12 Best Bathtub Refinishing Kits 2021

Best Bathtub Refinishing Kits

A tub repair kit is an essential DIY remedy if cracks, chips, marks, or holes affect your bathtub’s appearance and functionality. You will find a product to cover the imperfection and seal the spot against deterioration or more damage if you have a porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic, or enameled steel tub.

Many tub repair kits contain two-part formulations that must be mixed quickly before use. Then, before it can be exposed to sunlight, the sample must have had enough time to dry and cure. Although these formulations are often available in standard paint choices that might or may not be an exact fit with your tub’s finish, most homeowners would be satisfied with the results.

When it comes to a budget bathroom remodel, you have a few options for updating your space without breaking the bank. Even if you wish to replace a sink or toilet, removing a bathtub is not only a significant financial investment but also a significant hassle. Maybe you have a beautiful antique clawfoot tub that you don’t want to part with, but the paint is worn out.

There are brands on the market that will make your tub look like a brand new tub. Although these bathtub refinishing kits do necessitate any DIY effort, they aren’t nearly as destructive to your home as a tub or shower replacement. On the other hand, some kits allow you to blend dye to make a personalized color match. With these top tub repair kits on the market, you can get your tub back in working order in no time.

What to Look Before Buying Bathtub Refinishing Kits

If your bathtub has better days, it might be time to consider purchasing a new one or refinishing the one you already have. Here’s a step-by-step guide to refinishing your bathtub.


It is not a feasible task to replace an old bathtub with a newer one. The original tub nearly always has to be broken into parts. There may also be a need to strip and repair flooring, trim, surrounds, and plumbing.

Instead, many homeowners want to get their original tub reglazed or refinished, which will cost anything from $300 and $600 depending on the location and method. A certified specialist will undoubtedly restore and re-coat the surface for a like-new appearance if your bathtub is dingy and stained, or even if it has significant rust and cracks.

Worth purchasing:

Refinishing old tubs is a good idea because they usually have more character and are made of higher-quality components than available today. But, for instance, the procedure isn’t necessarily the right one. E.g., replacing a newer, low-quality tub with a higher-quality one would usually yield better results. Tubs in poor condition can also be unsuitable for reglazing. In addition, whether you’re remodeling and choose a more extensive pool or one with more innovative technology like jets, you’ll have to demolish and rebuild the tub rather than refinishing it.

12 Best Bathtub Refinishing Kits

1. Tub, Tile, and Shower Repair Kit

Tub, Tile and Shower Repair Kit (Color Match), 3.7oz Fiberglass Repair Kit,...
  • FIBERGLASS REPAIR KIT - Repairs chips, scratches, dents, worns and holes . Works on fiberglass, acrylic, ceramic, porcelain, gel-coat, enamelled steel and enamelled cast iron .
  • PEFECT COLOR MATCH - Matchs for white, arctic, milk white , dune, biscuit,bisque, almond, linen, bone, sandbar, ice gray, cashmere, thunder grey and black . Our product Repaired without trace. You...
  • NON-TOXIC AND ODORLESS – Our fiberglass repair kit use nanotechnology,ReallySAFE for children and pets
  • 5-YEAR DURABILITY GUARANTEE - It provides great adhesion in a few simple steps. Water resistant and stop leaks.
  • 60-DAY FULL REFUND GUARANTEE - If you are not satisfied with the our products, return it for a full refund within 60 days .

Consider this famous tub repair kit from HomeTinker for a tub repair that is both reliable and color-matched. Acrylic, fiberglass, plastic, porcelain, enameled steel or cast iron, and gel-coated tubs can all be repaired with their Tub & Shower Repair Kit.

Chips, bumps, dents, bugs, and holes are all repaired with this product. Fiberglass, plastic, clay, porcelain, gel-coat, enameled steel, and enameled cast iron are among the materials used. White, arctic, milk-white, dune, biscuit, bisque, almond, silk, bone, sandbar, ice grey, cashmere, thunder grey, and black are suitable match product repair without leaving any traces. There’s no reason to apply any more color to the surface. Furthermore, the nanotechnology-based fiberglass repair kit is suitable for children and pets.

While many tub repair kits come in primary colors like ivory, bone, or almond, tubs come in a wide variety of shades, and these colors aren’t necessarily a perfect—or even close—match. This refinishing package, which helps you blend your personalized color polish, is an ideal fit if you’re worried about your tub touch-up sticking out like a sore thumb. If you want to balance tubs ranging from black to milky white, a stark white base solution can be tinted with one of two dyes.

The Home Tinker Tub & Shower Set is a perfect DIY tub repair kit, despite its intimidating name. It also stands out for its non-toxic, odorless formula.

  • Best repairing kit
  • affordable
  • None

2. Rust-Oleum, White 244166 Specialty Kit Tub and Tile Touch

Rust-Oleum Tub & Tile Paint 244166 Specialty Kit Tub and Tile Touch Up, White, 2...
  • High-gloss finish
  • Quick-dry
  • Long-lasting
  • For use on porcelain, ceramic, fiberglass, acrylic cast iron and steel surfaces
  • Easy to use

Try using a tub refinishing package, such as this two-part tool from Rust-Oleum, to tackle more than just a single chip or scrape. For example, you can refinish your tub in a smooth, white epoxy in a single day using a multi-step technique, but you must wait three days before opening the surface to water.

The Rust-Oleum Tub and Tile Refinishing 2-Part Kit will refinish up to 110 square feet of tub and Tile, as well as sinks and Tile surrounds. It’s worth remembering that after you’ve mixed the product’s jars, you can use them within six hours. You should be able to finish this procedure in the timeframe because two coats are recommended, and you should re-apply after an hour or two of drying time. The trick to success is to prepare your tub correctly and to obey the instructions.

Rust-Oleum Specialty Tub and Tile Touch-Up quickly repair nicks and marks on porcelain and ceramic tiles. As a result, tub and Tile have excellent efficiency in cleaning tubs, toilets, tiles, and other surfaces.

  • Give Excellent Efficiency
  • Dry Quickly
  • None

3. Tub, Tile and Shower Repair Kit

Tub, Tile and Shower Repair Kit (Color Match) Fiberglass Repair Kit...
  • 【FIBERGLASS REPAIR KIT】Use to repair chips, scratches, dents and defects. Can work on fiberglass, acrylic, ceramic, enamelled steel and enamelled cast iron.
  • 【PERFECT RESULT】With just a few simple steps, it will has strong adhesion and can hardly be detected. It also has perfect color matching. Waterproof, leak-proof and durable epoxy acrylic resin...
  • 【ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY】Non-hazardous and no unpleasant smell, waterproof formula is washable. You can rest assured to use our products.
  • 【AFTER-SALE SERVICE】Our fiberglass tub repair kit saves you expensive bucks from repair shops. Whether you want to remedy your chipping acrylic and porcelain bathtub, enamel sink, or fiberglass...
  • 【60-DAY MONEY BACK】 Not happy with the results - return for a full refund within 60 days.TIPS: The original color of the product is arctic white, with 2 color gels. Use yellow color gel to match...

Fiberglass tubs are standard because of their affordability and longevity, but they are still susceptible to chips and cracks. If your fiberglass tub is damaged, use the Keeney Tub Repair Kit to repair it quickly. For cracks and small holes up to 18 square inches, a gel coat putty and hardener provide solid, long-lasting adhesion.

The mixture comes in two colors: white and bone, but it might not be a perfect fit for your pool. Even then, this fiberglass tub repair kit gives your tub a flawless finish and a simple way to hide flaws and prolong its life.

Chips, bruises, dents, and holes can all be repaired with this product. Fiberglass, plastic, ceramic, enameled bronze, and enameled cast iron are also possible materials. It would have good adhesion and can hardly be detected with only a few easy moves. It’s also color-matched to a tee. Epoxy acrylic resin is waterproof, leak-proof, and long-lasting, and it gives the surface a high shine and lets it look new.

The waterproof solution is washable and is non-hazardous with no harmful odor. You will use our goods with confidence. You can save money by using a fiberglass tub repair kit instead of going to a repair store. Our tub repair kit is the perfect choice for repairing chipped porcelain and acrylic bathtubs, enamel sinks, and fiberglass tile. Any bathtub color will fit with our bath repair package. The effect is a long-lasting patch. We also deliver a 5-year after-sales package if you have any issues.

  • Perfect for bathtub
  • five years of warranty
  • None

4. Bathworks Tub And Tile Chip Repair Kit

Bathworks Tub And Tile Chip Repair Kit; 4 oz; Bathtubs, Sinks, Tiles, Basins...
  • PERMANENTLY REPAIRS And Colors Chips, Scratches, And Gouges; Includes Enough Filler And Paint For 10 To 12 Quarter Size Chips, Gouges, And Cracks; Filler Dries In Minutes
  • DESIGNED For Use On Porcelain, Steel, Ceramic, Plastic And Fiberglass
  • INCLUDES SPECIALY FORMULATED TOP COAT PAINT That Creates An Extremely Durable, High Gloss Finish
  • USED BY PROFESSIONALS, created by professionals
  • KIT ALSO INCLUDES: 120 Grit Wet/Dry Sandpaper, Gloves, Mixing Stick And Step By Step Instructions

You can be concerned with rust and an unsightly look if your porcelain tub has been chipped or damaged. The Bathworks Tub and Tile Chip Repair Kit is a standard option for restoring the appearance of your porcelain tub. It comes in five colors to match the appearance of your porcelain tub.

The chip filler compound and its cream hardener combine to cover up to a dozen chips in minutes, though full curing time can vary. It is using the topcoat color to protect the restored area according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This tub repair kit dries to a shiny finish, making it ideal for porcelain tubs—though it uses fiberglass or ceramic materials.

It Permanently repairs and colores Chips, Scratches, And Gouges; contains enough filler and paint to cover 10 to 12 quarter-size chips, gouges, and cracks; filler dries in minutes. In addition, it includes a specially formulated topcoat paint that creates a highly durable, high gloss finish on porcelain, steel, ceramic, plastic, and fiberglass.

  • Highly Durable
  • High Gloss finish
  • None

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5. Bathtub Floor Repair Inlay Kit

16 in. W x 40 in. L Bathtub Floor Repair Inlay Kit, White
  • Tough, yet flexible thermoplastic design gives long lasting structural support to cracked and damaged bathtub floors
  • Strong, waterproof adhesive provides a permanent repair for cracked and leaking tub floors
  • Built in anti-slip feature helps prevent serious falls in the bathtub
  • Installation is easy and fast - no special tools or skills are required

It has a tough and durable thermoplastic construction that provides long-term structural protection for broken and weakened bathtub surfaces. It Cracked and leaking tub floors may be permanently repaired with a solid, waterproof adhesive. It has been successful. The built-in anti-slip function helps avoid dangerous slips in the bathtub, and installation is fast and straightforward, requiring no special equipment or expertise.

An inlay kit could be your best bet for a fresh start—without having to rebuild the whole pool—if you need to fix the floor of your tub. The NuTub Inlay Kit includes everything you’ll need to set your bathtub’s bottom. If you have many holes, bruises, or chips on the bottom of your bathtub, this is a perfect idea.

Each package includes a 16 x 36-inch PVC inlay, as well as the glue, sandpaper, and other supplies you’ll need to finish your tub repair. This tub repair kit can be used on almost any common tub material, including porcelain, fiberglass, enameled steel, and acrylic.

  • Available at reasonable price
  • Anti-slip function
  • None

6. Rust-Oleum 280882 Specialty Tub and Tile Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum 280882 Specialty Tub & Tile Spray Paint, 12 oz, White
  • Apply to ceramic, porcelain or fiberglass including tiles, sinks and tubs
  • One-step epoxy acrylic formula withstands moisture and extreme hot temperatures
  • Dry to the touch in 15 minutes and covers up to 15 sq ft per can, allow surface to fully dry for 3 days prior to water exposure
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant finish
  • Smooth, glossy, porcelain-like, waterproof finish

Use on ceramic, porcelain, or fiberglass surfaces such as tiles, sinks, and tubs. The one-step epoxy acrylic formula is resistant to moisture and excessive heat. Enable three days for the character to dry before exposing it to water thoroughly. It dries the bathtub in 15 minutes and covers up to 15 sq ft per can. It has a smooth, shiny, porcelain-like, waterproof finish that is durable and corrosion-resistant.

An aerosol paint specially formulated for tubs and tile is a common choice for covering corrosion and stains. Rust-Oleum Specialty has  Tub, and Tile Spray Paint is a one-step application that saves time by eliminating the need to combine formulas and wait hours between applications. It adheres to fiberglass, porcelain, and ceramic surfaces and leaves a glossy, smooth finish.

This epoxy acrylic formula dries on the surface in just 15 minutes, making it one of the quickest tub repair kits around. However, it also has to cure for three days before it can be exposed to water. Remember that each can only occupy approximately 15 square feet. It’s great for small areas with touch-up or small fixtures (like a sink), but you’ll need several cans for more significant projects—up to seven cans to cover an entire bathtub.

  • Best for small areas
  • Perfect for bathtub
  • None

7. Plast-aid 80100 Plastic Repair Kit

Plast-aid 80100 Plastic Repair Kit 1.5 Ounce 80100
  • Plast-aid 80100 Plastic Repair Kit 1.5 Ounce 80100

Although regular tub repair kits are adequate for household fixtures, a hot tub that is continually exposed to water necessitates a unique tool. The Plast-aid Plastic Repair Kit is a quick and straightforward way to repair cracks in your hot tub shell. Keep in mind that the repair would need to be done on a clean, dry floor.

You can mix the two-part solution before use, and it thickens quickly. It has flood resistance and longevity, even in damp conditions, until it has been cured. There are no color choices, so you can use acrylic paint to blend the repair.

  • Quickly dry
  • Easily repair
  • None

8. Tub, Tile and Shower Repair Kit Fiberglass Repair Kit

Tub, Tile and Shower Repair Kit Fiberglass Repair Kit, 3.5 oz Porcelain Repair...
  • 【Easy to Use Porcelain Repair Kit】Repairing damaged and cracked bathtubs has never been easier. The porcelain repair kit can work seamlessly with any bathtub paint. The construction is simple, and...
  • 【Strong Adhesion Tile Repair Kit】Our fiberglass repair kit has strong adhesion, good adhesion and abrasion resistance. Waterproof, leak-proof and durable epoxy acrylic resin provides high gloss...
  • 【Non-toxic and Tasteless】No danger and no unpleasant smell, washable and waterproof formula, safe for children and pets. You can use our bathtub repair kit with confidence.
  • 【Wide Application】Fiberglass tub repair kit can work on glass fiber, acrylic, ceramic, enameled steel and enameled cast iron. Our porcelain repair kit have no trace repair, you do not need to add...
  • 【After-sales Service】If you are not satisfied with using the bathtub and ceramic tile repair kit, we will refund every penny you have! We guarantee fast refund or replacement, please feel free to...

When you use a DIY tub repair kit like this one last, fixing minor glitches in your tub, tile, or sink doesn’t have to be a costly job. The two-part solution comes together to shape a tough epoxy that can be used on porcelain, fiberglass, plastic, or enameled steel tubs. It’s waterproof and robust enough to withstand 143 pounds of pressure until hardened.

When opposed to other tub repair kits on the market, it heals quickly; the recommended cure time is 18 to 24 hours, depending on the air temperature. This substance is a cost-free but efficient way to fix defects in the surface of your shower, sink, or tile, but bear in mind that it’s only available in a shiny, white solution that goes well with glossy porcelain tubs and tiles.

It’s never been easier to fix a broken or destroyed bathtub. Any bathtub polish will fit with the porcelain repair package. The building is straightforward, and a single person can repair it. There is no need to improve tiles or employ staff, which saves time and effort. Extreme adhesion, good adhesion, and abrasion tolerance are all features of the fiberglass repair package. Epoxy acrylic resin is waterproof, leak-proof, and long-lasting. In addition, it has a high gloss and renews the appearance of the surface.

There is no hazard or odor, the solution is washable and waterproof, and it is suitable for children and pets. With our bathtub repair package, you can be assured. Glass fiber, acrylic, plastic, enameled brass, and enameled cast iron are all compatible with the tub repair package. In addition, our porcelain repair kit has no trace repair, which means you won’t have to apply any additional polish to the wall.

  • Compatible for bathtub
  • Affordable
  • None

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9. Magic Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit

Magic Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit - Spray on Aerosol - Refinish Sinks Tile...
  • Superior white color, superior smooth coverage and glossy finish vs. competition
  • 360⁰ valve- spray can at any angle- even upside down, one part epoxy - no need to transfer product between cans
  • Covers 35-45 sq. Ft. enough for an average size bathtub, use to refinish bathtubs, sinks, showers, and tile
  • Works on ceramic, porcelain, acrylic, and fiberglass surfaces
  • High-gloss porcelain-like finish the color is Bright White

The Magic Tub and Tile refinishing packages span 75-100 square feet and are wide enough to refinish one large tub or two standard tubs. It could be sufficient for a tub and shower surround but double-check the directions to make sure. It’s a two-part epoxy that can be used on clay, porcelain, acrylic, or fiberglass.

It has superior white paint, seamless coverage, and shiny finish compared to the competition, as well as a 3600 valve that allows you to spray the can from any angle, even upside down, and a one-part epoxy that eliminates the need to pass the product between containers.

It covers 35-45 square feet, which is enough for a standard bathtub, which can refinish bathtubs, sinks, toilets, and tiles. Surfaces include clay, porcelain, plastic, and fiberglass. It has a bright white high-gloss porcelain-like finish

  • Refinish bathtub
  • High-quality finish
  • None

10. Homax Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit

Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit, White, 21 oz, Brush On, Tough as Tile Kit
  • High-gloss porcelain repair product to refinish tiles, sinks and bathtubs with hard protective finish that remains beautiful for years
  • Drip and sag resistant with superior flow that eliminates brush marks
  • Kit includes one part Tough as Tile brush on paint, steel wool, prep cleaner, gloves and paint brush
  • Restores old, stained or discolored bathroom sinks, tub or tile at a fraction of the cost and time to replace it
  • 48 hour cure time can be used on fiberglass, porcelain, glazed ceramic tile, countertop laminate, china and acrylic surfaces

Homax’s Tough as Tile refinishing package is applied with a brush. One box is said to be enough to clean one average bathtub or two sinks. It works on fiberglass, porcelain, glazed ceramic tile, laminate countertops, china, and acrylic.

One part, Tough as Tile brush-on polish, steel wool, prep cleaner, gloves, and a paintbrush, is included in the Homax pack. It consists of a high-gloss porcelain repair kit that can be used to refinish tiles, sinks, and bathtubs with a hard protective finish that lasts for years. In addition, it has a superior flow that prevents brush marks and is resistant to dripping and sagging. Tough as Tile brush-on paint, steel wool, prep cleaner, gloves, and a paintbrush is included in the kit.

It will restore old, scratched, or discolored bathroom sinks, tubs, and tiles for a fraction of the price and time it will take to repair them. In addition, it can be used on fiberglass, porcelain, glazed ceramic tile, countertop laminate, china, and acrylic surfaces and has a 48-hour cure time.

  • Cost-effective
  • 48 hour cure time
  • None

11. Ekopel 2K Bathtub Refinishing Kit

Ekopel 2K Bathtub Refinishing Kit - Odorless DIY Sink and Tub Reglazing Kit -...
  • REMODEL IT YOURSELF: No need to hire a spendy expert. This refinishing kit takes the expense out of bathtub improvement. Perfect for renters, apartment dwellers, residential or commercial tubs, sinks,...
  • STEP-BY-STEP DEMO VIDEOS: Free videos take the mystery out of reglazing. We guide you through the prep, the application, and the finishing steps. If you can follow instructions, you can DIY recast...
  • KIT CONTAINS EVERY TOOL YOU NEED: Our tub & sink remodeling kits include foam roller with covers, material scooper, easy-pouring, and safe-to-use Ekopel 2K enamel.
  • 24-HOUR CURE TIME: After applying Ekopel, it takes 24 hours to “set” before using your tub/shower. Maintain 72 degrees Fahrenheit in the bathroom for the shortest cure. In lower temperatures, it...
  • ECO-FRIENDLY, NON-TOXIC and 100% GUARANTEED and made in the USA: Fume-free and made without harmful chemicals, Ekopel’s long-lasting, oil-free glaze never peels! Its thick, full-seal coating...

This Ekopel tub refinishing kit is one of the more expensive options, but it’s low VOC, environmentally safe, and promises never to peel. It’s supposed to last up to 20 years, according to the definition! However, according to some of the feedback, the program isn’t as easy as some of the others.

This refinishing package eliminates the cost of bathtub renovation. Renters, apartment dwellers, residential or industrial tubs, toilets, and showers will benefit from this product. Ekopel’s long-lasting, oil-free glaze is fume-free and chemical-free, and it never peels! Its dense, full-seal coating restores a “like new” bright gloss to tub surfaces. Foam rollers with caps, scooper boxes, and easy-pouring, safe-to-use Ekopel 2K enamel are included in the tub and sink remodeling sets. It takes 24 hours for Ekopel to “set” before you can use your pool or shower after it has been applied. Maintain a temperature in the bathroom of 72 degrees Fahrenheit for the quickest remedy. It will take longer to set in colder climates.

  • maintain temperature
  • quickest method
  • None

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12. AquaFinish 32 oz Bathtub and Tile Refinishing Kit

AquaFinish 32 oz Bathtub and Tile Refinishing Kit
  • This kit will transform your worn out, stained bathtub or dated ceramic tile to an easy to clean glossy white.
  • Simply clean and prepare your tub, ventilate the area and apply two coats with an hour in between.
  • Your tub will be ready for use in 24 hours. Replacing a tub costs at least $2500.
  • Order a double kit and transform your tile walls as well. Hiring a reputable bathtub refinisher is at least $450.00.
  • Rolling on your finish is easier and better than spraying. End result is much thicker finish and no runs or overspray.

This AquaFinish bathtub refinishing package is hit or miss in terms of ratings, and it isn’t available on Amazon Prime. However, there are some user-submitted images, and it seems that some users have had success with them. It is only available in white and is applied with a roller. The kit appears to be sufficient for an average shower, but you will require a second kit if you have walls to protect.

This package will transform your old, stained bathtub or dated ceramic tile into a gleaming, easy-to-clean white. Simply clean and prepare your shower, ventilate the room, and add two coats, one after the other, with an hour between coats. In just 24 hours, your tub will be ready to use, and A tub replacement costs at least $2500. If you order a double set, you can also convert your tile walls. It costs at least $450.00 to hire a reputable bathtub refinisher. It’s quicker and more efficient to roll over the finish rather than spray it. The end product is a much thicker finish with no overspray or runs.

  • Simply clean
  • Ready to use
  • None


In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the best bathtub refinishing kits. Both of these items are well worth purchasing and have excellent results. If you’re thinking of buying, read this article to find the right one for your bathtub.

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