Best Bathtub Installation Methods 2022


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In this brief bathtub installation methods article, I’ll show you how to build bathtubs in your home in a variety of ways. Since these are the most popular, I’ll go over drop-in, alcove, freestanding, and undermount bathtub installations. It’s crucial to understand the various installation styles because they can influence the type of tub you purchase.

Bathtub styles

Drop-in Bathtub

Drop-In Installation is the most popular method of installation. The bathtub is elevated above the tub deck in this design, revealing a few inches of the bathtub rim above the deck.

Freestanding Bathtub

With the Freestanding Bathtub Trend, modern meets classic. For your bathroom, an eye-catching piece of art. Bathtubs that stand-alone add a touch of elegance to any home.

Sunken Bathtub

Some Bathtub style sunk into the floor, giving the traditional style a modern twist and therefore called sunken bathtubs. A sunken tub, which is common in Modern or Contemporary homes, can make the bathroom feel larger and more spacious.

Undermount Bathtub

A drop-in tub is similar to an undermount bathtub. The rim of the bathtub is normally enclosed by a surrounding deck top, which is usually made of natural stone. This gives the bathroom a cleaner, more elegant appearance.

Alcove Bathtubs

Alcove Bathtubs are tubs that are surrounded on three sides by walls. An integral tub apron is then used to protect the front side. Right and left-handed drains are open, and the one you choose depends on the layout of your bathroom.

Bathtub Installation Methods


The drop-in method is the first installation method I’ll look at. This method is also known as the platform or deck-mounted installation method. This is most often achieved with tubs that must be lowered into a deck frame, normally constructed into an enclosure. This method is typically used to install whirlpool, and air bathtubs since the room beneath the deck is necessary to house and conceal all of the plumbing required for service. The plumbing and hardware are generally accessible via a removable panel on the floor.


Rectangular tubs that are adjacent to three walls are installed in an alcove or sunken tub. Alcove tubs are commonly regarded as the industry standard. Whether you can get a left or right-hand alcove installation tub depends on your plumbing and drain position. Since these tubs have borders on the front, back, and one side, it’s crucial to know which side is the open side so that it suits your drain.


Freestanding bathtubs have a variety of styles, including vintage and clawfoot tubs. These tubs are independent of any supporting walls or deck structure, and they rest on the bathroom floor. If you plan to have a tub that needs this form of installation, you will have more choices on where you can place it in your bathroom. It will also need to be near the drain and delivery plumbing, making sure that these are readily available.


An undermount installation tub would have a supporting frame underneath it, as the name suggests. It, too, will be protected by a deck roof, similar to platform tubs. The fundamental difference between these two types of installations is that a frame underneath it supports an undermount tub, while a platform tub is suspended from the deck.


Final Words….

Bathtubs may be installed in a variety of ways, but these are the most popular. The term “type of installation” is often used when describing a bathtub.

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