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With too many different fabrics, forms, and sizes to choose from, choosing a bathtub can be difficult. This guide will help you consider the most common choices on the market and determine whether or not a cast iron bathtub is right for you. Since the invention of modern plumbing, enameled cast iron tubs have been in use. Thanks to their timeless beauty, outstanding longevity, and ease of upkeep, these tubs are still iconic today.

Furthermore, a cast iron bathtub is made of porcelain bonded with iron and then enamel-coated to resist chipping. As a result of the enamel coating, the bathtub is very durable and resistant to chipping. It is also resistant to scratches and heavy impacts due to its iron properties. Since cast iron retains heat naturally, this bathtub can maintain water temperatures for much longer, providing a more enjoyable bathing experience.

Best Cast Iron Bathtubs Reviews

We have also published articles before on the best acrylic bathtubs and best alcove bathtubs if you need another material type. So, let start the journey to visit the best products for your bathroom.

1. 67″ Cast Iron Slipper Tub with 7″ Faucet hole

The Cast Iron Slipper Tub, our Editor’s Choice – kicks off our list of the best-cast iron bathtubs of 2021. Our top choice for the best-cast iron bathtub on the market is the best and hard-earned remodel. First, at 67″ L, it has plenty of space for a chin-deep soak that is exceptionally relaxed, calming, and soothing without taking up too much room.

2. Signature Hardware 415243-67 Kateryn 67″ Tub

The Signature Hardware Bateau Cast Iron Skirted Tub is ranked #2 on our list of the best-cast iron bathtubs for remodels this year. This one-of-a-kind cast iron model is our top pick if you’re looking for a great deal.

3. Cast Iron Slipper Tub with 7″ Faucet hole Drillings & Oil Rubbed Bronze Feet

The Cast Iron Slipper Tub with 7″ Faucet Hole is the year’s #3 favorite cast iron bathtubs. It used to be challenging to locate a low-cost cast iron soaking tub. Fast forward to 2021, where you can browse through research-backed lists of just the highest-rated versions, such as the Chariton, in only a few taps. The Chariton is a perfect pick if you’re a “bargain hunter” who refuses to lose accuracy in the process of saving money.

4. 58" Cast Iron Swedish Tub with NO Faucet Holes & Oil Rubbed Bronze Feet- "Holt"

Imagine soaking chin-deep in warm bath water that lasts for hours in a shower that doesn’t fill up the whole bathroom. With Holt, the imagination becomes a reality quickly. Its Swedish style has a market-leading depth (18″), although its shorter length (54″) is ideal for narrower bathrooms.

5. Kingston Brass Aqua Eden VCTND6030NT5

Kingston Brass Aqua Eden line features a wide range of Cast Iron and Acrylic Freestanding, Clawfoot, and Pedestal Bathtubs in various shapes and sizes. The VCTND6030NT5 is a Single Slipper, Cast Iron Clawfoot bathtub ideal for unwinding after a busy day. Cast iron is a long-lasting material kilned with white porcelain enamel on the interior and polished with a hand-smoothed white painted exterior. This tub is both stable and durable, ensuring that it will do you well for many years to come. If you don’t use vigorous scouring tactics, the finish on a Cast Iron bathtub is flawless and easy to clean. As a result, the enamel surface can be scratched, resulting in further issues with the finish over time. These tubs are very heavy. When the tub’s weight is combined with the weight of the water and the weight of the person in the tub, structural support is necessary!

6. MAYKKE Katharine 70″ Oval Clawfoot Bath Tub

You will now get never-before-seen access to exotic tubs like the Katharine, thanks to the internet. So, if you like unique “one-of-a-kind” tubs and want to “stray away from the average,” the Katharine is the tub for you. The white Katharine Cast Iron Double Slipper Clawfoot Tub transports you to another day.

Moreover, this double-ended tub allows you to relax on either end. The elegant look and the high-quality cast iron construction will allow your bath to remain warmer for longer, making it the ideal addition to a traditional bathroom. Set on polished chrome cast iron feet. Drainage is fast and straightforward, thanks to the included drain. A floor mount faucet will complete the look.

7. Toto FBY1550PNo.01 Enameled Cast Iron Bathtub

The Toto (FBY1550PNo.01) won outright after months of testing into the best drop-in cast iron baths on the market today, earning its place as our only drop-in cast iron tub we endorse for 2021.

8. KOHLER 714-0 Villager Bathtub, White

Since this model is alcove style, you’ll find that it also has an apron or sidewall. If you have a damaged acrylic-based apron tub with a deck and drain, replacing it with the Kohler Villager is a great way to modernize it.

9. Kohler K-837-0 Bellwether 60-Inch by 30-Inch Cast Iron Bath

This Kohler tub is a better choice if you’re looking for a cast iron alcove tub. The surface of this Kohler cast iron alcove tub is constructed of “Safeguard” anti-slip materials. It is essential if you’re a senior citizen, as bathing becomes more unsafe as you age. The model’s big edges are another feature you’ll appreciate. They are ideal for holding sugar scrubs, conditioners, shampoos, and other bathroom essentials.

10. KOHLER K-877-S-0 Highbridge

The Highbridge comes with several unique features. To begin with, it has a recessed apron that allows storage underneath the shower. The apron, like the rest of the storm, is enameled for a nice look. It can suit most bathrooms due to its 60”x32” dimensions. A retrofit implementation is possible thanks to the integral three-sided tile flange.

Features of Cast Iron Bathtubs


All of the cast iron tubs on our list weigh an average of 370.2 pounds. The standard does not include water. They would be much heavier than the traditional plastic tubs. As a result, you must determine whether or not the floor will accommodate the extra weight. If you do not confirm how much weight your foot can handle, we suggest getting an estimate from a local flooring firm.

Keep Yourself Warm for a Long Time:

Cast iron tubs are known for their excellent ability to preserve heat as compared to their plastic counterparts. Instead of minutes, consider hours.

Lasting Power:

Their increased weight translates to increased longevity. When you’ve built your cast iron tub, it will usually last years, if not decades, longer than cheaper plastic tubs.


The size of the tub has a significant impact on cost, especially for cast iron tubs. Purchasing a tub at the bottom end of the overall price point would result in a slightly narrower tub that might not be deep enough to lay down in. The average cost of a standard-size luxury tub is about $1500.

The expense is heavily influenced by the tub’s design. It is attributed in part to shifts in the target demographic for the pool—inlaid decorative accents and other style elements are more stylish. A tub’s architecture is expected to be more costly the more sleek and complex it is.

Finally, Cast iron tubs will be more expensive for high-end designers, while cast iron tubs will be less costly for more common, practical businesses. Custom and antique tubs are not included in this review. A quotation is needed to get an estimate of the cost of every custom project.


Cast iron would still be the main ingredient of any cast iron tub. On the other hand, cast iron tubs are often coated with an exterior substance for warmth and aesthetic appeal because bare metal is considered uncomfortable to sit on. From tub to tub, the material used to cover the cast iron may differ.

Fiberglass is the most demanding material used in low-cost tubs. Since it can be cleaned smoothly and has an appropriate cosmetic appearance, it is still considered a low-cost tub material. The insulating qualities of fiberglass appear to overshadow a cast iron pool’s benefits, rendering it controversial for those who are searching to make a significant investment.

Another typical material used for this purpose is acrylic. It has the same issues as fiberglass but is a little more durable. Enamel is the preferred material for high-end cast iron tubs, and it is widely advised that a homeowner not purchase a cast iron tub until they can afford to have it enameled.

Enamel is preferred because of its classic, seamless appearance and ability to disperse thermal energy from hot water equally. Enamel is often formed into aesthetically pleasing shapes around the tub’s sides or exterior. It is an unusual occurrence for any other kind of material.

Appealing to the Eye:

Cast iron tubs, particularly those with enamel coatings, are considered to be very attractive. When visible, the iron used in a cast iron tub is black and seems to be very strong. It offers cast iron tubs a long-lasting appearance that many homeowners admire.

A cast iron tub’s general nature is given further attention as a luxury piece. Only a tiny percentage of cast iron tubs are sold to take precedence over the shape. Cast iron tubs with filigree and other fine elements are more readily available than lower-end bathtubs.

Sturdy and long-lasting:

Cast iron tubs are best for their reliability and durability. Bathtubs, as fixtures, are typically very robust on their own. Rather than structural integrity, the most critical factors for replacing conventional bathtubs are incremental wear and tear or mold infection. The solid metal cores in cast iron tubs push things a step further.

They are practically impervious to internal injury, and the underlying metal’s strength makes it impossible for the enamel coating to be strained and cracked. Cast iron tubs are also highly resistant to mold and moisture since they have cast iron cores and few cracks in their overall structure. As a result, they are decent long-term investments.

Transfer of Heat:

Cast iron tubs have a distinct advantage in terms of heat transfer. When a bath is taken, it takes some time for a cast iron tub to heat up. Once the bathtub is loaded with hot water, it can remain hot for a long time, usually much longer than a regular bathtub.

A large amount of thermal energy is absorbed and retained by the metalcore. The water avoids losing power to the pool until it has warmed up, which can be a big issue in traditional designs for those who choose to take a long bath.


Finding the best cast iron tub used to be difficult, but not in 2021. Through the power of the internet, you can now see the best-rated versions in minutes, from hundreds of choices. You’ve earned a spot to unwind.  If you’ve checked at the top-rated cast iron baths on the market and still haven’t found the tub of your dreams, check out our post, where we’ve listed the best bathtub for you.

These tubs are not only well-designed but also incredibly stunning and exclusive. They are, without a doubt, the best classic tubs available. There is no other tub built to hold you immersed in water while keeping the bathwater at a comfortable and moderate temperature during your bath.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answer: Stability is one of its main characteristics. The cast iron bathtub is smooth to the touch with flat, crisp, clean lines. Its white finish is very bright.

Answer: Metal: The most prevalent material used in bathtubs is cast iron. Steel is a durable and easy-to-maintain material. Steel is substantially lighter than cast iron and maintains heat better. Enamelled steel is hefty, but it’s also highly robust and heat-resistant.

Answer: However, acrylic bathtubs are more sensitive to the appearance of stains due to the use of abrasive materials, in addition, the acrylic material is less rigid than steel. Also, due to their composition, they better retain the heat of the water. Finally, an aesthetic detail, they shine less than the steel ones.

Answer: Weight: take into account that a bathtub with water and occupant (especially if it is hydromassage) can weigh more than 500 kg, which is important when installed on a higher floor.

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