10 Best American Made Bathroom Rugs Review 2022


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We’re spending more money on house improvements than we have in the past, whether cleaning up extra rooms or remodelling master bedrooms. Bathrooms are sometimes overlooked, although upgrading them may be affordable, quick, and simple.

To get you started on the way to bathroom bliss, we looked at the best bathroom mats. This frequently ignored basic must not be neglected. The right one will soak up a lot of water without slipping all over the floor and provide a pleasant, secure surface to tread on as you exit the tub or shower cubicle.

We had plenty of opportunities to evaluate each bath mat’s aesthetic appeal and effectiveness. So, without further ado, we’ll present our collection of the best bath mats for each type of home.

List of 10 Best American Made Bathroom Rugs Review in 2022

Here we have a list of the best American made bathroom rugs. Bathrooms are sometimes overlooked, although upgrading them may be affordable, quick, and simple.

1. Suchtale Luxury Chenille Bathroom Rug, Non Slip Bath Mat

Your feet will be pampered with a sumptuous pair of chenille socks that weigh up to 2000g/sm. Chenille helps soothe tired feet and keep your toes toasty on the cold floor. The density and plushness of the chenille will amaze you. 


High-quality hot melt is used for the non-skid bottom because it is more sturdy and long-lasting than other materials. As a result of the anti-skid backing, the bath mat will remain firmly in place. The non-skid toilet rug should only be used on a DRY, SMOOTH FLOOR. A slippery bathroom carpeting might be caused by water underneath it. Keep the bottom of the bath rug dry.

2. BlissJolly Memory Foam Bathroom Rugs

Super Absorbent Bath Mat:

The bath mats are so absorbent that you’ll love drying your feet on them. Because of the latex foam bottom, your entire family will be safe.

Vibrant Forever:

With a simple grey bathroom mat that can be washed and dried in the same machine, you can save time and effort on cleaning. Even after repeated washes, the vivid colour will not fade quickly.

3. RONMEI Soft and Comfortable Bath Mat for Bathroom

Super thick and soft:

A thick, silky, fine-fibered bathroom mat is provided. To alleviate tired feet, the thick and fluffy fluff acts as a foot cushion and masseuse. On the other hand, the plush bath mat is soft and cozy, just like a cozy comforter to keep your feet warm.

Anti-slip backing:

This bathroom shower mat is ideal with a robust and durable anti-slip pad and a rubber backing that prevents slipping and keeps the bathroom floor clean. To protect the safety of your employees and customers, ensure that the carpet mat is long-lasting and maintains its fresh appearance year after year.

4. Suchtale Bathroom Rug Non Slip Bath Mat for Bathroom

Machine Washable:

This luxurious Bath Rug is 24″ x 16″ and is machine washable many times. Clearance is simple. TP Rubber is a more expensive, higher-quality backing material (rather than PVC or adhesive) since it is more robust and long-lasting.

Pamper Your Feet: 

You may bury your toes into the comforting pleasure of this threshold bath mat, made of thousands of individual polyester microfiber shags. Comfortable padding protects your toes from the cold floor and soothes aching feet.

5. Gorilla Grip Bath Rug, 30x20, Thick Soft

Soft and Plush Chenille: 

The thick and fluffy pile helps relax feet and keep toes warm from the cold floor below as you treat them to the softest, coziest chenille.

Ultra Absorbent: 

Our most absorbent bath rug, a deep chenille pile, helps keep your floors clean when you exit the bath, shower, or sink.

6. KMAT Bathroom Rugs and Mats Sets

Ultra Soft & Versatile:

To keep your feet warm and dry after a bath or shower, this ultra-soft bath mat is the perfect choice for you. This mat is ideal in the bathroom, on a sink or in the mudroom, in a hotel, or at a feet-spa club. High-quality microfiber material is used to make KMAT’s luxurious bathroom carpets. Our bathroom rug set comes with two 18″x26″ and 20″x32″ rugs.

Keep Your Floors Dry:

Our bathroom shower rug is extremely absorbent, allowing it to swiftly and efficiently wicks away moisture from your feet and keep your bathroom floor dry and clean. Keep your home clean and dry by using KMAT bathroom rugs to eliminate the stress of wet floors.

7. Buganda Microfiber Bathroom Rugs Set 2 Pieces

Ultra Plush Shag:

Thousands of polyester microfiber shaggy strands are used to create the Buganda bath mat, which has a lush, fluffy and soft pile. Protects your feet from the chilly floor and alleviates stress and fatigue on your feet with 2.8 cm shag.

Super Absorbent:

The premium thick microfiber fabric used in the construction of Buganda bathroom rugs is more absorbent than other materials. Forget about wet floors since the microfiber material quickly and effectively wipes excess water from the bathroom, shower, or sink.

8. Olanly Luxury Bathroom Rug Mat, Extra Soft

Ultra Heavy-density Microfiber: 

Unlike other products, OLANLY bath mats include 1.18-inch high premium thick and soft fluffy microfiber fibers, a unique fiber-locking process. Towels and bath rugs from us are perfect for any bathroom, whether the master bath, the children’s bath, or the guest suite.

Non-Skid :

We use the more expensive TP Rubber backing, which is considerably tougher and robust for long-lasting use, unlike other manufacturers where the rubber backing tends to deteriorate and peel off after a few washes. Avoid placing the mat on a moist floor. To prevent the rug from slipping, ensure that the floor beneath the rug is dry.

9. Pebble & Crane - Adelaid Rug - Plush Bath Mat

Plush and Absorbent:

This absorbent and plush bathroom rug is the perfect spot to put your wet feet after a shower.


The design’s ultra-textured surface enhances the splotchy, pebble-like effect.

10. Olanly Bathroom Rugs Set 2 Piece Microfiber Bath

Comfortable & Luxurious:

A modern geometric Moroccan pattern with 0.6-inch-high fluffy and soft microfiber fibres, a unique fibre-locking method, and thicker and better-constructed construction than most other brands. Great for the bathroom, vanity, vacation home, main bathroom, children’s bathroom, and guest room. Christmas, wedding, father’s day, mothers day, and Valentine’s Day are just a few of the many occasions this would be a present thoughtful option.

Non-skid Tp Rubber Backing:

For long-term use, we use the more expensive TP Rubber backing (not PVC or adhesive), which is considerably tougher and durable, unlike other brands whose rubber backing tends to degrade and peel off after a few washes. Don’t use the mat on a wet floor or carpet. Ensure that the floor beneath the rug is dry before placing the rug down.

Buying guide


Size is one of the most significant considerations when purchasing bath rugs. It’s important to get something tiny enough to fit comfortably in your bathroom but large enough to serve a purpose and not just be a decoration. Before placing an order for a rug, make careful to take accurate measurements of your bathroom, including the size of your bathtub and shower. No matter how long your shower or bath is, it would help if you always had a mat in the place where you walk out.


The absorbency of cotton is generally superior to that of polyester, although polyester dries rapidly, shrinks little, and comes in a variety of absorbent weaves, including chenille polyesters. On the other hand, microfiber has a softer, velvetier feel than cotton and can hold several times its weight in water. 1 Wood is another alternative that’s becoming increasingly popular, although it’s more expensive and requires more maintenance.

Non-Slip Backing:

Anti-skid backing is an additional key feature. Most bath mats have a non-skid rubber, thermoplastic, or latex backing on the underside for further traction. If you’ve been repurposing a towel as a bath mat, it’s vital to remember that these materials can help protect your floors from water damage.

Care Instructions:

Most textile bath mats can be machine washed; however, some require hand washing or spot cleaning. Many machine-washable rugs cannot be dried since the heat can damage the non-slip backing. If you are looking for a low-maintenance rug, check that it is washable and dryable.


The bathroom is a fantastic area to start “detoxing” your home, and this article discussed what to look for in a bathtub in terms of materials, function, and more. Thank you for taking the time to read this information, and we hope it has helped you make the right decision for yourself and your family!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answer: Washing your rugs in the washing machine is a good option if you can do it without overfilling the machine. With a moderate detergent, wash them in cold water. You can either air dry them or tumble dry them at the lowest heat setting. Double-check the care directions on the label before using a machine washable bath mat.

Answer: If you live with a large family and your bath mats see a lot of use, you should wash them every week. This prevents mold and other bacteria from growing on your mat and keeps any undesirable scents from lingering around. Wash every two weeks or so should be plenty if you solely use your rug. After using your bath mat, hang it up to dry off the side of the tub to prevent bacteria and moisture from building upon it.

Answer: When properly and frequently cleaned, a bath mat is safe to use. It’s also a good idea to keep your bathroom well-ventilated to prevent the buildup of moisture and humidity on your bath mat. This keeps it clean and fresh for a longer time. On the other hand, a wooden bath mat is an excellent choice because it doesn’t absorb water and maintains your bathroom tidy.

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