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Every bathroom should have a bathtub that is perfect for bathing. There are several different types of bathtubs to choose from. Acrylic bathtubs are by far the most common type of bathtub available. Acrylic is common because it is lightweight, inexpensive, robust, simple to clean, and a material that can be easily molded into any form desired by the maker.

These bathtub reviews would showcase some of the best acrylic bathtubs currently available. You’ll find something that fits you in this collection, whether you’re looking for something basic and inexpensive or whether you have a larger budget for a luxurious bathtub.

Best Acrylic Bathtubs Reviews

We looked at many user reviews and spent hours looking for the best acrylic bathtubs on the market. We want to make sure you have the best goods available, so here are our top 10 picks:

1. American Standard 2795.204.020 Toilet

From the inside out, the American Standard Studio Concealed Trapway Toilet is stunning. It has a dual flush mechanism of 1.1 GPF for liquids and 1.6 GPF for solid wastes. This toilet generates a lot of force in order to flush the waste down the drain. The oversized 3-inch valve and the syphon action bowl are two features that help with this operation.

Because of its EverClean surface, which resists the formation of mold, mildew, and germs, this toilet is simple to clean. With each flush, the PowerWash rim scrubs every last bit of dirt from the bowl. The trapway is hidden, and the surface is ultra-smooth, which makes cleaning a breeze since there are no curves or crevices to contend with.

2. Aqua Eden VTAP603622R 60-Inch Acrylic Alcove Tub

Kingston Brass’ VTAP alcove bathtub is of exceptional consistency.

3. American Standard 2887218.020 Toilet

The PowerWash rim and syphon jet are crucial features for anyone wanting a sparkling clean bathroom without putting in much effort. This toilet’s rim is pressurised, allowing water into the bowl. It scours the bowl to ensure it’s always fresh. The gadget also boasts an EverClean surface, which lowers the need for routine cleaning.

4. WOODBRIDGE 67" Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub Contemporary Soaking White Tub

The Woodbridge name is synonymous with comfort, and this freestanding acrylic bathtub is no different. It isn’t the most cost-effective solution, but it is the most stylish. On the sector, the rectangular shape is peculiar. This bathtub is made entirely of high-gloss acrylic with resin and fiberglass reinforcements. The surface is rust- and scratch-resistant, so it can preserve its consistency over time. It’s also safe because it has an anti-slip rim. The water stays hot, and the pool is safe, thanks to a double-walled reinforcement. A tile flange pattern avoids seepage, which contributes to longevity. There’s no reason to be worried about leaks. This product has a five-year extended warranty and is UPC and CSA approved. This indicates that external oversight committees have reviewed and accepted the structural stability and plumbing scheme.

5. Woodbridge 59" Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub Contemporary Soaking Tub

Woodbridge’s freestanding elegance is worth a second glance. It’s not only attractive, but it’s also spacious and deep, making it ideal for a long soak. It has a 55-gallon capacity and will accommodate two persons if they sit upright. With sloped lines and a high-gloss finish, the tub has a comfortable look and feel. The faucet and drain are both made of stainless steel with a brushed nickel finish. The scratch- and stain-resistant surface makes it simple to clean and preserve. This is a unique feature since the finish on conventional tubs will make or ruin the overall appearance over time. The water is kept warm for as long as possible thanks to a double-walled system. For this one, you won’t have to think about endless top-ups!

6. American Standard 2461002.020 Cambridge Apron-Front Americast Soaking Bathtub

For a long time, American Standard has become a household name for appliances. It has a wide range of freestanding and alcove units, with this choice falling into the latter category. With that in mind, this studio-style model is a simple, built-in bathtub that will last a long time. The high-gloss style is simple and straightforward. It has a deep bathing well and textured flooring for added protection. If you have children or older people living with you, this is particularly useful. The bottom is pre-leveled, making construction smoother, and the sides are sealed to avoid leaks. It’s available with either a left or right-hand drain; we’re looking at you, lefties!

7. Empava EMPV-FT1518 67" Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

Last but not least, there’s this stunning freestanding tub from Empava, which is manufactured in the United States. The curved design is common so that it could be a focal point in your new bathroom. The gleaming finish contrasts with the curvy, ergonomic form, designed to provide comfort and relaxation. The tub is approved by the UPC and has reinforced fiberglass for longevity. This guarantees that the piping and drain have been evaluated and certified by a third party, indicating safe use. For a finished look, Empava applied brushed nickel to the drain and overflow. Both are included in the bathtub’s selling price. The water volume is about 58 gallons, which is marginally higher than the other items on our list.

8. KOHLER K-1957-RA-0 Underscore Rectangle 60-Inch x 32-Inch Alcove Bath

The Kohler Underscore is a high-end alcove bathtub made of white acrylic. This bathtub has a 68-gallon capacity for a relaxing soak.

9. Kingston Brass VTAP663222R Aqua Eden Alcove Tub

Kingston Brass gives us a hard hitter in the world of alcove tubs with a 62.17-gallon capacity. Its style is elegant, but it’s easy enough to go with a range of bathroom decors.

This piece is 66 inches long, which is longer than many others. As a result, taller people would have more space to stretch out and get comfortable. The depth and width of this bathtub are about 32 inches and 20 inches, respectively.

The drain is on the right side, and the tub’s overall structure is sturdy. This bathtub has a high-end appearance and a low-price tag, making it a decent option for anyone on a tight budget.

10. Grayley 60 x 30 Inch Alcove Bathtub

The Grayley is a Windham Series alcove bathtub of excellent quality. This tub is made of acrylic with fiberglass and resin reinforcements for a solid and long-lasting tub.

What Are the Advantages of Buying an Acrylic Bathtub?

For some purposes, acrylic bathtubs are a common choice we mentioned below:

Installation is easy

There’s a lot that goes into building a bathtub, from the room’s scale to the cost of labor, and so on. Acrylic bathtubs are lighter than other materials, such as marble or cast iron, making them easy to carry around.

You don’t have to be concerned with the floor’s ability to support the weight. The bulk of them weighs less than 130 pounds, which isn’t excessively heavy for bathroom flooring. Instead, you should concentrate on other things, such as flooding it with hot water and soaking in it!

Bring in a construction specialist to test the bathroom flooring if you’re unsure.


Acrylic tubs are less expensive than most fabrics and styles. This is true also with the chic-looking modern bathtubs you’d see in the new home-design magazine, as you’ll see with our top picks.

This makes them a feasible choice if the renovation budget isn’t huge: most fall between $400 and 700 dollars.


It’s safe to believe that since acrylic tubs are inexpensive and made of plastic, they won’t last. We appreciate your reluctance, but there’s nothing to be concerned about it.

Many are double-walled and filled with fiberglass, making them stronger than some would expect. Insulation layers also tend to save the water from colling down very fast.

If adequately cared for, an acrylic tub will last many decades before having to be replaced. It needs less care in this respect than, say, marble, which is brittle and vulnerable to scratching.

On the other hand, the porosity of acrylic ensures that many popular cleaning solutions aren’t recommended, lest they soak into the material and spoil everything.

Acrylic Bathtub Buying Guide

Before you go out and buy your acrylic bathtub, there are a few things you should think about. There are several different models, setups, and sizes of acrylic bathtubs available, so make sure you think about it before purchasing.

This practical purchasing guide will give you an idea of some of the items to worry about while buying an acrylic bathtub.


When it is time to buy a new acrylic bathtub, you should have a rough idea of where you want to put it in your bathroom. Although some bathrooms are large and spacious, others are narrow and cramped.

You would be allowed to select a bigger plastic bathtub if you have a larger bathroom. For those who want to make a bold statement in their bathroom, freestanding tubs are an acceptable option. They’re elegant, trendy, and exclusive. However, if you only have a small bathroom, a freestanding tub is not advised because you would not be able to walk around it properly. It’s even probable that it’s a waste of precious floor space.

If you have a tiny bathroom, a wall-mounted bathtub is an excellent option. These tubs had to be anchored to the wall. Some only need two sides to be fixed. This will allow you to use some of the wall space for your bath and some for another piece of bathroom furniture if desired.

For relatively small bathrooms, an alcove bathtub is a perfect alternative. This sort of tub can be built into even the tiniest of bathroom alcoves. Everything you have to do now is pick the size that best fits your needs.


The size of the bathtub you choose will be largely dictated by the number of people who will use it. You’ll also need to find a bathtub that is the perfect size for your bathroom without being too huge and taking up too much space.

If you have the room, you can try to get the longest bathtub you can. This will mean that no matter who lives in your house at any given time, they will be able to use a bath that is spacious enough for them. And if no one in your home is especially tall, you may need to provide a calming bath to a visitor at any stage.

Corner baths are a perfect choice if you need a big bath to hold two people if appropriate. A corner acrylic bathtub is usually more significant than a standard bathtub. They are rough and much roomier, and as a result, based on the dimensions of the pool, they may also accommodate people.

The best acrylic bathtub is available. If you want a bathtub that is more than just practical, take a look at the different features available with the model.

Bathtubs with seats are available. This seat allows you to rest safely in the pool without having to descend to the ground. This could be preferable for the aged or injured who are unable to stand from such a low seating position.

Some bathtubs have a built-in lumbar support area for added convenience. This will mean that your back is well balanced as you rest in the pool. Other tubs have a headrest to keep your head supported as you relax.


The installation of your bathtub must be as simple as possible. Most bathtubs come with easy-to-follow directions about how to set up your new buy. If you buy an easy-to-use bathtub, you will most likely be able to install your acrylic tub on your own. Since bathtubs are larger items of furniture, you’ll almost certainly require assistance lifting your bathtub into place.

You can make sure that the bathtub you purchase comes with all of the required fixtures. Although most bathtubs have this, as usual, it’s still a good idea to double-check. If you want to buy a bathtub that doesn’t come with the fixtures, you’ll need to buy them at the same time as the bathtub so that you can mount it as soon as it comes.


When deciding which bathtub to buy, note to consider the configuration of your waste pipe. This will help you figure out which side your drain should be on. Although specific bathtubs aren’t common, the majority are designed for a particular configuration. When you come to make your order, they will tell you whether the bathtubs are right-hand or left-hand.


If you’re unsure if your bathtub is a decent value for money, consider the accessories that come with it. Although certain bathtubs may seem to be more costly than other alternatives, you may discover that there is an explanation for this at first sight. Bathtubs that are more economical usually come with little more than a repair package.

More expensive and spacious bathtubs, on the other hand, come with more fixtures, allowing you to mount your bathtub without having to buy any extra things.

There are bathtubs available that have a waste drain and an overflowing pack. This will typically complement the tub’s theme, and you can be assured that it will be the correct size. And if your tub comes with the drain, you can be assured that you can save money.


Of course, you’ll want to make sure that your bathtub will last as long as possible before you buy it. This is why it’s a smart thing to look at the warranty that comes with your model. You can scan the fine print that comes with the warranty and make sure you understand what is protected.

You’ll note that the warranty duration is offered in several lengths. Few businesses only have a one- or two-year warranty. While this can seem inadequate, bathtub issues typically appear during the first year or two of usage. These warranties are generally comprehensive, covering anything from the production process to the top’s end.

Limited lifetime warranties are another option you’ll come across from time to time. While these warranties will provide you with peace of mind, they can also mean that the items you believe are covered aren’t covered. When buying a bathtub with a short lifetime warranty, you can check to see what you are being given.

Bathing Has Multiple Wellness Benefits

A good soak is a privilege that not all can afford, but if you can, consider yourself fortunate. Bathing in a hot tub can provide health benefits in addition to relaxation:

Muscle relaxation: You know the benefits of a massage whether you participate in athletics or are on your feet all day. At a fraction of the cost, a hot bath will have comparable benefits.

Reduce fatigue: Are you stressed at the end of the week? Bathing will re-energize you, allowing you to enjoy the weekend rather than relax from the week before.

Reduce pain: You may be able to find some relaxation in the pool if you have chronic pain, such as a sore back or arthritis.

Emotional liberation: According to the report, taking a hot bath will relieve challenging feelings, including rage and depression. It’s good for you!

Enable yourself to rest

There are a few important considerations to make when selecting an acrylic bathtub. For example, how simple is it to install and clean the tub, and does it fit in your space?

Acrylic is a long-lasting, cost-effective plastic with a wide range of styles to choose from, whether you want anything high-end or straightforward. If you’re in the shop looking for tubs, don’t be afraid to try one. There’s no other way to find out if you’re a good candidate than to jump straight in!

Which of our alternatives did you prefer? What style would you choose: freestanding or alcove?


These acrylic bathtub reviews have an in-depth look at the various types of bathtubs available. While there are several factors to weigh before purchasing the right acrylic bathtub, many options are available. You will select a bathtub that suits your budget and size specifications, as well as one that has all of the functionality you need.

We hope that our helpful buying guide has given you some insight into what to look for when buying an acrylic tub. Of course, there are certain items about which you would need to think carefully before making your order.

Purchasing a bathtub with the incorrect waste configuration or purchasing a bathtub with a faucet and then purchasing an additional faucet could result in you spending more money than you need to. You may also want to look at our bathroom faucet reviews at this stage. It’s also a smart choice to go with a reputable brand that will supply you with a fair warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answer: Acrylic is a synthetic material that resembles shiny glass and is used for a variety of products. Polymethyl methacrylate is a typical form of acrylic used in bathtubs (PMMA). It’s molded, layered, and developed into whatever the manufacturer’s product line-up calls for. Acrylic is a fantastic material for bathtubs because it is impact-resistant and lightweight.

Answer: You need to consider the size of the bathroom. In this way, you will integrate the available space, providing comfort to the bathroom. The available budget will determine the selection of the bathtub, depending on the standard design or custom design.

Answer: In addition to excellent resistance and durability, sanitary acrylic enjoys a series of attributes that other materials lack. It is a smooth, pore-free and pleasantly warm surface. It is soft to the touch, making it ideal for making bathtubs.

Answer: Bath or shower? Given its large dimensions, it is convenient to analyze the available space together with our practical needs. A standard bathtub requires a hole of about 70 cm wide by 120-140 cm long, although those of 80 x 150-160 cm are more comfortable.

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