12 Best Alcove Bathtubs 2021 – Space Saving Designs

Best Alcove Bathtubs

Showering has always been an excellent way to unwind. Bathtubs provide more than just a place to bath. And they also offer access to a variety of various universes. Alcove bathtubs have proven their usefulness, whether for removing the day’s dust and debris from the body or taking a heated bath to escape the cold winter winds.

Bathtubs are a special place in the universe where you can stay quiet, relax, and immerse yourself in the water to lose yourself in a dreamy world of emotions and imagination. The hot tub where you hide your sorrows and hurts and make your cries vanish into the pool of water. Though taking a bath in the bathtub is relaxing, deciding to buy one is tricky. With so many models on the market, deciding on the best one can be overwhelming.

Since they’re so easy, handy homes might be able to do the construction on their own. Alcove bathtubs aren’t as expensive as jacuzzis or whirlpools. On the other hand, this isn’t the kind of investment you would do on the spur of the moment, like buying up some new hand towels.

Best Alcove Bathtubs

These bathtubs will offer the requisite warmth and are the perfect size for you and your family. Alcove bathtubs have gained prominence due to their ease of construction, and they can now be found in most large American bathrooms.

The article will also show you how to find the best alcove bathtub in the right style for your needs and bathroom space. Take your time researching and deciding on the right bathing option for you.

1. KINGSTON BRASS VTDE603122L 60-Inch Contemporary Alcove Acrylic Bathtub

KINGSTON BRASS VTDE603122L 60-Inch Contemporary Alcove Acrylic Bathtub with Left...
  • Acrylic construction with fiberglass and resin reinforcement, three wall alcove installation with tile flange and integral tub apron | Drain kit is not included
  • Product dimensions – 30-11/16" W x 60" L x 22-1/6" H | Water depth – 14” to overflow | Tub capacity – 58.2 gallon | Weight – 95 lbs.
  • Left hand drain bathtub
  • Three wall alcove installation with tile flange
  • Extremely user-friendly with effortless installation and simplistic construction, the alcove tub is the perfect addition to your home if you are looking for pristine performance and polished refinery


Kingston Brass has introduced a 60-inch long rectangular-shaped contemporary Alcove bathtub. This bathtub has a left-hand drain, which makes it easier to use the drain handle. The overflow holes will keep your bathroom space dry by preventing water from spilling on the tile.


The bathtub is made of high-quality solid acrylic reinforced with fiberglass and resin for added strength and style. The thickness of the acrylic construction ranges from 2 to 4 mm, ensuring optimum stability. Furthermore, this alcove bathtub has 58.2 gallons, with a total capacity of 6o gallons.

However, you can mount the bathtub in a Three Wall Alcove form. This alcove bathtub has a UPC-approved sticker, ensuring that it is clean and hygienic to use. This bathtub is the best Acrylic alcove bathtub and comes in a shiny white color to match the most luxurious bathroom look. With UPC certification, it is the most delicate American standard Alcove bathtub.

  • The tub is large enough to hold heavyweights.
  • Water with a large capacity for the best bathing experience
  • It is possible to use tiles on the bathtub’s side.
  • There is no drain kit included.
  • Only one color is available.
  • Material of poor quality that fractures
  • It’s slick due to the shiny finish.

2. KOHLER 1957-LA-0 Alcove Bathtub

KOHLER K-1957-LA-0 Underscore Rectangle 60-Inch x 32-Inch Alcove Bath, Integral...
  • Molded lumbar support offers extra comfort while bathing.
  • Slotted overflow allows for deep soaking.
  • Integral apron creates a clean, finished look.
  • Integral flange helps prevent water from seeping behind wall and simplifies alcove installation.
  • Requires K-7271 or K-7272 Clearly slotted overflow bath drain (sold separately).


With its sizable modern alcove bathtub, Kohler, the finest in class bathroom products provider, is here. This alcove bathtub comes with an integral flange and a bath apron to give you a luxurious bathing experience without damaging your bathroom walls. The drain on this bathtub is on the left side.


Lumbar help with a molded design:

Now you can lean back and rest on the lumbar support, which has been custom-molded to fit your back perfectly.

Overflow with slots:

This mechanism of water treatment overflow allows for deep soaking and has a left-hand sink attached.

Apron with a built-in pocket:

The apron connected with this alcove bathtub whenever you visit the bathroom offers it a tidy finished appearance.

Flange with a built-in flange:

It prevents water from escaping into the walls of your toilet. It is also easy to add to the bathroom.

  • Large scale for a great swimming experience.
  • Back help that is both comfortable and supportive
  • An integral flange makes installation easy.
  • The bathroom walls are also kept dry, thanks to the integral flange.
  • There have been no notable user feedback or purchases on Amazon to date.
  • Only if you buy the company-recommended method would the slotted overflow function be supported.
  • There is no anti-slip flooring.
  • Only one colour is available.

3. KINGSTON BRASS VTDE603221L 60-Inch Contemporary Alcove Acrylic Bathtub

KINGSTON BRASS VTDE603221L 60-Inch Contemporary Alcove Acrylic Bathtub with Left...
  • Sloped design for additional comfort and relaxation
  • Solid acrylic reinforced with fiberglass and resin material
  • Anti-slip flooring for a stress-free bath
  • Alcove tub with integral apron
  • Acrylic construction for easy reparation and durability


Kingston Brass is back with its well-received Contemporary bathtub for contemporary use. This bathtub is the American Standard sleek alcove bathtub, certified by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission as clean and comfortable bathroom accessories. This alcove bathtub features an elegant build with waved interior patterns and a sloping backrest for maximum relaxation when soaking. The addition of elements such as an integral apron and a wide area allows for the perfect soaking experience for two people simultaneously.


The high-quality acrylic material is used in the body fabrication for the desired smooth finish, with fiberglass and resin reinforcing.

Alcove with a drop-in shower:

You can now mount it in an alcove and benefit from the convenience of a drop-in bathtub. For the best soak inexperience, this big-sized alcove bathtub can accommodate 63 gallons of water. Furthermore, an overflow preventing mechanism at the height of 15 inches can keep the bathroom space dry. It is constructed of 2 4 mm thick acrylic for optimum strength.

On the other hand, its separate reversible apron offers you the choice of attaching it or not.

Certification by the Universal Product Code:

This alcove bathtub has a UPC-approved sticker, ensuring that it is clean and hygienic to use.

  • Bathtub for two in a large alcove
  • Solid, durable build for long-term use
  • UPC certification is used and is a requirement in the United States.
  • The most affordable acrylic alcove bathtub
  • If you have a tiny toilet, this product is not for you.
  • White is the only color choice.
  • Customers did not purchase much.
  • There is no anti-slip flooring available.

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4. KOHLER 715-0 Villager Alcove Bath

KOHLER 715-0 Villager Alcove Bath, White
  • 60"L x 30-1/4"W x 14"H
  • Safeguard slip-resistant finish for added safety
  • Integral apron for quick installation
  • Durable and easy-to-clean KOHLER enameled cast iron
  • Designed for one-person bathing


Kohler’s one-person Alcove bathtub features sleek detailing and a solid body. This bathtub has a built-in apron and a left-hand drain, and a better bathing experience that is long and wide. It comes in two distinct shades of white and a biscuit red, giving you the option to personalize your bathroom. The modern alcove bathtub is very common with customers because of its embossed construction and minimalist look.


The solid cast iron steel used in body construction gives it longevity and ensures you use it for a long time without being damaged. Its large scale allows it to accommodate a large water volume (approximately 30- 40 gallons) for the best soak experience.

The bottom is non-slip:

Kohler’s alcove bathtub prioritizes the protection by including a slip-resistant floor for quick walking on damp surfaces. An alcove bathtub is highly durable and straightforward to scrub. Its integral apron allows for easy installation of the alcove-type bathtub, and it has a left-hand drain alternative for drainage.

  • Large size ensures a relaxing swimming experience.
  • The slip-resistant floor ensures your protection.
  • The cast iron body construction offers long-term reliability and longevity.
  • It’s a bit difficult to pass or mount due to its heavyweight.
  • If the internal iron is exposed, it can corrode.
  • When swimming in the tub, the straight backrest does not offer much warmth.
  • There isn’t much depth, and there isn’t much height.

5. American Standard 2946102.011 Studio Bathtub

American Standard 2946102.011 Studio Integral Apron Bathtub Right Drain 60 in. x...
  • Minimalist design with contoured lumbar support
  • High-quality acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement
  • Easy-to-clean high-gloss surface that’s UV stable and stain resistant
  • Integral 3-sided tile/water retention flange
  • Integral apron for recess application


This alcove bathtub has a simple style that will fit into most bathrooms. It may also cater to those looking for a timeless look that isn’t too flashy. It has  Flat white color, unlike creamier pigments, does not compete with vivid or varied paint schemes. Users of bathrooms that exemplify “the smallest space in the building” will want to give this tub serious consideration.


This Bathtub looks appealing, and Inside or on the visible outside wall, there are no unnecessary lines or swirls.

Ample Depth:

When you consider how small this model is, the 14-inch depth is very generous. Some of the tinier tubs are just 12 inches deep.

An anti-slip and built-in back support:

Clean lines don’t have to be inconvenient. The Studio can seem sleek, but it has built-in lumbar support so you can relax and unwind. The tub’s floor is textured to prevent slipping. If you think of bath mats as germ bombs, you’ll appreciate this feature.

Lightweight and easy to install:

You are unlikely to break your back if you try installation on your own. This tub is just 60 pounds, so it’s not too heavy to move.

  • The grip that isn’t slick
  • Installation is easy.
  • None

6. American Standard 7236V002.020 Evolution 6 Ft. X 36 In. Deep Soaking Tub

American Standard 7236V002.020 Evolution 6 Ft. X 36 In. Deep Soaking Tub with...
  • Deep and roomy for total body immersion and comfort
  • Drop-in or undermount installation options
  • Requires deep-soak max drain 1599.205, sold separately
  • Durable brass deep-soak max drain, required, is a top-mount overflow allowing a 3" deeper water level than standard bath drains
  • Made of glossy acrylic with durable fiberglass reinforcement


The “Evolution” tub could be the perfect addition to your bathroom. It measures 72 inches in length and 36 inches in width. This unit appeals to those who want a shower with a lot of bells and whistles. It has armrests and an incline for added comfort, and the headrest is large enough to accommodate a small bath pillow.

The Evolution tub’s depth is just another perk. Users at about any height should be able to soak comfortably at 18.5 inches depth without looking like they’re on an island.

Dimensions and depths:

This alcove tub’s king-size dimensions are ideal for larger bathrooms. The Evolution can impress users who want to stretch out and sink into their tubs. It will accommodate just under 112 gallons of water at maximum capacity.

Arms and Back:

Many models have inclines at the back to protect the back, but armrests are not included with any model. If you frequently combine reading and bathtime, you’ll have a place to prop your elbows when reading.

Three Colors to Choose From:

Customize your Evolution tub to match your bathroom’s decor. You have the option of choosing either Arctic White, White, or Linen (shades range from paper-white to creamy-white).

Ideal for Pets and Families of Children:

When bathing active children, shallow, smaller tubs may be confining and splashy. Washing our four-legged family members is the same way. The Evolution has ample space for active — or uncooperative — kids and pets.

  • Three colours are available.
  • Assist with arm and back assistance
  • Rather pricey

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7. American Standard 2461002.020 Cambridge Apron-Front Americast Soaking Bathtub

American Standard 2461002.020 Cambridge Apron-Front Americast Soaking Bathtub...
  • Durable Americast is lighter than cast iron, easier to handle
  • Soothing 14 inch depth for soaking comfort
  • Excellent heat retention qualities keeps bath water warmer longer
  • StanSure slip-resistant textured floor surface is easy to clean
  • Durable, non-porous, glossy porcelain enamel finish is scratch resistant, easy to clean and retains luster


The Cambridge tub may cater to homeowners who have minimal room but don’t want to sacrifice luxury.

The nature of this product can appeal to users who want to feel embraced when bathing. The bath’s well (interior shape) is curved and welcoming. You don’t have to lie upright in the pool because the back is contoured. A beveled headrest is built-in for your comfort.

Cambridge’s average length and width are unquestionably small. Around the exact moment, it isn’t austere or uninteresting. The built-in luxury can appeal to those who hate bath accessories. You won’t need a bath pillow because of the headrest and lumbar support. Since the floor is textured, a bath mat is more of a luxury than a necessity.

Meets ADA Guidelines:

Cambridge could be a good investment if you or anyone you live with is disabled. You should add a seat to the drain end of an ADA-compliant tub to make it more available.

Available four colors:

When it comes to the final look of your shower, you have a lot of options. There are the traditional white and cream colors (Arctic, White, and Linen). Bone, on the other hand, is a darker color choice for those who like it. Compared to lighter colors, this dark, off-white hue is more tolerant of hiding dirt.


Cambridge has a high-end appearance thanks to its shiny porcelain finish. Since it is a low-cost alcove pool, you will not be reminded of its cost when you look at it.

  • Convenient
  • Support Back and Lumbar area.
  • Available in four colors.
  • None

8. KOHLER K-1100-LA-0 Expanse Curved Integral Apron Bath

KOHLER K-1100-LA-0 Expanse Curved Integral Apron Bath with Left-Hand Drain,...
  • 60" x 32" x 17"
  • Left-hand drain, Acrylic, Integral flange
  • With an attractive curved apron providing extra room to soak, this bath offers a luxurious bathing experience in a compact 5-foot design
  • Curved integral apron bows to 38" at the center
  • Integral flange helps prevent water from seeping behind wall and simplifies alcove installation


You have a regular alcove, so you don’t want a standard bathtub. We understand how difficult it is to be limited by the amount of room available. With a clever feature, the Kohler “Expanse” gets around this. The size (60 by 32 inches) is standard and can blend with most recessions. The Kohler might be right for you if bathtime is something you enjoy doing with your partner. Those who have several small children at home are on the same boat.

Modern Bathrooms with a Contemporary Look:

A conventional bathtub with straight lines may not be appropriate for your bathroom, but the Expanse’s smoother lines, combined with its curves, offer it a more natural appearance.

It’s ideal for shared baths:

Bathtimes with the family don’t have to be busy or cramped. In this pool, your kids should be able to soak and play together. According to one client, if you have intimate evenings with your significant other scheduled, this curvy model could accommodate two.

Plenty of Space to Move About:

You don’t need a whole family to know how spacious this tub is. The extra width would be appreciated by larger bathers or those who want a lot of room.

  • Modern Style
  • Convenient
  • None

9. American Standard 2460002.020 Cambridge Alcove Bathtub

American Standard 2460002.020 Cambridge Procelain-Enameled Steel 60-In X 32-In...
  • Durable Americast is lighter than cast iron, easier to handle
  • Soothing 14 inch depth for soaking comfort. Recommended universal brass drain or Deep Soak drain sold separately
  • Excellent heat retention qualities keeps bath water warmer longer
  • Stansure slip-resistant textured floor surface is easy to clean
  • Durable, non-porous, glossy porcelain enamel finish is scratch resistant, easy to clean and retains luster


The American Standard 2461002.020 has an elegant design and is available in three color options: white, linen, and arctic. The product dimensions are 46 x 24 x 70 inches, the same as our previous model. It can also hold 50 to 60 gallons of water.

This model is also made of Americast Porcelain, which is a much lighter material than cast iron. In reality, the design features a glossy enamel top layer that is simple to clean. Similarly, prevent scratch invasion by providing a slip-resistant and beveled headrest.


The model’s most prominent aspect is its ADA-compliant infrastructure. If a customer requires it, it is possible to add a seat at the head end. Essentially, this one, like our other two, has outstanding heat-retaining qualities that keep the bathwater hot for longer, resulting in an excellent shower experience.

Finally, for those looking for a right-hand drain alternative, you have included American Standard 2460002.020. About the fact that both versions are almost identical in terms of efficiency, the main difference is that the latter has the most up-to-date ADA-compliant technologies.

  • Construction in the United States of America
  • Designed to be simple to install
  • It has an ADA-compliant design.
  • Style is fantastic.
  • Few people argue that the firm can not have a flawless finish.

10. KOHLER K-1123-RA-0 Archer 5-Foot Bath

KOHLER K-1123-RA-0 Archer 5-Foot Bath with Comfort Depth Design, Integral Apron...
  • 60"L x 32"W x 19"H
  • Slotted overflow and Comfort Depth design offers a convenient 19-inch step-over height while retaining the same depth as a standard 21-inch bath
  • Molded lumbar arch gently supports the natural curves of your body
  • Requires K-7271 or K-7272 Clearflo slotted overflow bath drain (sold separately)
  • Textured bottom surface


We have a one-of-a-kind Kohler edition, the k-1123 RA-0. It is another best alcove bathtub in our top categories that differs from the other three versions of functionality and styles. Meanwhile, it is built with a comfortable depth frame, beveled corners, and a curved formation.


The architecture would complement and help every used body’s natural curve. As a result, unlike most bathtubs, it has a unique slotted overflow, which Requires K-7271 or K-7272 Clearflo separately. The total product dimensions are 63.6 x 34.5 x 21.4 inches, with a capacity of 50 to 60 gallons of water and a rectangular shape.


Most notably, the maker has a wide range of paint options, including almond, biscuit, black, dune, ice blue, thunder grey, and white. It’s a must-have in every bathtub that comes in a variety of colors to complement your bathroom decor. In terms of the stock, it’s made of white acrylic, which adds an attractive finish and long-term longevity. It also makes cleaning and maintaining the bathtubs a breeze.

When it comes to installation, the vendor makes it very easy, and if you know how to use a plumber, you do not require skilled assistance. This great model has been added for those who want a wide range of color options to match their bathroom interior design.

  • Stylish appearance and end
  • The bottom surface is textured.
  • It has a built-in apron.
  • When swimming, provide extra warmth.
  • The composite is not resistant to slipping and cracking.

11. Kingston Brass VTAP543022L Aqua Eden 54-Inch Acrylic Alcove Tub

Kingston Brass VTAP543022L Aqua Eden Alcove Tub, White
  • Acrylic construction with fiberglass and resin reinforcement
  • Alcove tub with apron
  • Overall dimension: (L)54" X (W)30" X (H)21-5/8"
  • Water depth is 14-3/8" to overflow
  • 55.6 gallon tub capacity


We have another Kingston bathtub, this time with the model number VTAP543022L. The concept is part of their Aqua Eden range, designed to provide affordable goods to all socioeconomic levels. It has a left-hand drain hole and a medium 54-inch layout, so it is a good choice. This tub is significantly smaller than the other six versions we offer and is better suited to a small alcove. The tub is available with a white finish to blend in with any bathroom decor.


While the overall packaging dimensions are smaller than most versions (57 x 32 x 23.5 inches), the 55-gallon water capacity is sufficient for easy bathing. When it came to the products, the manufacturer chose high-quality acrylic to keep it compact and straightforward to move. Pulse is a variable of exceptional longevity and toughness.

Furthermore, the structure, especially the material, has superheated resistance, allowing it to keep your water warm for an extended period.


When it comes to the implementation process, it is highly user-friendly and involves simple construction and installation. Specifically, we have mentioned this lovely alcove bathtub for those looking for a smaller bathtub than a 60-inch circumference. If you are the one, it will undoubtedly possess your spirit.

  • Durability for a long time
  • The design is very compact in weight.
  • Heat the water for a long time.
  • Tall people would find this inconvenient.

12. Kohler K-837-0 Bellwether 60-Inch by 30-Inch Cast Iron Bath

KOHLER K-837-0 Bellwether 60-Inch x 30-1/4-Inch Alcove Bath with Integral Apron...
  • Clean lines and an integral apron create a comfortable bathing experience
  • 14 in. Step-over threshold for easy entry and exit
  • Tile flange helps prevent water from seeping behind wall and simplifies alcove installation
  • Safeguard slip-resistant surface on bath floor
  • Wide ledges for extra storage space


The best alcove cast iron bathtub is next on our list, gathered from well-known Kohler brands. The company is famous for manufacturing the first enameled cast iron bathtubs over 135 years ago, and it has been a shining star in the bathtub range ever since.

The bathtub and the left-hand drain alternative appear to be built in a timelessly elegant look. There are four color choices available from the manufacturer: almond, biscuit, dune, and cream. Also, each paint finish has a sleek and glossy appearance. The product’s overall dimensions are 60 x 30.2 x 14.5 inches, and it weighs 325 pounds.


The weight is heavy because it comprises premium grade 80 percent recycled cast iron steel. Despite this, the material is very tough, with a scrape, stain, and impact resistance built-in.

In reality, the clean lines and built-in apron provide the utmost bathing comfort. Aside from that, the tile flange prevents water from falling behind the wall and makes installation easy.


Finally, it has the capability of storing water temperature for up to an hour, allowing you to take a warm shower anytime you want. In the end, if you’re looking for a bathtub with an impressive design and a modern appearance made of cast iron, this is the bathtub for you.

  • Style and finish are unique.
  • The mounting process is made more accessible by the scale of the stander.
  • Material that is scratch, dye, and impact prone
  • Several color options are available.
  • As compared to plastic material, it is heavier.

User Guide for Buying the Alcove Bathtub

We gave you the top best alcove bathtubs for your bathroom with the new features and competitive prices after conducting extensive testing and carefully deciding on the best bathtubs in the industry provided by the significant bathroom accessories manufacturing companies.

Alcove bathtubs are one of the most basic models available. There is a recessed section of your bathroom on three sides. Unlike more lavish freestanding tubs like clawfoot tubs, an alcove tub does not include a large bathroom.

Bathing is a soothing experience that necessitates a room and accessories that complement the refreshing feeling. Purchasing a bathtub is one of these accessories. There are several different bathtubs, with the alcove being the most common and popular option for any size bathroom. However, before you buy a bathtub, consider the following factors to help you make a more intelligent decision.

The Availability of Space

Decide on the size of the bathtub based on the available space in your bathroom. Oversized soaking bathtubs are comfortable in bigger bathrooms. However, if your bathroom space is limited, opt for a smaller, more lightweight bathtub.


Different bathtubs are very cost-effective and have the fewest functions, such as soaking and draining. However, if you want to enjoy the extra royal bath with the stream of jets and inbuilt showers or whirlpool results, as well as additional arrangements for armrest or neck rest, you’ll have to dig further into your pockets and pay more. So, depending on your budget, you can purchase the best alcove bathtub for your family.


They argue that safety comes first. Look for bathtubs with the latest protection features to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable bathing experience. Essential elements to remember when purchasing an alcove bathtub include:

  • A slip-resistant bottom and corrosion-resistant body material.
  • An overflow channel for a relaxing soaking experience.

The User’s Weight and Height

Consider the bathtub choices based on the height and weight of your family members. Try buying bathtubs that are wide in size and made of hard materials like cast iron if your family members are heavier or have a good height. Otherwise, lightweight, lightweight ceramic bathtubs in small sizes will do.

Water Usage

The bathtub size should be consistent with your freshwater resources and the water heating capability of your furnace. For an overflow soaking bath, an oversized bathtub would likely need more water to be filled. On the other hand, small bathtubs consume far less water, saving you money on both your water and utility costs for heating the water.


Alcove and freestanding are the two most popular installation styles. The alcove installation is surrounded on three sides by walls, while the freestanding bathtub can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. Choose the installation style based on the size of your bathroom and the look you want to achieve.

The Bathtub’s Material

Bathtubs come in a range of shapes, as well as the materials used in their construction. It impacts the product’s longevity, weight, ease of installation, expense, and long-term utility. Acrylic bathtubs, for example, are low in weight and have excellent insulation, keeping the water warm for a long time.

Still, they can be destroyed by acidic solid cleaners and cannot support heavyweights. On the other hand, cast iron bathtubs are highly durable and can support nearly 1000 pounds of weight, but they are cumbersome and challenging to build.


You will finally realize your fantasy of diving into the water bowl and giving yourself a warm water embrace with this. Allow all of your aches and pains to fade away as you soak and bathe in one of the most common alcove-style bathtubs. Alcove bathtubs are the most popular bathtubs for any kind and size of the bathroom because they are simple to install and have an elegant atmosphere.

About the fact that you are paying the least amount of money, you will have the most relaxing time at home in the corner of your bathroom by wisely choosing alcove-soaking bathtubs. Load the bathtub with warm water and splash about in it for a relaxing moment. Have fun bathing!

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