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Even the most excellent boat accessories, boating décor, and other gear will not suffice when nature calls. The lack of suitable sanitisation methods is the only thing keeping any boater who spends most of their time outside from having a unique journey. This is particularly true if you travel with a large group like a family. 

It’s a blessing to have a portable marine toilet on board. As the name indicates, Portable toilets may be moved from one area to another at any time of day. A portable toilet guarantees you a good experience no matter where you go. The conditions of a ship’s bathrooms can be described as clean, safe, and sanitary. Choosing the best portable toilet for your boat is a matter of cake. Sea toilets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

List of Best Electric Marine Toilet

Here is the best electric marine toilet. These toilets are recommended for organising meetings, boating excursions and parties, and camping in areas with no other amenities. 


1. Jabsco 37010 Series, Electric Marine Toilet

With the adjustable design of this toilet, you may now have the convenience of electric flushing on your yacht. An integrated self-priming rinse pump provides water from the ocean, river, or lake as standard. A household-sized bowl and a small bowl are available for those occasions when space is limited.



2. TMC Marine Electric Toilet Household

The TMC Marine Electric Toilet Small Bowl with Macerator Pump and Smart Flush Control comes with everything you need to get started. The tiny size of this toilet makes it excellent for boats and RVs.

3. Jabsco Twist n' Lock, Manual Marine Toilet Boating Head

Jabsco’s robust manual toilet has been a worldwide favourite for over two decades because of its Twist ‘n’ Lock function. It guards against siphonic flooding and waste backflow with a simple 90-degree rotation of a handle.

4. TMC Marine Electric Toilet Small Bowl

This TMC electric marine toilet has a white vitreous china bowl and a conventional residential seat and cover. The macerator and high-capacity scavenger pump will grind up the waste and pump it out of the bathroom with a simple button push.

5. Raritan PH Superflush Toilet

PH Superflush Toilet with Soft-Close Lid We’ve modified our configuration to make it easier for customers to switch from competitive products to our PHII pump and start reaping the advantages of its robust and durable design. Each item is handcrafted and tested in the United States. Switching to PH SuperFlush is quick and easy! The mounting base design is compatible with the bolt pattern on most competitor toilets. You can complete the task with more minor strokes. Our double-action piston pump is 66% larger than the competition, making it easier and more efficient.

6. TMC Marine Electric Toilet

This is a simple-to-care-for china bowl. You’ll get a white vitreous china bowl with a regular home seat and lid when you buy a TMC electric maritime toilet. Macerator pump with a large capacity.

7. SereneLife Portable Toilet

SereneLife’s portable toilets with carrying bags may be utilised for indoor and outdoor activities and emergencies. This portable toilet set covers you whether camping in the woods or enjoying a family road trip. It has a capacity of 3.2 gallons of pure water and can flush 50 times a row. The device contains a 5.3-gallon waste tank for holding waste after flushing.

8. Dock Edge Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty

You can live without many things on a camping trip, but a toilet is one of the most unpleasant. You can now carry a restroom with you with the Visa portable toilet. The Potty is an efficient and easy-to-use portable toilet for campers, hikers, marine applications, or RVs, with a piston flush system, a two-direction rinse, and a level indicator on the fresh water and waste holding tanks.

9. Alpcour Portable Toilet

The Alpcour Portable Toilet is the closest you’ll get when it comes to comfy outdoor johns. Its seat is sizable, with the surface measuring 14.4 inches wide by 16.3 inches long, all elevated to approximately 16.5 inches. Fifteen inches is the standard height for most toilets but a little more outdoor comfort; you’ll want to go for a toilet height between 16-inches and 18-inches.

There is a 3.2-gallon freshwater tank at the top and a 5.3-gallon waste tank at the bottom. These two compartments are secured with solid tank latches on either side of the unit. The flash tank compartment has enough capacity for over 50 flushes. 

10. ECO-Safe Toilet System

The ECO-Safe Toilet System is the most excellent solution for on-the-go public bathrooms since it is portable and reusable. The crush-resistant material in the tank may be reused 50 times. The ECO-Safe Toilet was chosen for the Mt. Everest Cleanup Project trip in 1998. The requirements of the BLM, NPS, and USFS have been followed. The Eco-Safe Toilet System has the following features: The tank’s inside measurements are “H x 7″ W x 11″ D 17.5″x7.5″x13.5″ while the tank’s outer dimensions are 17.5″x7.5″x13.5”. Capacity of 5.5 gallons. Material that has been rotomolded out of polyethene. For use, there is a 6″ hole and a 3″ opening for cleaning. Three times assembling the vehicle’s seats “degrease the hose Adapter for the washout hose.”

11. Giantex Portable Travel Toilet

The space-saving portable toilet is excellent for small parties and is designed for outdoor usage. Camping, hiking, boating, and road trips are all made more accessible and fun. It’s constructed of PP, smooth and devoid of burrs, so it’s kinder on your skin. The interior bucket does not need to be cleaned because it may be used with a rubbish bag. The double-lid design effectively isolates odours while maintaining a fresh environment.

Reasons to Buy A Portable Marine Toilet

A portable marine toilet is proper sailing gear in the long term. However, there are a few compelling reasons to purchase a portable boat toilet:


If you can access a portable marine toilet to relieve yourself practically anywhere, your sailing experience will be increased tenfold. You won’t be able to use the toilet for a few hours if you’re on a boat. Thanks to the toileting industry, travelling with your toilet is now feasible. This is a significant time saving when travelling with children or the elderly.


Talk about a product that is both cost-effective and efficient. Constructing a ship’s head from the ground up is more expensive than using a temporary marine toilet. As a result, many sailors prefer to use portable toilets rather than marine toilets.


There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for toileting. You may choose a range of solutions for portable marine toilets. There are various options available, including kid-friendly bathrooms and special needs facilities. Individual toilets make you feel comfortable in any situation.

Sturdy and Long-lasting

Almost all marine portable toilets are made from high-quality materials that can resist even the worst weather. As a result, it is long-lasting and reliable. On the other hand, these toilets seem unsteady and can easily withstand the weight of enormous people.


Don’t give in to temptation when nature calls. Let’s pretend that long travels and sea vacations no longer excite you. What would happen to a thousand-dollar toilet? Wasted, Those were the days. These units have various uses, implying that they can be easily relocated and used in boats.


Marine toilets are one of the essential elements of the product range since they can be transported to any area.

A Complete Buying Guide for Marine Toilets

Types of Portable Toilets

These portable toilets come in three different styles, each with benefits and drawbacks.

A Cartridge Toilet

Because they have a tank that can be removed and emptied at dump stations, semi-portable toilets are also known as cassette toilets. The three primary components of this toilet type are as follows:

The toilet: 

The toilet is permanently attached to the boat.

The flush:

 A “flush” is that gadget you see fastened to the toilet’s sidewall.

A waste tank: 

The waste tank for the toilet lies beneath it.

If you spend most of your time on a boat, this option provides a permanent solution with a portable water tank that can be hauled to dump stations.

Pump-Out Toilets

One of the reasons these toilets are so popular is their ceramic bowls, which give them a domestic feel. They can, however, be powered by a battery or a motor. It takes a couple of levers pushed to clean and flush the toilet for the former. This device takes care of everything for you, so you don’t have to flush or clean the toilet. Just sit back and relax while it works!

An electronic toilet is a terrific solution if you dislike performing dirty labour. Although it is more expensive than the manual, it is worth the investment. Even said, a manual is a way to go if you want to clean and flush yourself.

The Eco-Toilet

The composting toilet is excellent for individuals who enjoy sailing and the great outdoors. Composting toilets do not require water and convert your waste into fertiliser, making them a practical and environmentally friendly alternative to regular toilets. It is larger than the standard toilet, notwithstanding its size variations. The eco-toilet is ecologically friendly because it does not use potentially toxic chemicals.

Marine Toilets Material

Marine toilets come in a range of materials, depending on your tastes. Because it is long-lasting and corrosion-resistant, high-quality ABS plastic is occasionally utilised in toilets. Others, on the other hand, use low-cost, low-quality materials. On the other hand, prices may vary depending on the cost of raw materials.

The majority of portable marine heads are built of one of two materials:


 Marine toilets made of plastic are lighter and more durable than porcelain ones. Cleaning them, on the other hand, may be a pain.


With its easy-to-clean surface, Porcelain has a more royal appearance than plastic.

  1. of Marine Toilets

Remember how much water you’ll use when choosing a portable toilet for your boat. Varied toilets have different tank capacities to accommodate the amount of water required by each user.

Affordability and Flushing Mechanism

Marine toilets need to be cleaned and repaired regularly due to their constant use. Choose a toilet that solely has detachable and replacement parts. It’s also worth noting that flush mechanisms are essential for flushing and cleaning to battle odour-causing microorganisms. Choose a toilet with a robust flushing system for your yacht.

Waste Level Monitor

This is the most important and underrated component of a marine toilet. Using portable toilets with a waste level monitor saves us time and work. Look for tank indicators to alert you when it’s time to refill or empty the tanks, so you don’t have to worry about stinky garbage spoiling your boating excursion.


Toilets come in various sizes, depending on the brand and type. Toilets come in multiple sizes, with some fitting in even the most minor areas. Make careful to measure the toilet’s dimensions and compare them to the available space in your boat before making a purchase.

No Leaks, No Odors

Your marine toilet’s health and hygiene requirements should be among the best in the business. Enclosed areas, such as those seen on ships with bathrooms, exacerbate these issues. The worst thing that could happen to you is smells emanating from your toilet. To avoid this problem, seek a toilet with a sealed valve or deodorizer mechanisms if you’re a boater who worries about your family’s health.

Toilet Sounds

While flushing your toilets, you may experience some wall pounding. Others are repulsed by it, while others find it humorous. You might want to look for flushing options that don’t generate a lot of noise so you can enjoy your boating vacation in peace.


There are so many other options on the market, so it’s easy to doubt the worth of acquiring a portable marine toilet. On the other hand, ordinary boat heads are more expensive and less long-lasting than marine toilets. Our editors hand-vetted this article’s product list to guarantee that your boating adventures are stress-free. Before you go out and buy marine toilets, make sure you know how much space you have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answer: Jabsco’s marine toilets include quiet flushing and user control over water levels in the bowl. The macerator pump is engaged by pushing the flush button, and the bowl is flushed.

Answer: The typical self-contained freshwater toilet and storage tank system make long days on the water more bearable.

Answer: Of course, with the solids. Marine/RV toilet paper composts the fastest.

Answer: What is the function of a Saniflo Marine macerating commode system? When you flush the toilet, a powerful macerator with a rotating blade shreds solid matter into fine powders, such as human waste and toilet paper. When flushing water is added to a solid object, it becomes a thin slurry that can be readily pushed through a small hole.

Answer: Using an electric marine toilet instead of a manual flush reduces the need to pump the bowl to flush it repeatedly. A macerator is a device that grinds up rubbish and paper before dumping it into the holding tank or the ocean floor if you have an electric head.

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