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If your bathroom isn’t as big as you’d want it to be, there are a few things you can do to save space. You may improve the efficiency of your toiletry storage by adding shelves or reorganising your cabinet. Installing a tiny toilet is one option that will maximise space long-term.

A one-piece toilet is perfect for a compact room.

List of Best Space-Saving Toilet

Here is the list of the best space saving toilet. They’re simple to use, clean, and keep up with. 

1. TOTO MS853113E Round Front Toilet

This one-piece toilet is sleek and contemporary, with a 12-inch rough-in. E-Max has a 4.8 Lpf/1.28 Gpf syphon jet flushing action. The tank cover comes with a SoftClose seat and chrome-plated trip lever. Unlike pressure-assist toilets, the E-Max is quiet and straightforward for flushing 1.28 gallons. 

2. Saniflo Round Bowl Toilet

Because of its above-floor technology, Saniflo is the most popular brand in the plumbing industry.

3. Swiss Madison SM Toilet Dual Flush

The Ivy® features a trendy, clean, smooth modern design. The flushing mechanism of the Ivy® one-piece toilet has two powerful nozzles (instead of rim holes) that provide centrifugal force for a more effective flush.

4. GALBA Small Toilet

It is a one-piece skirted unit with smooth surfaces and a fast-release removable seat to keep it clean, and its self-cleaning glazing avoids skid marks and provides a more hygienic flush. The same coating protects the object from fading, corrosion, and scratches. You may need to clean the gadget more regularly due to the low water level in the bowl.

5. American Standard 2887218.020 Toilet

The PowerWash rim and syphon jet are crucial features for anyone wanting a sparkling clean bathroom without putting in much effort. This toilet’s rim is pressurised, allowing water into the bowl. It scours the bowl to ensure it’s always fresh. The gadget also boasts an EverClean surface, which lowers the need for routine cleaning.

6. Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

Efficiency is crucial when it comes to small composting toilets. To begin with, the rubbish being composted should have no odour. The compost should be safe to handle after that. The liquid component should finally be evaporated. All of this appears to be accomplished by the Nature’s Head model, and it does so without generating any compost byproduct odours. The toilet separates liquid waste into its container using a dry composting approach.

7. Aqua Magic Style II Travel Toilet

The toilet must have a compact height of 18-1/2 to utilise the Aqua-Magic V hand flush in any RV that allows a permanent installation. Because it is constructed of plastic, Aqua-Magic V is lightweight and straightforward. The textured top keeps water out, and the pedal doubles as a dual-flush system. Water is forced into the bowl when you press down on the pedal flush, and when you press it down, the valve is opened, and the toilet is flushed.

8. TOTO Drake Two-Piece Elongated

The TOTO® Drake® Two-Piece Elongated 1.6 GPF TORNADO FLUSH® Toilet with CEFIONTECT® features a striking design. The Drake includes TORNADO FLUSH®, a dual-nozzle design that delivers centrifugal washing motion to help flush the bowl more efficiently.

9. HOROW HWMT-8733 Small Toilet

This toilet would look fantastic in any modern bathroom. The seat cover closes quietly. The Dual-Flush feature is ideal for conserving water.

10. White Over-the-Toilet Spacesaver Storage Cabinet

Bathroom Shelving Cabinet Shelf Organizer Organizer for Toilet Paper and Towels Furniture for the Bathroom Supplies for the Bath Towel Storage Cabinet Over Toilet Stand in White Two side cabinets, one in the middle. 38.3-inch height, 34-inch width, and 6.5-inch depth; 32-inch height, 22-inch width, and 5.75-inch depth; 5.3-inch height, 22.1-inch width, and 6.3-inch depth; and 34.8-inch height, 4-8-inch width, and 6.3-inch depth; Wood of the highest grade.

Bathroom Space-Saving Ideas

There might be a problem with the bathroom space. Consequently, there are various ways to make this living space more functional and elegant without losing either. The following are some suggestions to help you maximise the space in your bathroom:

Portable Toilet For Your RV

When selecting a toilet, keep in mind the specific requirements of your RV. Standard gravity flush toilets, for example, have removable holding tanks and are permanent installations. Another is macerating flush, employing motorised blades to break down waste before entering a holding tank.

You can see the Aqua Magic V tiny toilet, our best choice for travelling, fits inside your RV. The cassette toilet, developed for recreational RVs, features a small, removable waste tank connected to a permanently attached toilet bowl. Vacuum flushes are also options, employing a vacuum vessel and macerating pump to take waste from the toilet and deposit it in the holding tank. Which is ideal for you will be determined by the size of your RV and available space.

Want A Tank

Tankless toilets are uncommon but not unheard of. In these versions, the flushing mechanism is the force of the water entering from the supply line. A tankless toilet that obtains its water straight from a water source is achievable. A tankless toilet may be just the ticket for reducing space and having the infrastructure in place. The TOTO 418F Aquia is on our shopping list.


When Buying a Small Toilet, What to Consider

If you’ve decided to go with a bit of toilet, there are a few things to bear in mind. The same considerations apply when choosing a standard-size toilet, but small toilets have benefits and drawbacks.


Compact toilets come in a wide variety of prices. They are often more expensive than their larger counterparts in terms of pricing. One-piece devices are easier to install, clean, and maintain than two-piece versions. The price of a product might be a valuable measure of its efficiency.

Water Efficiency

This information is necessary when purchasing a toilet. Keep this in mind while you browse your options to see how efficient each is. You’ll want to use as little water as possible in the long term.


Most of the time, the length, or the distance from front to back, is more essential than the width or height. Due to the necessity for space clearance in front of the toilet set, the best alternative is to choose a shorter toilet. You hope to save more floor space by reducing a few more inches. Look for a model with a maximum length of 25 inches or less if you seek the most miniature objects. Except for one, the folks on our list today (for the most part) meet this condition, so you have a lot of choices.

Space-Saving Shape

The length of a toilet is the most significant consideration for its size. The most frequent toilet bowl options are compact or extended bowls. Compact dimensions are 2 inches shorter than elongated-bowl sizes.

The expanded toilet bowl is more popular since the extended seat gives excellent thigh support. People who desire the convenience of an elongated toilet bowl but don’t have the space for one can consider the compact-extended toilet.

This one-piece toilet has an extended bowl that fits the same space as the round front toilet. The GALBA MU133 is a wonderful example of this, as it includes many valuable features.


You can have the bowl made of porcelain/ceramic or vitreous china. The most durable and cost-effective of these materials is porcelain/ceramic. Vitreous china is a glazing technique that makes porcelain denser and shinier. It’s water-resistant, simple to clean, and sturdy enough to support even influential users.

Flush Type

Flushing systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A gravity flush system is frequently seen among the most popular solutions. As a result, everything in the tank and bowl is forced to depart through the trapway. The flush is completed, and the bowl is cleaned by syphoning.

Compressed air forces the water down in pressure-assisted flushing systems, making them more contemporary. This method will move water more swiftly, but it will also be louder than a gravity-based system.

For environmentally-conscious clients, the dual flushing system goes one step further. You may use this to perform a partial or total flush. Saniflo’s 023 SANICOMPACT flushing system is an excellent example of a water-saving flushing system.


Two-piece toilets typically weigh around 55 pounds, whereas one-piece toilets can weigh 88 pounds. This is because ceramic tanks, which are heavier than those in a separate component, are housed in the one-piece toilet. The Nature’s Head Self-Contained Composting Toilet is readily disassembled for easy travel. Its weight will not be an issue unless you require a portable gadget.

Installation Method

Even while one-piece toilets are more difficult to move, they are much easier to install. Because there is no need to connect the tank to the bowl, the installation is practically complete once the unit is located. On the other hand, a two-piece toilet is easier to install since the tank and bowl may be separated. The weight may be divided between the two halves, making carrying simpler. There’s no need to deal with a lot of weight, so managing with only one person is simple. It would help if you were exact while mounting the tank to the wall to avoid further leaks. So, if you’re unsure about your DIY skills, you may always employ a professional.


As you’ve previously seen, the high octane power of pressure-assisted toilets comes at the cost of a lot of noise. Consider the TOTO MS853113E Eco Ultramax, which utilises a gravity flushing mechanism if you want a quieter flushing approach.

Another minor but obnoxious noise source is a pounding toilet lid. If you don’t want to hear a brick fall every time someone closes the toilet lid, go for a model with a slow-drop seat that closes gently. On some toilets, removable slow-close seats are an option that makes cleaning a snap.


When buying a tiny toilet, inquire about the manufacturer’s warranty. A trustworthy company’s warranty might last anywhere from a year to a lifetime. For example, it might be limited to a manufacturer’s guarantee, a limited warranty on mechanical parts, or a limited warranty on chinaware.

Comfortable Design

Compact toilets are an excellent method to save space while maintaining a pleasant toileting experience. When making your decisions, don’t forget to consider the material it’s made of. It’s the toilet bowl that’s important in this scenario. Whether it’s an elongated or round bowl, be sure it’s the proper size. Toilet seats that are extended and comfortable are popular.

Ease of Installation

If you want to maximise your bathroom space, installing a tiny toilet is vital. Some are more straightforward to assemble than others. Choose one that meets your area and financial requirements.


Install a toilet that saves both floor space and water use to make the most of your bathroom’s available space. Toilets that save space are required in small bathrooms. Many of them are still great options for bathrooms with plenty of space. If you choose one of these models from our list, you’ll save time cleaning a standard-size toilet, the annoyance of dealing with obstructions, and the money spent on useless flushes. You may rest confident that any toilet you pick from our list will meet your demands in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answer: Mould isn’t surprising, given the toilet’s damp, gloomy location. Checking for leaks regularly, maintaining good ventilation, and minimising the amount of humidity in the structure are common ways to avoid this. Cleaning the area regularly might also help prevent the problem from getting worse.

Answer: Aside from length, the two types are almost identical in terms of functional attributes. Compact toilets include all of the same characteristics as more enormous toilets.

Answer: In truth, they aren’t. You should have no problems as long as you clean it regularly.

Answer: Suggestions for a Toilet Compartment. Measurements: 30×60 inch canvas. A swing-out or pocket door is necessary for a separate toilet compartment of 36×66 inches. Code Required: 30×60 inches is required for a separate toilet chamber.

Answer: Thirty inches wide by 60 inches deep is the suggested minimum size for a toilet room. Any room less than this size is considered a violation of the International Residential Code.

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