s ideal for use in commercial settings. The EverClean surface not only has a strong flush mechanism but also keeps the toilet clean for longer by preventing stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew from adhering to the toilet surface.

People who are old, crippled, or impaired will find it simple to use the toilet since it is at the appropriate height. Above all, the toilet uses just 1.28 Gpf, which means it conserves water while flushing incredibly well.

  • It’s a high-capacity toilet.
  • This business toilet is WaterSense certified by the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • It has a sleek, decent, and attractive design that works well in both traditional and modern bathrooms.
  • It’s simple to keep clean and maintain.
  • For a more extended period, the EverClean surface keeps the toilet cleaner.
  • There are no more slamming doors since it features a soft-close seat.
  • Flushing performance is excellent and robust.
  • It is suited for a variety of folks due to the appropriate bowl height.
  • The extended bowl shape provides more comfort.
  • It comes with a 10-year limited guarantee.
  • It is somewhat costly.
  • Spare components, such as the thick toilet seat, are challenging to come by.
  • The flush handle is poorly constructed and feels flimsy.


American Standard 2891.128.020 Boulevard RH Elongated One Piece Flowise Toilet,...
  • High efficiency, ultra-low consumption (4.8Lpf/1.28 gpf), utilizes 20% less water
  • Meets EPA WaterSense« criteria
  • LXP (Luxury Performance) Toilet
  • 12" (305mm) rough-in
  • Elongated siphon action bowl with smooth-sided, concealed trapway

KOHLER 96057-0 Highcliff Toilet, 1, White


KOHLER 96057-0 Highcliff Toilet, 1, White

This floor-mounted business toilet works well with numerous valves and can operate in various water supply situations. It also complies with ADA and CSA standards for height. Compared to its competitors, this toilet is rather big, with a 10″ x 7″ water surface.

If you’re looking for the most outstanding overall commercial toilet, you should look into this model. It is nicely constructed. It features one of the most excellent flushing systems on the market, producing a solid stream of water regardless of water pressure.

In reality, this type is well-suited to various water systems and can be customized to operate with virtually any valve. This type is straightforward to set up. It also comes with a lengthy guarantee and is intended to fulfill both the ADA and CSA height standards.

This toilet is fantastic in every way. It does, however, have one flaw that you should be aware of before making your decision. Though it is by no means a tiny toilet, it does have a smaller than usual water surface area of 10 inches by 7 inches. This lower water surface area may make cleaning more challenging, especially in a more crowded restroom. On the other hand, it will use less water because of the smaller water surface area than previous versions.

  • Fantastic design
  • Durable
  • None


KOHLER 96057-0 Highcliff Toilet, 1, White
  • Elongated bowl, ADA compliant.
  • 1-1/2" top spud.
  • Trap passageway 2-1/8".
  • 10" x 7" water surface size.
  • 1.1 to 1.6 gpf (gallons per flush) range (1.1, 1.28 and 1.6 gpf).

Zurn – FBA Z5615. Z5615. 1.28 Gpf Wall Hung Elongated Toilet


Zurn - FBA Z5615. Z5615. 1.28 Gpf Wall Hung Elongated Toilet

This toilet is a wall-mounted tankless toilet. It has a dual flush system and a lengthy guarantee. An automatic flush valve is included, and This toilet is also portable and straightforward to clean. This elegant toilet has a lot to recommend it. For starters, it is lightweight. It also comes with a three-year guarantee, which is one of the best you’ll ever see.

The valve on this toilet is maybe its most significant feature. It has a built-in electronic valve that opens and closes automatically. It is fantastic for a few reasons. First and foremost, it saves a significant quantity of water by simply flushing for a specified length of time.

Second, because no one will need to touch it to activate it, this valve will assist in making your bathroom exhaust fans more sanitary. The dual flush is also reasonably firm, which contributes to the toilet’s cleanliness.

The installation of this toilet is more complex than that of others. While the water line and sewer connection are almost identical, the valve needs some attention. This model has an automatic flush valve, which helps to keep your bathroom cleaner while also conserving water.

It must, however, be connected to power to operate correctly. As a result, you’ll need to hire a professional to install an electric hookup, which will be more expensive if you’re updating your toilet.

  • saves a significant quantity of water
  • helps to keep your bathroom clean
  • None


Zurn - FBA_Z5615. Z5615. 1.28 gpf Wall Hung Elongated...
  • Zurn Commercial Flush Valve Toilets
  • 1.28/1.6 gpf dual-flush wall-hung toilet w/ ZEMS6000AV-HET-IS Flush Valve
  • Siphon jet flush action with 2-1/8" fully glazed trapway
  • Top Spud

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American Standard 2857.128.020 ADA 1.28 GPF Toilet


American Standard 2857.128.020 ADA 1.28 GPF Toilet

This toilet is a tankless toilet that is placed on the floor. It’s tiny and light, yet it’s also rigid and hefty. It may be used in both business and residential environments. This type is efficient and has a strong flush.

This type is simple to use in both home and business settings due to its design. It is a beautiful choice if you need to squeeze your new commercial toilet into a smaller bathroom or want to accommodate as many stalls as possible in your business.

It is also highly durable, making it an excellent choice for busy environments. Its glazed trap also makes it a great choice because it is less prone to clog than other toilets. This type also has a relatively strong flush that requires only 1.28 gallons per flush.

The toilet’s durability is one of its most delicate features. Unfortunately, this leads to the most severe problem that we discovered. This toilet is far too hefty. It’s almost twice as heavy as the next most potent model on our list. While this shouldn’t be a problem in a new construction setting where you’ll have plenty of aid getting it in position due to its weight, it may be tough to mount appropriately in an older configuration.

  • highly durable
  • most delicate features
  • None


American Standard 2857.128.020 Madera ADA 1.28 GPF Toilet with Manual Flush...
  • American Standard 2857.128.020 Madera ADA 1.28 GPF toilet with Manual Flush Valve White
  • This collection is the ideal combination of form and function
  • The Product is manufactures in United States
  • Seat not included
  • High efficiency, low consumption 1.28 -Gallons-per-flush

TOTO CST744EL#01 Eco Drake Two-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF ADA Compliant Toilet


TOTO CST744EL#01 Eco Drake Two-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF ADA Compliant Toilet

It is a tanked toilet that is installed on the floor. It’s best and suitable for both home and business use. It’s long-lasting and available in a variety of hues. It’s also bigger than comparable versions, making cleaning a breeze.

If you only need one toilet in the bathroom and are searching for a toilet for your company, this is a fantastic alternative. Its tanked form fits perfectly in a more oversized bathroom, whether you wish to use it at work or home. It is also considerably more significant than other commercial models, making it more suitable for a broader range of users.

You may also feel sure that it complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This whole toilet is also an excellent choice for anybody looking to make their bathroom more inviting. It comes in several hues, making it much easier to match it to your desired décor and style.

While this is a great toilet, it does have some drawbacks to connecting to regular home sewage and water connection. The most significant disadvantage is that it will consume more water overall than a tankless toilet due to its tanked construction. It drinks more water since it has to replenish a whole tank rather than just the bowl with each flush. While the expense of flushing this toilet will take some time to mount up.

  • Fantastic Design
  • fits perfectly
  • None


TOTO CST744ELR#01 Drake 2-Piece Eco Elongated Ada Toilet with Right-Hand Trip...
  • Brand Name: TOTO
  • Model Number: CST744ELR#01
  • color: Cotton White


If you’re looking for a commercial toilet, take your time and find one that can accommodate a wide range of individuals. A wide range of people uses commercial restrooms. As a result, you must guarantee that they are comfortable and that the toilet flushes while conserving water.

After examining the many qualities that you should look for in an excellent commercial toilet and emphasizing the best commercial toilet, you should have an easier time selecting a toilet for your restroom at work or school.


Why do commercial toilets flush better than home toilets?

The tank offers enough water pressure for a successful flush without any bathroom blockages in household toilets. The water for a business toilet must come from a more giant diameter water supply pipe. The water pressure in a home connection is just insufficient to flush a business toilet.

Why are public restrooms so powerful?

Pressure in the water. With a giant pipe, you may use a “flushometer” valve, which allows you to pressurize the water enough to shoot water jets into the bowl. In essence, that pressure allows commercial toilets to use the pipe’s water pressure instead of gravity (like a bowl-based toilet).

Is it true that old toilets are better than new toilets?

The amount of water used by ancient toilets versus modern toilets is the most significant difference. Toilets made after 1992 consume less than half the amount of water each flush as previous models while also offering improved flushing and other convenience features.

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