10 Best Bathroom Pull-Out Trash Can Reviews 2022

Best Bathroom Pull-Out Trash Can

A trash can is a need in any bathroom. Even though bathroom trash cans are modest, their significance cannot be overstated. There’s always stuff to throw away in the bathroom, from cotton swabs to tissues to tampons to the chocolate bar wrappers you’re hiding from your family. Dealing with trash isn’t fun, but it becomes more bearable with the correct trash can. And who knows, the garbage can even give you some delight. Before taking the plunge and purchasing a new bathroom trash can or upgrading your current model, there are a few things to consider.

List of Best Pull-Out Trash Cans

Here we have a list of the best bathroom pull-out trash can. These cans have attractive designs. 

1. JOYBOS 4 Gallon Motion Sensor Bathroom Trash Can

JOYBOS 4 Gallon Motion Sensor Bathroom Trash Can | Contactless Trash Can with...
  • IMPORTANT: Please install the battery before using this sensor auto trash bin. When the sensor light is turned on, you can...
  • MULTIPLE WAYS TO OPEN THE LID: One-touch lid opens to a convenient way to save effort, smart design, bathroom trash can...
  • EASY TO LIFT AND PACK QUICKLY: After years of research and development, JOYBOS original packaging design smart kitchen...


Before using this automatic garbage can, ensure the battery is in place. If you need to open or close your lid for a lengthy time, please hit one of these icons on the left or right side of your sensing area, depending on which side you’re on.

A variety of ways to open the lid:

 All you need is a single key to open the lid. With an infrared sensor and a single-key, normally open lid, this innovative touchless bathroom trash can opens in 0.3 seconds and can be used with one hand. Open the garbage can lid by gently placing your knees on the 8-inch sensing area above the trash can. Knee bending induction saves time and labor by preventing bending.

Easy to lift, fast to pack:

 It has taken years of research and development to perfect JOYBOS’s original package design smart kitchen trash can, which requires you to open the trash can lid and pull the trash bag rope to immediately pack the waste away without touching it bag’s edges. This bathroom wastebasket keeps surfaces clean and the environment free of filth by avoiding the need to pack trash.

Narrow and ultra-thin barrel, saving home space: 

The 15-liter/4-gallon capacity of this tiny kitchen trash can saves valuable floor space, making it an excellent choice for rooms with restricted width. This is it if you’re looking for something little and compact to accompany you in a bathroom (or any other area).

Waterproof and moisture-resistant bathroom trash can: 

JOYBOS smart trash can uses high-quality materials and cutting-edge design to ensure that the trash can may be used in the bathroom as if it were any other trash can. The garbage can’s body is made of dirt- and water-resistant material. It is stowed away from the bathroom trash with a simple handle pull.

100% Customer satisfaction guarantee:

 Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns about product quality or damage during transit. Customer satisfaction is our priority; we will stop at nothing to ensure that happens. Unconditional return and refund services are available at JOYBOS STORE.

2. Rev-A-Shelf RV-12KD-18C S 35-Quart Chrome Wire Bottom

Rev-A-Shelf RV-12KD-18C S 35-Quart Chrome Wire Bottom Mount Pullout Kitchen...
  • HIDE AWAY YOUR TRASH: Keep your kitchen waste and recycling container hidden but easily accessible with this single 35-quart...
  • FULL-EXTENSION: Heavy-gauge wire construction frame effortlessly slides in and out on full-extension, ball-bearing, 100-pound...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: 4-screw installation that mounts to cabinet floor with optional door mount kit available (5WB-DMKIT sold...

Hide away your trash:

 This 35-quart pull-out system hides your kitchen waste and recycling bins, yet they’re still easily accessible.


Ball-bearing, 100-pound rated slides easily glide in and out of the heavy-gauge wire construction frame.

Easy installation:

 4-screw mounting to the cabinet floor with an optional door mount kit (5WB-DMKIT sold separately).


 Faceframe/Frameless minimum cabinet opening: 10.75 inches; designed for base cabinets with an 11-inch or greater.


 One 35-quart black container with chrome frame and rail mounting hardware; additional Rev-A-Shelf lids are available for purchase separately. (Sold separately.).

3. Rev-A-Shelf RV-814PB 20 Quart Pull-Out Waste Container 

Rev-A-Shelf RV-12KD-18C S 35-Quart Chrome Wire Bottom Mount Pullout Kitchen...
  • HIDE AWAY YOUR TRASH: Keep your kitchen waste and recycling container hidden but easily accessible with this single 35-quart...
  • FULL-EXTENSION: Heavy-gauge wire construction frame effortlessly slides in and out on full-extension, ball-bearing, 100-pound...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: 4-screw installation that mounts to cabinet floor with optional door mount kit available (5WB-DMKIT sold...

Pull-out waste container:

 Allows your kitchen, laundry area, or bathroom to appear more spacious and stylish by hiding away in your cabinets.

Smooth slides:

 It has an integrated Euro slide system that extends 3/4 of the way for convenient access and can hold 35 pounds.

Easy installation:

 Four screws (not included) are all needed for the cabinet floor installation. It is recommended that you measure the intended filler placement before purchase.


14.5- and 8.5-inch apertures may be accommodated by rotating the unit, which helps keep piping out of the way. There is a minimum cabinet opening of 8.63 inches for face frame cabinets and an upper limit of 14.5 inches for frameless cabinets.


 1 white frame, 1 20-quart container, and all necessary hardware for installation.

4. SunnyPoint 5 Liter / 1.32 Gallon Trash Can with Plastic Inner Buckets

SunnyPoint 5 Liter / 1.32 Gallon Trash Can with Plastic Inner Buckets;...
  • Overall Size: 11.5" X 5.5" X 11.22"; 5 Liter / 1.32 Gallon Capacity. This is a Compact WasteBasket.
  • The Rectangular Shape Is The Perfect Size For Inside Cabinets, Under Counters, Under Sinks And Other Small Spaces; The Slim...
  • Made of Steel With A Durable Powder Coat; The step design Means You Can Operate It Hands-Free; Great For Apartments, Condos,...


 Dimensions: 11.5×5.5×11.22 in. ; 1.32-gallon capacity. This is a Mini Wastebasket.


Storage is a cinch with the rectangle’s slim lid and hands-free step can, making it ideal for cabinets, counters, sinks, and other tight spots.


 For use in small spaces such as apartments, condos, travel trailers, college dormitories, cabins, or tiny homes; made of steel with a durable powder coat; the step design makes it easy to operate with one hand;


Carrying Handle of Durable Plastic Liner Bucket Makes Lifting Bucket Out of the Can Simple. The Handle on the Removable Interior Liner Bucket Makes Emptying A Breeze.

5. iTouchless SoftStep 3 Gallon Slim Bathroom Step Trash Can with Odor Filter & Removable Inner Bucket

iTouchless SoftStep 3 Gallon Slim Bathroom Step Trash Can with Odor Filter &...
  • OUR PROMISE TO YOU – Your 100% satisfaction is assured and backed by a Full-Service Manufacturer's Warranty and Dedicated...
  • GENTLE & SILENT LID CLOSE – Durable, ergonomic pedal requires minimal force to open; easy to replace air damper for years...
  • BEAUTIFUL STAINLESS STEEL – Elegant, fingerprint-proof, smudge-resistant stainless steel is easy to clean. Complements any...

Our promise to you:

 With a full-service manufacturer’s warranty and dedicated customer support, you’ll be completely satisfied with your purchase (see user manual for details)

Gentle & silent lid close:

 Easy to change air damper for years of like-new performance; durable, ergonomic pedal takes minimal force to open.

Beautiful stainless steel: 

Elegant stainless steel that is fingerprint and smudge resistant is simple to clean. Suitable for both the kitchen and the office.

Odour control system:

 A single AbsorbX odour filter is included in the package. For up to three months, the AbsorbX filter naturally absorbs and neutralises odours for a house with a clean, fresh scent.

Built to last:

 If you walk 20 times a day for 25 years, you’ll need to replace your steel pedals.

Premium features:

 Non-Skid Rubber Pads and Non-Slip Rubber Pads on Non-Skid Base with Removable Inner Bucket are included.


 There is no need for pricey specialised trash bags. Inches in length, width, and height (25 H inches with lid open)

6. JUDRDO Automatic Smart Trashcan

JUDRDO Automatic Smart Trashcan | Small Trash Can with Lid for Bathroom |...
  • Important: Turn on the power switch, press and hold the button on the left side of the lid for 3s, wait for the green light...
  • This smart garbage bin with lid is a must in any kitchen, especially those messy broken eggs dripping all over your hands,...
  • There's a sensor that picks up when you are close to the aut trash can then opens the lid, waits about 5 seconds and closes...


Turn on the power switch, press and hold the button on the left side of the lid for three seconds, and wait for the green light to flash three times quickly. Wait for 3 seconds for the red light to flash three times quickly, then press and hold the button on the left side of the lid. 

Clean mess:

 The garbage can is locked, and the detecting function is disabled.

If you’ve ever had to clean up a mess like a cracked egg, a spilt beverage in the fridge, or simply general kitchen disasters that demand two hands, this waste bin with a lid is a must-have in your kitchen. There is no need to step on or touch anything to open the wonderful touchless garbage can – you may open it by knee-beed sensing or hand waving sensing.


 When you get too close to the trash can, a sensor opens the lid and waits approximately five seconds before closing it again. Simply pressing the “open” button will keep the lid open so that you can empty dishes or spend more time tossing things into the can. You may turn the motion on or off with a simple click of a button. No cook should be without it, as cleaning up saves a lot of time.

Battery-powered lid:

 Because the lid of the trash can is powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included), you don’t even have to touch it when you’re done with your trash. If you don’t want to or forget to use batteries, you may still open it manually as standard garbage can lid. Trash bags may be held in position by the liner holder, so you don’t have to worry about falling into the trash.


 It has a 3.6-gallon capacity and measures 8.6 inches long by 8.6 inches wide by 11 inches high. Having a large mouth makes it easy to finish a whole meal. Because of the motion sensor kitchen wastebasket, the only problem is that the battery compartment top can be dislodged, and the batteries will fall out if you load it too much. Your battery compartment cover fell into the rubbish can and would have been lost forever if you hadn’t noticed.


When using the butterfly garbage can, ensure you don’t allow moisture to condense under it or get water on the lid. The motion sensor will stop operating if water seeps inside the electronic components. It didn’t function again until we let it air dry for a few days. In addition, this sensor trash can may not be the best choice for placement in a high-traffic area because the sensor may activate without the user intending to dispose of anything.

7. Sooyee Trash Can Kitchen Bathroom Trash Can with Lid

Sooyee Trash Can Kitchen Bathroom Trash Can with Lid,2.4 Gallon Small Trash...
  • 【UNCONDITIONAL PROMISE】– Your 100% satisfaction is assured and backed by a Full-Service Our Promise for two years.We...
  • 【WALL MOUNT/UNDER SINK TRASH CAN】– Trash bin is easy to install hanging, mount accessory ( 1 hook, 1 pasting board )...
  • 【MATERIAL/DIMENSION/CAPACITY】– Compost Trash Can is made from high density Polypropylene, non-toxic and tasteless,...

Unconditional promise:

 Our two-year commitment. Please contact us if you have issues. We’ll give you a full refund if you’re unhappy with our merchandise.

Wall mount/under sink trash can:

 As well as fitting under the sink, our trash can is the ideal countertop size. The door thickness should be less than 0.98 inches for this to suit most cabinet, pantry, and cupboard doors (2.5cm). The hanging trash bin has a hook and a pasting board for easy installation.


High-density polypropylene makes the Compost Trash Cans non-toxic, tasteless, strong, and long-lasting. The Kitchen Pail’s dimensions are 10.4(L) * 6.1(W) * 11.6(H) inches; its capacity is 2.4 gallons; it is easy to clean with soap and water.

Multiple uses:

 A garbage container that is both space-saving and environmentally sustainable. You can use it in the kitchen, bathroom, or RV’s laundry area if you need it. Reusable supermarket bags fit well in our tiny trash bin.

Premium features:

 Internal Composting Bin with a Lid and a Removable Inner Bucket for Fruit Fly Composting. No charcoal filter costs for odourless kitchen waste storage with the compost bucket.

8. mDesign Metal 1.3 Gallon Rectangular Slim Profile Step Trash Can Wastebasket

mDesign Small Modern 1.3 Gallon Rectangle Metal Lidded Step Trash Can, Compact...
  • ENHANCE YOUR DECOR: This trash can makes a statement with its modern, stylish profile and sealed lid; Designed to enhance...
  • COMPACT DESIGN: The circular shape and compact design is the perfect size for inside cabinets, under counters, next to sinks...
  • FUNCTIONAL & VERSATILE: The size and style make this can work in so many rooms throughout your home; The step pedal and lid...

Compact design: 

The rectangular design fits neatly behind cupboards, counters, sinks, and other tight locations. The lidded, hands-free step can make it easy to store out of the way.

Easy to clean:

 You can wipe down the can with a moist towel or use mild soap and water to clean the liner bucket, which is sturdy plastic.

Functional & versatile: 

Because of its sleek silhouette and contemporary design, this may be used in your house’s wide variety of rooms. The step design allows you to operate without using your hands; They can be used in various settings, from small flats to RVs to dorm rooms to tiny homes. There are handles on the interior liner bucket, making emptying the bucket a breeze.

Quality construction:

 The inside liner bucket is made of shatter-resistant polyethene and is composed of stainless steel with a robust finish.

Thoughtfully sized:

 Measures 11.25″ × 5.5″ x 11.75″ height; 1.3 gallons/5 liters.

9. SimpleHuman 10 Liter / 2.6 Gallon Butterfly Lid Bathroom Step Trash Can

simplehuman 10 Liter / 2.6 Gallon Butterfly Lid Bathroom Step Trash Can, White...
  • BUTTERFLY LID - Split doors open from the center for low lid clearance.
  • STRONG STEEL PEDAL - simplehuman's strong steel pedal is engineered to last over 150,000 steps — that's more than 20 steps...
  • SILENT CLOSE LID - simplehuman's patented lid shox technology controls the motion of the lid for a slow, silent close.

Butterfly lid: 

Due to the low lid clearance of split doors, they are opened from the middle.

Strong steel pedal:

 Simply put, simplehuman’s strong steel pedal is engineered to last more than 150,000 steps — more than 20 steps per day for the next 20 years.

Silent close lid: 

Simplehuman’s patented lid is a good example. Shox technology regulates the lid’s motion, resulting in a slow and silent closure.

Internal hinge:

 The ability to place this can against the wall is a plus.

Non-skid base: 

The non-skid base is made up of gentle rubber pads on floors while also helping to keep the can steady.

Removable inner bucket:

 The inner bucket can be easily removed for trash disposal.


 The fingerprint-resistant finish prevents smudges and keeps stainless steel looking shiny.

Custom-fit liners:

 the code of simplehuman R liners is specifically designed to fit these cans perfectly, preventing them from slipping. Rips and tears are prevented by using extra-thick plastic and double-seam construction.

10. Rev-A-Shelf 8-010314-15 15 Liter Stainless Steel Kitchen or Bathroom Pivot Out Under Sink Cabinet Trash Waste Container

Rev-A-Shelf 5SBWC-815S-1 Sink Base Double Pull Out Waste Containers with Reduced...
  • MAXIMIZE SPACE: 5SB Series pullout is the universal answer to your waste needs; Ideal for under sink kitchen and vanity...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Heavy-duty frame with solid bottom surface keeps bins from shifting around and your trash from falling...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Easily installs to the base of your current cabinet to help you reorganize quickly without rebuilding your...

Under sink bin: 

The 15-litre trash can is designed to be integrated into your kitchen or vanity for convenient waste removal; the pivot-out design keeps trash out of sight for improved room aesthetics, and the removable container makes cleaning simple.

Durable construction:

 The container, lid, and liner are made of injection-moulded polymer plastic designed to last. The mounting hardware is constructed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Easy cleaning is made possible by the removable interior container with a handle.

Easy installation:

 Simple installation on most frameless or face-frame applications; comes complete with the container, fasteners, and installation instruction manual. When the cabinet door is opened, the pivot-out design swings open.

Dimensions (W X D X H): 

13.44 o’clock “15.19”W x 10.69″D x 10.69″H. It is necessary to have 12 “Cabinet doors being opened. The volume of the trash can is 15 litres. It is highly recommended that you measure your cabinet space before purchasing.


 The container, lid, liner, and mounting hardware are made of stainless steel (15 litres).

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Trash Can

If you don’t have much time to shop for a bathroom trash can, we can make it simple for you. When purchasing a bathroom trash can, remember several important factors before parting with your hard-earned cash.


Bathroom trash cans typically hold one to five gallons of waste. However, a larger size is better if you have the room and require more capacity. Stay within the confines of your bathroom’s dimensions if you have one.


We may not have many aesthetic options for bathroom trash cans, but we have a few options. There is a wide range of colour, design, and style options when customising your bathroom.


Your garbage can may become wet depending on where you keep it. Bathrooms have a reputation for being moist. Choosing a waterproof or water-resistant trash can will ensure that it lasts longer and doesn’t wear out rapidly in the bathroom, where it is frequently used.

Opening Mechanism

Trash cans are available in a variety of ways to open, such as:

  • No-touch: You don’t have to touch the trash can to open one of these because they employ a sensor.
  • Foot pedal: Don’t touch the trash can directly by pressing the pedal with your foot.
  • Swing top: This is a simple method, although it isn’t the most hygienic. To dispose of trash, push open the swinging door.
  • Press: You only need to press the lid to open it, making it a cinch to use. However, bacteria and germs can accumulate on the lid if your hands aren’t clean.
  • No lid: Frequently, there is no lid on the bathroom trash cans.

Odour Control

Odour control is an option on some trash cans. Charcoal-activated filters are typically used for deodorising. We recommend this solution without a window to allow the bathroom to breathe.


Bathroom trash cans are made of various materials, including plastic, stainless steel, wicker, wood, metal mesh, and many others. The most durable material is stainless steel, followed by metal mesh, although any material is excellent. If they’re smashed, they won’t break or split.

Plastic garbage cans are extremely durable and simple to maintain. Their inexpensive cost has made them a popular choice among many families. They may look great, but not all wicker and wooden garbage cans can be used in the bathroom because some are not waterproof.

Removal Bucket 

There is a bucket in certain bathroom trash cans for emptying the rubbish. With this, it’s easy to transport and dump rubbish into the main garbage container. Because you can dip this in a sink or basin, cleaning the garbage can is easier. You can even put them in the dishwasher if you have the room. The garbage can’s exterior can then be cleaned using a soapy cloth. The garbage bin in your bathroom has been emptied.


Should the bathroom trash cans have a lid?

It’s a matter of personal choice. Many individuals prefer a bathroom trash can with a lid since it hides the trash inside it. If trash cans in bathrooms have lids, it’s better for guests’ health and sanitary. In the trash cans in the restrooms, items such as feminine hygiene products, floss, and used tissues can be found.

The only exception to this rule is if you’re using a lidless bathroom trash can to dispose of things like makeup wipes, product wrappers, and other paper-based garbage in the sink. It’s possible to find some stunning designs that don’t come with a lid.

How Do I Keep My Trash Can From Sliding?

There’s no need to buy a new trash can if your current one is sliding about! Your garbage can will remain stable if you apply some anti-slip stickers to its bottom.

Alternatively, you might place your bathroom trash can in a cabinet and slide it out when you open the cabinet door.

What is the best size trash can for a bathroom?

Most bathroom garbage cans are between 2 and 4 gallons in capacity. They are smaller and take longer to fill than kitchen trash cans. Because of restricted space, they are often smaller. If you’re the only one using the restroom, a 2 to 3-gallon container should suffice.

How do I keep my bathroom trash can from smelling?

  1. A 1⁄2 cup of baking soda at the bottom of the trash cans can help to absorb unwanted odours.
  2. A scoop of cat litter can also be used as a deodoriser in place of baking soda.
  3. You can also use dryer sheets to freshen the smell of your trash can.

How do you clean bathroom bins?

Use hot water and a liquid disinfectant to thoroughly clean the trashcan each week. Using a brush, scrub the bottom of the bin thoroughly, as here is where the most noxious odours reside. If you have a pressure washer, you might use it to clean the surface.


A bathroom trash can is a need, regardless of whether it has a lid. Even the tiniest bathrooms can accommodate bathroom trash cans because they are smaller than kitchen trash cans. Open a new product or toss away makeup wipes with this in mind.

We recommend the iTouchless SoftStep Step Trash Can for those most concerned about odour control. The Bula Home Bamboo Wastebasket is an eco-friendly solution. Composting is an option for this pick once it has served its purpose.


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